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  1. Just about every pinto i've seen has a ruined rocker cover gasket, probably from constant tappet adjusting and failing to change the gasket.
  2. Not really in a hurry but at my old flat i have two large home theatre sub cabinets, triangle ish shape, together form an almost square, approx 1.2x1x0.7 m. $150 brought to auckland or $75 each if you bring one. Can collect from your location in Auckland. Have tried numerous freight companies but their either charge out the ass or dont do personal goods.
  3. I do both, when i do use paint stripper. Strip, rinse, blow with compressor, solvent, then wait for a while to make sure any water is evaporated, then por away.
  4. Got a warrant and rego and once again raging round the streets, fucken yay. havent put the boot spoiler on yet, scored some ghia seats, put the rear ones in, am in the process of putting the front ones in now. They a way more comfy than the old ones, mean. Slight metal high pitch grinding sound, sounds like diff, plus the diff oil had a lot of tiny metal particles in it when i drained it. Ah well.
  5. mk5corty


    Trying to fill scratches with paint doesnt work very well, especially if your using 1k, tends to follow the scratch and trasnfer it through, cant judge without seeing it but if you have the primer based then keep sanding, if not chuck some more primer on, or if your using 1k you can hit it with 2 coats of colour, then sand with 600grit, hit with a 3rd coat of colour or until hiding then clear. If you just paint over them, more than likely they will be magnified.
  6. mk5corty


    if you dont need to wetsand, 2 will do, reasonable chance you will and 3-4 coats saves you from cutting through easily.
  7. mk5corty


    With ppg dulon 3 or 4 coats will see you right. Lay the first 2 or 3 down then leave overnight to dry, hit it with 600 grit then lay the last coat. If you notice it is quite orange peely on your clear then 3 coats, 600grit it, 4th coat then wetsand and compound as per usual, if your quite handy with the spraygun and dont need to compound, 2 coats can suffice.
  8. mk5corty


    I usually go for a degreaser and water mix and a toothrbush or bigger brush if its bigger. Works mint for me, never had a problem with dye.
  9. Mean car boe, am sorely tempted to get one of these at the start of next year, especially cos if the engine shits out, the bay is plently long enough to incorporate an barra xr6t engine. Bet it sounds aws, should go pretty good to with like 285 horse.
  10. oh man, can now join teh exclusive club, the box cortina club.
  11. Mad boes, more oldschoolers near me, im just below the uni on the terrace.
  12. mk5corty


    Maybe try avenger he's a painter in the Tron.
  13. mk5corty


    Primer contains a large quantity of talc, which is excellent at absorbing water, think talcum powder. Getting all the shit paint off will be a bitch, i would look for a uv resistant epoxy primer, then just scuf it when the time comes, many people use matt black epoxy but the sun will fade it, just scuff, recoat, spray some primer to hide the colour and then apply colour.
  14. mk5corty


    Shit never even saw this ohwell, i would spray the metallic onto primer sanded with 600 grit minimum, metallic paints show sanding scratches well. Let the base dry partially between metallic and clear say an hour or two, although this really depends on if your using 1k or 2k. You can sand earlier coats of metallic if it has orange peel although it's not recommended, just make sure the clear goes on unsanded colour.
  15. Did you get a new exhaust? exhaust drone? Is the carpet and sound deadning still in?
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