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  1. Ok we're back. The car's all stripped out and I've found some nasty surprises. I need some advice. I've got rust around the bottom of the windshield. And some gnarly stuff on the front ?crossmember? right under where the bottom radiator hose must have leaked. See hole in ?crossmember? right above bracket. (It should look like this...) Dad recons these rust areas are "too specialized" and should be dealt with by a panel beater. I recon finding a rust free cut for the complete piece on the bottom of windshield, cutting out the old, drilling the spots (see photos) and fitting and welding it in would be a job but is doable. I'm umming and arring about the little bracket. It seems important. I could just cut it out, weld a patch in and fab up a new bracket. Or I could get it done proper by a panel beater. I'm not sure. Help me out here please! More update material(rust) to come EDIT:(tomorrow). Discuss.
  2. Hey all. Discussion for the project thread on my Corolla Wagon. Cheers, Oli. Read.
  3. Hi all, Meet PogoSan. Affectiontely named so by the Girlfriend. A strange specimen, imported from Japan, a Ke74 "van" featuring high roof and some other goodies. Other goodies include a mighty 5k-j twin squash, t50 gearbox (from the factory!) and a lot of ride height. My plans include: Fix rust + paint. Restore interior. Retro sounds. Low. Retro jdm wheels. (Ssr mk1s?) Extractors + exhaust. Carbs. (Quad cvk carbies?). Msd ignition. The distant future may include: Full engine rebuild. - Cam. - Solid lifters. - Head skim. Lightened flywheel. Electric fan. LSD. Who knows... I am currently stripping down the car for sanding back, rust repairs and paint. More on that soon. Cheers, Oli. Discuss.
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    Looking to paint my car in a few weeks. Got a few Q's I am going to do prep myself, strip down, sand back, fix rust, prime. Is removing all the glass worth it, or is leaving it in and masking off just as effective? There is a few spots of rust that need to be cut out, is it worth buying a welder and doing it myself or easier and more cost effective to pay someone to weld in new patches after I've cut it out and made up the new patch? Bare metal or just down a few coats of paint? Contemplating painting myself, but totally clueless and a little short on time. Would it pay off getting it done professionally? What price would I be looking at? Finally any shops to recommend if I do go the professional route? I'm in rodney (warkworth) but don't mind taking it up to Whangarei or down to Auckland. Cheers.
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