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Found 23 results

  1. Pulled out my old 65 Mk 1 GT out of storage today where it’s been sitting for about 3 years. Chucked a battery in after about a miniute of cranking it burst into life. The engine is as fumey as fuck so I reckon the rings are all gummed up and the tacho has stopped working plus a couple of lights.I have owned it about 14 years and in that time done about 2000 Miles if that. The paint is shit with humidity blisters and I bought it that colour which I have always hated, it was originally an Ermine White car, so I’ll work out in the next couple of weeks what to do with it. Current thinking is rebuild the engine and go over all the mechanicals, get Chris R to sort the electrics and get it back on the road. Then either sell it or repaint it Ermine white and keep it.
  2. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/41683-governorsams-mk2-cortina/ Discuss here if you want, cheers.
  3. Discuss my Rat Mk 1 Cortina build
  4. Hi All, Have been a member of the forums for a while but haven't contributed a lot. Went along to the monthly meet in Ellerslie last week for the first time and met the Escort brigade in the pub. Someone suggested I should post to introduce myself and my car so here goes. I bought a 1064 Mk1 Cortina GT in 2011 which looked like this at the time. Turned out the engine needed a bit of work so I decided to go for a YB engine. It has taken a lot longer than I had hoped but the car is now not far from being complete. Fingers crossed it may be on the road by the October monthly meet. Will post some more pics when I work out how to resize them... Cheers Nick Discussion- //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/50272-sods-64-cortina-cosworth/
  5. FB link pic could be a good pre-Nats meet or dry run for those getting theor cars ready for a trip to Raglan! @Gasser @BillyTong @baby k somone tag that Audi guy @Cazza @Duddley @Leebo3
  6. So a couple of months ago I was trawling trade me. and came across this thing on a $1 reserve auction. Threw a cheeky low ball bid in and took it home for the grand price of $1600. and it has sat in the shed since. Car is mostly complete. with all panels and glass, just a few cracked lenses on the tail lights and front indicators. Most of the body work is complete with a few small areas that need attention. Running a 2.0 Pinto as factory but might be open to a transplant at a later date. Current plan is to finish the rust and panel work. new paint job and new rubbers before the glass goes back in. has had Mk5 front seats put in, so will probably look at getting the interior redone so it is matching.
  7. The Dream started in 2001, a need for speed, something crazy and unique. Something Oldschool! I had cut my teeth with lots of escort previously, the 2l pinto motor just didn't have the power I wanted. My first choice was a cosworth engine, but I needed both kidney to drink beer with, so that wasn't an option At the time the sr20det wasn't that popular engine, drifting wasn't around. i m manged to track down a complete engine, g/box and loom for 2k. mrmk1 was getting a new heart transplant! More Power Required Big Diff and Rear Disc Brakes. - Shorten 7.5inch F series toyota crown diff, 3.9 Ma61 supra LSD Custom Fueling and tank by Herbert's Fabrication Roll cage was fabricated by Jono Climo.. the master craftsman!
  8. Hey everyone, does anyone know a really good and fair priced gearbox rebuilder in the Auckland area. Need one asap as the guys I was using have been mucking me around. Need to get gearbox ready by next weekend if possible.
  9. I am wanting to build a complete new exhaust for my MK2 1600X/Flow Cortina. I have Coby extractors and 45mm piping plus a Coby resonator or two. Could anyone give me some advice on what layout I should have. I have heard someone saying that having a smaller resonator in the middle and a slightly bigger one at the back is good. Also will I need a muffler or just put in some exhaust wool? I am wanting it to be relativly lound but not annoying, I am wanting it to pop and cackle on deacceleration but understand this my not be possible with the stock cam.
  10. Here it is, latest addition-owned it a week, the most money i've EVER spent buying a car. Why? cos i'm an idiot & was looking for something old school & tidy that didn't need rebuilt......... & the avenger's getting tattier AND I STILL CAN'T FIND THE BLOODY CRANK WE NEED FOR IT'S NEW MOTOR!!!!!!! Crap picture, take more tomorrow- the others are too big to upload. Anyway, it's the budget model- 1300 automatic, it's straight outside & really tidy inside, now the tyres have been pumped up it's a little less pathetic to steer. That about covers the good bits (cept the auto bit) The work that needs doing; sort engine over heating had a new w.o.f when i got it - tail lights dont work! service the autobox- oils black & sluggish gear changes surely theres more power in there somewhere, it'll crack 100kph JUST!!!!. can't see it handling a club run in the country yet looks like exhaust needs a bit of sorting too Theres no plans to modify it much at all ( unless i can't live with the slushbox then i'll get a manual for it). Theres been some talk of engine swops, but the avenger's gunna supply the horsepower fix & handling wise it's the better car of the 2
  11. Hey all. I need a little help on my mk2 cortina 1300 engine. I cant seem to get the motor to start or even pop or bang. I put the tdc right with the no 1 cylinder on the compression stroke to the top. In pic 2 I have put the distributer in and this is where the rotor sits at tdc. In pic 3 I put the rotor cap on. Which is the order I put the plugs on? im not a hundy which plug goes where on the distributer. Any help would be appreciated. Just so you know its a 1300 with 1600 valves and gt cam. Im using a crc jump start not fuel.
  12. hey all got a mk2 cortina 1968 that have been rebuilding for many many years time to finish the dam thing so got some q's.. engine has been rebuilt but been sitting in my garage for 5 years... do i need to pull it apart and oil it up? never been turned over since built.. been in a dry garage for the past 5 years.. needing a new bonnet looking to buy twin 40 dcoe webbers jetted to run a A6 cosworth cam any one know a good place to buy.. needing some extractors to be made to any one keen? and a ignition system setup ? photos tomorrow ben
  13. my mk5 302 windsor 5 speed supra box silver pearl got a little while to go till finished like wireing ,brakes,various other bits nothing major will add progress pics and this my 73 mazda b1600 this gets a 13b after cortina done
  14. 1982 mk5 non ghia 2 litre NZ cortina. Almost completely stock when i got it, original springs and shockers so they were pretty crap. However there was a genuine 89,000KM on the clock as when have service receipts since it was new. upgrades full new set of standard height king springs full set of KYB shocks have got a steering wheel but no boss kit retrimming door cards in leatherette vinyl gear knob and black leather gaitor pedal covers- not too ricey ones checqer plate floor mats to come respray just after xmas going to buy some ppg dulon acrylic laqcer and spray in a similar to original colour. affix the steering wheel. install my 6x9 and new kenwood headdeck have got good rear bumper and very good front one on the way good headlights and tailights but still waiting on contact from trademe member no performance mods yet just changed the HT leads, spark plugs, air and oli filters, brake pads and caliper piston seals. will post pics asap
  15. heres sum pics the day i bought it $306 my plans for the car exterior: painted white black lotus stripe hot wires 13x7 interior: full re-trim in black and white wood grain dash new black carpet engine: 2L down draught weber carb ramflo air filter port and polish head coby extractors and staight through exhaust oh yea its a 1600 x flow Discussion Thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/19207-dylans-mk2-corty/page-1?hl=cortina
  16. well thought i might aswell put my car on here had it for ages now and been on here for a while... Ford Mk2 Cortina 1968 (Series 1) began like this... didnt come with the chromes ...looked yuk anyway 8 mods as to date: Engine : 1600 x flow Engine Mods : 1600, X-flow, Twin Side Draughts, Mild Cam, Chrome rocker cover, Oil Cooler, Micro Dynamics Alpha Ignition With Rev Limiter, Alternator, Battery In Boot, Kill Switch, Escort Floor Change Gearbox, Free Flow Exhaust System, Lightened Flywheel, Msd Blaster Coil Interior : e Seats, e Console, Gt Dash, Gt Gauges, New Parcel Tray Covered In Vinyl, Sports Line Wheel, Alarm Exterior : Resprayed (Looks Like Crap Going To Do A Respray Soon), Overriders, Personalised Plate, Lowered All Around, Front Wheels on Camber, Double Front Sway Bar Wheels : Mini-Lite Mag Wheels With Firestone Tyres here some pics of what it looks like now, can post pics of all the parts ive got and other pics of my car aswell getting my side draughts fitted at the moment not going to be a cable throttle setup got a custom lever system made up, next mods going to be full paint job and new rubbers
  17. Well Here's my project car at the moment.Own 2 of them and am in the process of making one good one from 2 cars. Plenty of pics to post as the work progresses. It will be a one of a kind as im not going for the original look.Here's the details on what should be in it when its finished. Engine: 1600 x-flow which will be modified. will list what as it gets done. Body: Is going to be Zazzy green which is a metalic green mitsi colour with 1k clearcoat. Chrome strips from the back are not going to be put back on but other chrome bits and peices are. Wheels: 13x7 polished hotwires( still trying to get some nice tyres, most likey get 205 50's) Interior: Custom white with green insert bench seats with custom made sub box with amp, front speaker pods, Autogauge gauges, neons under dash, Autotechnica Woodgrain wheel, race pedals, custom painted column change with custom gear knob, Sony Xplod Audio package. That's just a minor run down but will add more detail as the project comes together
  18. Its that time of year again where i go crazy and buy more cortina's, i have just purchased this, its a 64mk1 with 81,000 miles, i am the third owner.... mmmm side drafts..... has been worked, when i got it it was column shift, i have converted it to floor change, an anglia gearbox donated its selectors... have since had the back seat re covered in black and am going to put mk2 gt bucket seats in there too.... i also have a GT 3 dial dash to go in one day too..... enjoy...
  19. Heres the old girl for anyone interested, just doing an original restoration. Completely original, don't really know why except i just wanted it that way. Xflow 1600 no mods, its got a 2000E diff in it 'cause the original one shit out but im probably gona repair the old diff and keep hold of it, but anyways here she is......
  20. It's not really a project at the moment. This is my new pride and joy just got in early jan '06. Have spent a bit of time just getting the engine running well, radiator flush, new points, new rotor etc. About to replace the shocks and maybe the centre muffler. Interior is in pretty much in mint condition.
  21. MY First Love Geniune GT with some fruity bits worked 1500gt engine. period minilites with new kumoh white letter tyres, doesnt need anything doing.... just needs using and enjoying... is currently running 110 octane AV Gas... goes mean as..... this is what it looked like when i got it (Gold SupaLights)
  22. Got a new car. 3rd owner. snot green 1600 kent bench seat good interior column shift turbo chevoits pretty straight Its just an awsome cruiser. Hav just changed diff head. new tie rod arms, tail lights, filter, oil etc etc. Has mad shit diff ratio and revs hard at 110k. Only drive her at 100 max id say.
  23. thought it was about time i got off my arse and posted it up, here goes 1968 mk2 cortina 1600, column change, bench seat, yeeha MODS: ENGINE, 1984 chevy 229v6 [3.8lt] SPECS: steel crank , shot peened rods , 60 thou over flat top pistons, 10.5-1 comp, 58lift/310dur crow cam, solid lifters, hardened pushrods, yella terra roller rockers, oversize stainless valves, double valve springs, titainium retainers, heads fully ported and polished, edelbrock victor jnr manifold, 465cfm holley 4 barrel, HEI ignition, rev kit , moroso 50,000 volt coil, custom headers hpc coated, custom winged sump, engine is fully balanced and will rev to 8000rpm. power approx 320hp@7250rpm TRANS: GMH turbo 350 with h/duty clutches and a stage 2 shift kit, holden 1 tonner d/shaft with h/duty uni joints, 3000rpm stall convertor DIFF: ford 8 in 4.11 gears and mini spool , caltrac traction bars SUSPENSION/BRAKES: FRONT- toyota soarer vented rotors, volvo 4 spots, lovells springs, monroe gt gas shocks, mk3 zephyr hubs[falc stud pattern] REAR: mustang drums , stock rear leaves , gt gas shocks, sierra master cyl BODY: full respray arctic white , full rewire , deloomed engine bay, polished grill , modded cordia scoop, datto 1600sss seats, autometer tach, B+M shifter, new hood lining in black , resprayed sun visors, new parcel tray carpet , sprayed door trims,
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