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  1. Wow, its been awhile since I posted anything. Mainly because I haven't had anything to post. For a while, my wife and I have been talking about moving across Canada, which would mean we wouldn't be able to bring the Corolla with us, mainly due to cost and due to lack of place to park it when we get there. Things have actually changed in the last little while, so now it looks like we're going to be moving and the Corolla is coming with us. YAY! Anyways, I have been slowly picking away at the car (mostly to do some work to get it movable and freshen stuff up to get top do
  2. Holy shit! I finally had some time to get working on the car again. Thing's have been crazy around here. Been working out a ton (dropped about 40lbs of fat so far and 2" off my waist), did some written testing for being able to apply to a couple of police services back in my home province, and now have some applications in to a couple services. Which means in the next 6-8 months, I may have to move this thing 3200km across the country, so time to start putting some time back into it. The weather finally started to turn around..we had snow 3 weeks ago, and it was 23c on Saturday, so I deci
  3. Found something useful this weekend. I bought my wife this thing called a Cricut machine for christmas. Essentially it's an easy to use plotter, so you can cut card stock, carboard, vinyl, etc with it. I decided to play around with it a bit on Saturday and it's super simple to use, so i decided to try making a vinyl sticker with some old vinyl I had kicking around... Going to make some more vinyl stickers down the road, maybe a TEQ sticker for my blank horn button I have off my old steering wheel, some new stickers for some of the switches I have on the dash. But this opens up
  4. Came home to some new parts last night. Techno Toy Tuning Delrin shifter bushings and billet injector plugs as well as a massive T3 sticker. These injector plugs are beautiful. They fit perfectly from the quick test fit I did on the motor last night. Super light and I like the fact that they are removable if I decide to go with fuel injection later down the road.
  5. The in-laws are in town for the next little bit, which means I get out of daddy duty a bit more, so I actually had some time to work on the car this past week. Didn't do too much, but what I did made a big difference. My new steering wheel hub came in, so I decided to install it along with the Personal wheel. The hub is for an AE86, so it did fit, but the contact for the horn didn't line up properly. I had to bend the contact a bit, but she works now. I also still need to order a horn button retaining ring for the wheel. I added it to my christmas present list for my wi
  6. Haven't really made much progress on the car in the last little while. Life's been a bit too busy, plus it got bloody cold here quick. We've had snow on the ground on and off since October. Anyways, some actual progress on the car came in the way of re-pinning my drivers side door lock to work with my new ignition cylinder key. For some reason the new ignition cylinder key was too wide to fit into the hatch, passenger side and fuel door locks, so I have to still run 2 keys, but at least the 2 most commonly used cylinders will be on the same key. I also started to collect
  7. Well, I learned 2 valuable lessons this weekend. One, yes it is possible to do a 2100km round trip road trip in a single weekend. And 2, probably better to do it with someone else helping with the driving vs doing it your self. I decided to drive from Calgary (where I live) all the way through the Rocky Mountains, down to Vancouver on the west coast of the country. Just about 1000km each way, plus running around in Vancouver and area. Why you may ask? I decided to help out some members of Canada's version of Oldschool that's specifically for older Toyotas by bringing down some larger parts tha
  8. More older JDM goodies for cheap. Some guy posted an ad on Facebook Market place that literally said "This..I don't know what it is, best offer". I recognized what it was, so I messaged him right away and asked him if he knew if it was working or not. He said he can get it to light up, but doesn't know if it works otherwise. I threw him an offer, said I would go check it out. Got there, checked it out, he lit it up for me, but couldn't get the screen to turn on. He turned his back for a minute to go look for something else he wanted to show me, so I wired it up properly, turned on,
  9. Was planning on putting the suspension back together for the front end over the weekend, but I only had a little bit of time to work in the garage over the weekend. I was supposed to do a 2100km round trip to Vancouver to pick up my hatch and drop off/pick up some parts for some guys off a local forum, but my daily driver decided it had other plans and tried to spit out it's balljoint 120km into the trip. I had to limp it back home and postpone my trip for a couple weeks from now. Anyways, I decided I didn't want to spend a bunch of time laying on the ground welding the patch in my
  10. More slow updates. Had a blast on my vacation, feel in love with one of the provinces I've never visited before while at my friends wedding, but back to reality. Managed to get a tiny bit of work done. I borrowed my friend's ball joint tool to press the new balljoints into my control arm and finish pressing in the poly bushings into the LCA as well. That allowed me to get the steering arms bolted into place and the RCA's stacked ontop. Once I got everything put together, the anodized red just stood out like a sore thumb, so I did something about it. Sorted.
  11. The Defi Deals keep on coming in. After I posted that picture above on my facebook feed, one of the technicians from our shop came to my desk and asked "Hey, do you want more Defi's?" and plunked a box down on my desk. In the box was a Defi Control Unit 1, a 60mm Oil temp gauge, 60mm boost gauge, and an oil sandwich plate. I asked how much he wanted for it, he said $40. Done. Bought the gauges, boost gauge's stepper motor is broken/not working properly, but otherwise it worked properly. Ended up taking the sandwich plate, the sensor and replaced it with the older/more beat up sensor from my fi
  12. My streak of buying awesome parts for supercheap continues. Found some gauges on a local forum on Saturday evening for cheap. Problem was they were going to get sold quick due to how cheap they were and they were an hour and a half north of me. Option 1. Pass and find something else instead, Option 2. hop into the car and drive an hour and a half north through massive thunderstorms and hope they don't sell by the time I get there, or Option 3. Remember I have a friend from uni that lives in the same town as the guy selling the parts, so I got her to go meet him and buy them for me. She also ha
  13. Rack bushings came in yesterday. I'm happy it came with both bushings. Most of the pictures I found looking at the part number only showed the D bushing for the drivers side. Since my drivers side of the car is currently being blocked in by my daily driver (that's window regulator broke the other day), I decided to try replacing the passenger side. It was fairly easy to get out, 14mm wrench and 14mm socket to get the bracket off and the old beat rubber bushing came off without issue. Old VS New The original 35 year old rubber one has seen better
  14. Been slowly plugging away on the Corolla in the last week or so. Slow progress because I keep hitting road blocks. It took me 2 days to get the inner tie-rod off the steering rack due to it being too tight and limited room to work/for a wrench. Anyways, I managed to get everything off the front suspension. Started stripping down the rest of the suspension components too for paint. Also stock piled a bunch of new parts too. Got my hands on a set of used T3 RCA's for cheap. I also ordered in new strut rod bushings, sway bar bushings and steering rack bushings too
  15. Got some spare time on the weekend to clean up some components. Cleaned up the hubs and backing plates, sand blasted the steering arms, strut rod boxes, found out I had a set of essentially new Prothane polyurethane strut rod bushings in my boxes of stuff in the garage, and managed to get 2/3rds of the passenger side suspension ripped out. Roll center adjusters should be showing up in the post any day now and should be finished stripping out the suspension the passenger side by this weekend. Then time to throw everything back together.
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