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Found 13 results

  1. So yeah. Found out about this fine specimen right after Nats '18 after mentioning i'd like a hardtop to throw spanners at. Seedy Al mentioned I should speak to Goat, and so I did, the rest is history. It had been living in Goat / Joe's shed for a while and after some discussions I had it trucked down a couple of weeks ago. Specs: 1982 Toyota Corolla, GL “Lime” with a 3AU powerhouse and 5 speed manual trans. Lime is along the same lines as Lisse, a luxury variant of the GL model (Lisse for XL) featuring automatic transmission and power-steering. They were marketed heavily towards
  2. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49929-pbaines-1985-ae86-corolla-levin/ Well, I have bought myself an AE86 in from Japan. Always wanted a Sprinter Trueno but ended up with a Levin as it costs a lot more for the Trueno (probably 4-5k NZD) but to be honest, after getting this Levin here I am over the moon. As an AE86 always does, there's a bit of rust here and there. It does need a repair cert but the fella i'm dealing with is very helpful so should be good to work with him to get it all sorted. Engine is built to N1 spec, and goes like the clappers! Needs a
  3. Discuss: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51171-guypies-wifes-1986-corolla-gt-discussion/ When I met my wife some years ago now she was driving around in her first car, a maroon 1987 ee80 corolla hatchback with 320,000km on the clock and a leaky valve stem seal that would foul the #3 spark plug every 100km or so. The original corolla: She had a love/hate relationship with this car, it was quite simple and went like this: Is the car going at the moment? Yes: LOVE! no: HATE! Eventually a few years later we had to get rid of it as it was only worth about $300 and it neede
  4. Hey there guys and gals, My first car was a ke25 that I did a chicken wire and bog job on, and always wanted to restore it properly when I was all grown up. My dad sold it to a farmer who's kids trashed it and tipped out down a tomo I picked this up a few years ago (now that i'm all grown up) and the restoration began..... She's now fully stripped. And I've since collected a bunch of rare parts (ke25 and JDM TE27) and am waiting for the weather to improve so I can make a trip to Rototua and have the shell dipped. Plans are for a 20V Blacktop 7age with T50, Ae86 front
  5. Ok so here is the ke20 project I have been saving all my fun tokens in the dont tell mum fund for. I initially bought it in WA Straya while working over there. From the pics you will wonder why it needs to become a project again as it looks finished and clean .... however.... after about a year of ownership bubbles of rust started popping up and as is the way the more you look the more you start to find. Im thinking that the previous owner had a sketchy re spray done over bad metal. I brought it with me when I decided to move home to NZ , which firmly planted it in
  6. For the past year and a bit I've been toying with the idea of starting a new project with an older Toyota. I spent many hours on the internet looking for a suitable candidate and 2 weeks ago I managed to come across my perfect project. I picked up this AE72 Corolla Wagon from a kid about an hour away from my place in Calgary who had bought it, but decided not to do anything with it. It has some issues and the kid just wanted out before getting too deep into it. Anyways, so here's my Corolla, also known as Project Coral! (Walking Dead joke/reference) She's a Canadian Spec
  7. Let me know what you think of the build. I'll have a bunch of questions going forward so looking forward to hearing your ideas, and get some clarification on somethings with these cars.
  8. Hey all, Here is my recently purchased KE20 Toyota Corolla. Bought on Trademe from Hamilton and delivered to Christchurch. Discussion: Here is all the info as provided on Trademe: 1974 Toyota Corolla KE20 Sedan. Car is deregistered and has been in storage since ~2001. The good, everything is there, interior is in good condition, engine runs I have driven to Auckland and back from Hamilton but would be due an overhaul. The bad, all panels have dents, someone has attempted panel/paint poorly on it. In Jan 2011 I took it in for VIN inspection,
  9. I have bought a poorly treated, unloved 1981 KE70 Toyota Corolla, with the vision of restoring and also upgrading it to the 3SGE Beams Black Top. I want to set the car up so it can be taken to the track and also used as a show car. I have bought a 1999 Toyota Altezza with a 6 speed manual box and the donating Beams engine. Will post photos and discussion as the project goes on, please feel free to ask questions
  10. Hi all Here is my discussion for my KE20 Corolla build.
  11. This is my first time doing this so excuse me if it's a bit rough I've been a car nut ever since I was little and after years of saving, researching and dreaming, I finally got my first car, a 1985 Toyota Corolla EE80 off some family friends. I'm not very good at this whole photo uploading thing so I'll try get some good ones soon. She is pretty tight for her age with only very small bits of surface rust and low kays and it goes surprisingly good ( for a 2e ). Since I've owned it I have refreshed the ignition, changed the stereo and added a coby muffler for a bi
  12. So, as usual, I have another car to keep me busy (like I dont have enough already) Anyway, its a 1973 Corolla coupe, could be an sl, could be an sr, who really knows (because i sure dont). Bought it off trade me like, 6 months ago i guess, and has been in diffrent states of repair since then. Givian that i just sold my Datsun Ute, I needed a daily driver, so I hav started getting back into this one. Have fixed all the rust around the front chassis member, un the radiator, where they all rust, and am getting into getting the car all together again. So, its a little rough, but its all there,
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