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Found 13 results

  1. So yeah. Found out about this fine specimen right after Nats '18 after mentioning i'd like a hardtop to throw spanners at. Seedy Al mentioned I should speak to Goat, and so I did, the rest is history. It had been living in Goat / Joe's shed for a while and after some discussions I had it trucked down a couple of weeks ago. Specs: 1982 Toyota Corolla, GL “Lime” with a 3AU powerhouse and 5 speed manual trans. Lime is along the same lines as Lisse, a luxury variant of the GL model (Lisse for XL) featuring automatic transmission and power-steering. They were marketed heavily towards women in Japan. (Thanks Wikipedia). Plans including lowering it and upgrading the brakes and giving it a spruce up. Engine can come later, as it would more than double the budget given drivetrain upgrades required. There will also be all the boring bits like fixing rust, replacing half the car and all that carry on. This is actually hardtop number two, but who is counting. Teaser pics for now. Discussion Fred.
  2. // Well, I have bought myself an AE86 in from Japan. Always wanted a Sprinter Trueno but ended up with a Levin as it costs a lot more for the Trueno (probably 4-5k NZD) but to be honest, after getting this Levin here I am over the moon. As an AE86 always does, there's a bit of rust here and there. It does need a repair cert but the fella i'm dealing with is very helpful so should be good to work with him to get it all sorted. Engine is built to N1 spec, and goes like the clappers! Needs a new CW & P though, as it is massively high strung at the moment and I sit at around 4200rpm at 100k so definitely not ideal at all. As it was in Japan at Stacked (best guys to deal with, highly recommended. Was shipped via AutoHub which was 100% hassle free) THEN It was time to get it on the boat. But not after removing the side skirts and raising the suspension, with the greatest method of adding nuts as spacement. It was on the top of the list to go 'remedy' from the VINZ inspection too Lastly Here is the VINZ inspection sheet.
  3. Ok so here is the ke20 project I have been saving all my fun tokens in the dont tell mum fund for. I initially bought it in WA Straya while working over there. From the pics you will wonder why it needs to become a project again as it looks finished and clean .... however.... after about a year of ownership bubbles of rust started popping up and as is the way the more you look the more you start to find. Im thinking that the previous owner had a sketchy re spray done over bad metal. I brought it with me when I decided to move home to NZ , which firmly planted it in the car I will own for life coz its cost me more than its worth category. Current plan is to strip it out , put on a chassis rotisserie and get it blasted , paneled and re painted. put it all back together again ..voila. Needs to be repair certified as a "damaged import" so I have found a panel beater that can do that work. Mods that had been performed in WA , where no annual WoF testing is done. Adjustable front suspension Nice 2 inch full thru stainless exhaust. Not sure what went into building the engine (5k) but it certainly has a lumpy AF cam in it. Crane cams ignitions pieces fireball xr3000 etc. One rear leaf removed. Brakes changed to ke30 units 5 speed box. Since in NZ Removed the old standard carb, which had been badly tuned to the engine mods and put a ford 1600 Gt unit on. Had to fiddle around with a few different jetting set ups but it purrs now in all gears. Had the front struts re welded for certification. - need to find somewhere to have them crack tested. The guy I had lined up to get this done claims that the people he was going to use mainly do truck parts and dont really want to look at my struts. sigh righto. During Corona lock down Fully stripped interior and ready to lift out the engine. Just the wiring harness and maybe brake hard lines will be left in it. Today's mish - measure up and plan out the rotisserie.
  4. Hey there guys and gals, My first car was a ke25 that I did a chicken wire and bog job on, and always wanted to restore it properly when I was all grown up. My dad sold it to a farmer who's kids trashed it and tipped out down a tomo I picked this up a few years ago (now that i'm all grown up) and the restoration began..... She's now fully stripped. And I've since collected a bunch of rare parts (ke25 and JDM TE27) and am waiting for the weather to improve so I can make a trip to Rototua and have the shell dipped. Plans are for a 20V Blacktop 7age with T50, Ae86 front shocks & brakes, Ae86 rear end with LSD and possibly repsol orange..... I'm pretty much a mechanical noob with limited experience so i'll do what I can and will have some pro's help along the way...... Any help from some seasoned Oldschool pro's would be much appreciated Discussion thread here //
  5. For the past year and a bit I've been toying with the idea of starting a new project with an older Toyota. I spent many hours on the internet looking for a suitable candidate and 2 weeks ago I managed to come across my perfect project. I picked up this AE72 Corolla Wagon from a kid about an hour away from my place in Calgary who had bought it, but decided not to do anything with it. It has some issues and the kid just wanted out before getting too deep into it. Anyways, so here's my Corolla, also known as Project Coral! (Walking Dead joke/reference) She's a Canadian Spec 1983 Corolla Wagon. Has only 130xxxKM on it, all original except for the fog lamps, an aftermarket radio and some speakers in the back trunk area. Interior is in great shape for the year, seats could use a good cleaning/reupholstering and the carpet is burn and stinks like cigarettes, but over all no complaints. The exterior is another story. Due to living in Canada, and living in a part of the country where we have massive swings in temperature (we can go from -30C to +17C in less than 48 hours, or from +30 to -1 and snow in the same time frame), cars up here usually rust out. This little rolla is actually in great shape for the year. The rear arches are pretty bad, but are solid underneath, the worst spots are the rear arches, the driver's side rear apron, a small patch on the rear apron behind the bumper, and the chunk in the hatch. She's a bit rough, but this will be a long term project. My plans for it are going to be fixing the body work, deleting the side mirrors and putting on a set of fender (I guess they are also called wings?) mirrors, rear bumper delete, a set of early TE tail lights, and figure out the front end. The lamps on it right now from what I've figured out is a USDM/CDM specific front end for 83, and the side marker lamp lenses are broken on mine, and are like hens teeth to find. The right side is discontinued from Toyota North America, and the left side is still available, but about 2 months turn around for it. I do have some questions about front end's that I will post in a later post. Interior: I have brand new aftermarket carpet coming in next week, front seats are going to be replaced with a set of RA64 Celica seats and for when I want to have fun I have a rare Tommy Kaira Recaro Speed seat sitting in my garage to go in. Rear bench will be reupholstered, and anything that is currently brown on the interior will be painted black. Suspension: I'm either going to run the OEM front suspension and get a set of weld on coilovers from Techno Toys Tuning, or I may see if I can source out some AE86 front suspension. Rear leafs are going to be repacked, adding a leaf spring into it and add in a panhard bar eventually. Wheels: I managed to snag a pair of 14x6 Enkei 92's and a pair of 14x6.5 Riken Mesh wheels for $200. They will be refinished and slapped on the car soon. Driveline: Canadian market cars were sold with a 4AC engine with a T50 gearbox behind them, so it makes swapping in a 4AGE or a 20V a lot easier than if I had the 3TC in it. I'm thinking I'll go Blacktop 20V eventually and run a Supra rear differential in the back. But yea, that's my little corolla project. I'll be posting more soon. LINK TO DISCUSSION: //
  6. Discuss: // When I met my wife some years ago now she was driving around in her first car, a maroon 1987 ee80 corolla hatchback with 320,000km on the clock and a leaky valve stem seal that would foul the #3 spark plug every 100km or so. The original corolla: She had a love/hate relationship with this car, it was quite simple and went like this: Is the car going at the moment? Yes: LOVE! no: HATE! Eventually a few years later we had to get rid of it as it was only worth about $300 and it needed rust repairs (I had no welder at the time) and seatbelts plus a few other things for a wof and was just not viable to fix for broke students. So off it went and every time since then... and I mean EVERY SINGLE time we saw one on the road she has pined over it and wanted her old one back. This came to a point when Heather saw Gnarlydude/Matt's lovely yellow EE80 (might be different number for sedan?) Corolla sedan, and after Dromageddon this year she decided she needed one back in her life. And who am I to stand in the way of getting a sweet new/old car?! So after trawling trademe and facebook we found a AE82 liftback that didnt exceed our budget, and was registered. We went over to Tauranga, inspected it and found it to be in reasonable shape in terms of bodyshell. It is currently not running. The story is that he fired it up after sitting for about 7 years and it spluttered out and wouldnt start again. My guess would be old fuel/clogged fuel filter/dead fuel pump, however I have not put any time into it yet so it could be anything. Will post up pics in a moment on the next post.
  7. Let me know what you think of the build. I'll have a bunch of questions going forward so looking forward to hearing your ideas, and get some clarification on somethings with these cars.
  8. Hey all, Here is my recently purchased KE20 Toyota Corolla. Bought on Trademe from Hamilton and delivered to Christchurch. Discussion: Here is all the info as provided on Trademe: 1974 Toyota Corolla KE20 Sedan. Car is deregistered and has been in storage since ~2001. The good, everything is there, interior is in good condition, engine runs I have driven to Auckland and back from Hamilton but would be due an overhaul. The bad, all panels have dents, someone has attempted panel/paint poorly on it. In Jan 2011 I took it in for VIN inspection, it failed exhaust mount, brakes and damage on LH inner guard. The brakes and exhaust are trivial. Upon inspection of the damage it will need LH A pillar section replaced. I have a replacement cut to do so. Unfortunately I don't have enough space to keep it dry stored so needs to be sold. Here are the main photos displayed on the auction: Once the car was delivered finally i got to inspect the car fully. Saying that the panel work is bad is a understatement. Although something that is fixable and i can work through to get it back to its former glory. The interior is as mint as it looks. No rips no Tears all original. The only things that the interior is missing is the inner door pulls (Which im looking for if anyone knows of any). It has the original conversion chart and the original tool kit too. So i had to take it for a few drives. Heres the damage that needs to be repaired and the replacement section it came with:
  9. I have bought a poorly treated, unloved 1981 KE70 Toyota Corolla, with the vision of restoring and also upgrading it to the 3SGE Beams Black Top. I want to set the car up so it can be taken to the track and also used as a show car. I have bought a 1999 Toyota Altezza with a 6 speed manual box and the donating Beams engine. Will post photos and discussion as the project goes on, please feel free to ask questions
  10. Hi all Here is my discussion for my KE20 Corolla build.
  11. This is my first time doing this so excuse me if it's a bit rough I've been a car nut ever since I was little and after years of saving, researching and dreaming, I finally got my first car, a 1985 Toyota Corolla EE80 off some family friends. I'm not very good at this whole photo uploading thing so I'll try get some good ones soon. She is pretty tight for her age with only very small bits of surface rust and low kays and it goes surprisingly good ( for a 2e ). Since I've owned it I have refreshed the ignition, changed the stereo and added a coby muffler for a bit of zing in the exhaust note. I was enjoying being able to travel around without being wet and cold as I've come from a scooter and then this happened. Coming home from the my Grandma's house in Whitianga I thought it would be a great idea to take the 309 road back to a friends house in Auckland and I almost made it . Some crazy Subaru driver cut the corner on me and gave me a bit of a kiss. 1 and a half months later it came back to me with a new guard and a front respray. Since then I have just been ironing out a few niggles such as no driver door lock etc. Future plans include roof racks, maybe a tow-bar and some retro rims if some come up at the same price.
  12. So, as usual, I have another car to keep me busy (like I dont have enough already) Anyway, its a 1973 Corolla coupe, could be an sl, could be an sr, who really knows (because i sure dont). Bought it off trade me like, 6 months ago i guess, and has been in diffrent states of repair since then. Givian that i just sold my Datsun Ute, I needed a daily driver, so I hav started getting back into this one. Have fixed all the rust around the front chassis member, un the radiator, where they all rust, and am getting into getting the car all together again. So, its a little rough, but its all there, chrome, is all there and everything, but it looks like its had a bit of bog work in the past, and its been sitting since 2001, so great. looks rough, could be why I like it so much. Anyway.... The Plan. - Get wof, - Lower The whore, it rides like a piece, suspention is sagging on the drivers side, usual story. Have a mate with retensioned and lowered springs for rear, and can use other springs in the front with shortened shocks. - Buy flares - buy a bucket seat, the origainal one pisses me off so much, its all busted and blah, so a new bucket will make it feel mean - Buy 14 inch whels blanks of Cam, get some centers put in to match flaes and good off set. - Go racing, I want this kinda set up as a club / hill climb car, so that should be fun. this is all pretty much stage one. First thing first is sorting out the locks, the boot lock had been fucked with a screw driver, so I had to get bruttle and rip the old lock out, giving that, needed a new lock, so bought a set of Solex locks through repco, yay. so putting those in tomorrow Pics! Firstly, how it was looking at the start of todayish, semi re assebled, after doing the front rust, A lovely picture of what the back looks like, Nice boot! will get some paint on that one One crabby interior, Yum, cram seats and door cards, get that shit out of there, also, will be getting rid of carpet, because there is a leak somewhere, and the iside smells super bad and dirt like Mega rippin 3kb, yeah, respeck to the 87 horse power! need to run this puppy on high octane, high comp motor for the win, Solex locks, I like alot. For just a little peice of mind. And how it all looked after todays mish, So, tomorrow I will keep at it, and with some luck, be all wofed for the Friday, Discussion Here Wicked' Seedy Al from Seedy Al's chop SHop