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  1. Hey there guys and gals, My first car was a ke25 that I did a chicken wire and bog job on, and always wanted to restore it properly when I was all grown up. My dad sold it to a farmer who's kids trashed it and tipped out down a tomo I picked this up a few years ago (now that i'm all grown up) and the restoration began..... She's now fully stripped. And I've since collected a bunch of rare parts (ke25 and JDM TE27) and am waiting for the weather to improve so I can make a trip to Rototua and have the shell dipped. Plans are for a 20V Blacktop 7age with T50, Ae86 front shocks & brakes, Ae86 rear end with LSD and possibly repsol orange..... I'm pretty much a mechanical noob with limited experience so i'll do what I can and will have some pro's help along the way...... Any help from some seasoned Oldschool pro's would be much appreciated Discussion thread here //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49950-alasdairs-1974-ke25-corolla/
  2. So yeah. Found out about this fine specimen right after Nats '18 after mentioning i'd like a hardtop to throw spanners at. Seedy Al mentioned I should speak to Goat, and so I did, the rest is history. It had been living in Goat / Joe's shed for a while and after some discussions I had it trucked down a couple of weeks ago. Specs: 1982 Toyota Corolla, GL “Lime” with a 3AU powerhouse and 5 speed manual trans. Lime is along the same lines as Lisse, a luxury variant of the GL model (Lisse for XL) featuring automatic transmission and power-steering. They were marketed heavily towards women in Japan. (Thanks Wikipedia). Plans including lowering it and upgrading the brakes and giving it a spruce up. Engine can come later, as it would more than double the budget given drivetrain upgrades required. There will also be all the boring bits like fixing rust, replacing half the car and all that carry on. This is actually hardtop number two, but who is counting. Teaser pics for now. Discussion Fred.
  3. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/49929-pbaines-1985-ae86-corolla-levin/ Well, I have bought myself an AE86 in from Japan. Always wanted a Sprinter Trueno but ended up with a Levin as it costs a lot more for the Trueno (probably 4-5k NZD) but to be honest, after getting this Levin here I am over the moon. As an AE86 always does, there's a bit of rust here and there. It does need a repair cert but the fella i'm dealing with is very helpful so should be good to work with him to get it all sorted. Engine is built to N1 spec, and goes like the clappers! Needs a new CW & P though, as it is massively high strung at the moment and I sit at around 4200rpm at 100k so definitely not ideal at all. As it was in Japan at Stacked (best guys to deal with, highly recommended. Was shipped via AutoHub which was 100% hassle free) THEN It was time to get it on the boat. But not after removing the side skirts and raising the suspension, with the greatest method of adding nuts as spacement. It was on the top of the list to go 'remedy' from the VINZ inspection too Lastly Here is the VINZ inspection sheet.
  4. Discuss: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51171-guypies-wifes-1986-corolla-gt-discussion/ When I met my wife some years ago now she was driving around in her first car, a maroon 1987 ee80 corolla hatchback with 320,000km on the clock and a leaky valve stem seal that would foul the #3 spark plug every 100km or so. The original corolla: She had a love/hate relationship with this car, it was quite simple and went like this: Is the car going at the moment? Yes: LOVE! no: HATE! Eventually a few years later we had to get rid of it as it was only worth about $300 and it needed rust repairs (I had no welder at the time) and seatbelts plus a few other things for a wof and was just not viable to fix for broke students. So off it went and every time since then... and I mean EVERY SINGLE time we saw one on the road she has pined over it and wanted her old one back. This came to a point when Heather saw Gnarlydude/Matt's lovely yellow EE80 (might be different number for sedan?) Corolla sedan, and after Dromageddon this year she decided she needed one back in her life. And who am I to stand in the way of getting a sweet new/old car?! So after trawling trademe and facebook we found a AE82 liftback that didnt exceed our budget, and was registered. We went over to Tauranga, inspected it and found it to be in reasonable shape in terms of bodyshell. It is currently not running. The story is that he fired it up after sitting for about 7 years and it spluttered out and wouldnt start again. My guess would be old fuel/clogged fuel filter/dead fuel pump, however I have not put any time into it yet so it could be anything. Will post up pics in a moment on the next post.
  5. Ok so here is the ke20 project I have been saving all my fun tokens in the dont tell mum fund for. I initially bought it in WA Straya while working over there. From the pics you will wonder why it needs to become a project again as it looks finished and clean .... however.... after about a year of ownership bubbles of rust started popping up and as is the way the more you look the more you start to find. Im thinking that the previous owner had a sketchy re spray done over bad metal. I brought it with me when I decided to move home to NZ , which firmly planted it in the car I will own for life coz its cost me more than its worth category. Current plan is to strip it out , put on a chassis rotisserie and get it blasted , paneled and re painted. put it all back together again ..voila. Needs to be repair certified as a "damaged import" so I have found a panel beater that can do that work. Mods that had been performed in WA , where no annual WoF testing is done. Adjustable front suspension Nice 2 inch full thru stainless exhaust. Not sure what went into building the engine (5k) but it certainly has a lumpy AF cam in it. Crane cams ignitions pieces fireball xr3000 etc. One rear leaf removed. Brakes changed to ke30 units 5 speed box. Since in NZ Removed the old standard carb, which had been badly tuned to the engine mods and put a ford 1600 Gt unit on. Had to fiddle around with a few different jetting set ups but it purrs now in all gears. Had the front struts re welded for certification. - need to find somewhere to have them crack tested. The guy I had lined up to get this done claims that the people he was going to use mainly do truck parts and dont really want to look at my struts. sigh righto. During Corona lock down Fully stripped interior and ready to lift out the engine. Just the wiring harness and maybe brake hard lines will be left in it. Today's mish - measure up and plan out the rotisserie.
  6. For the past year and a bit I've been toying with the idea of starting a new project with an older Toyota. I spent many hours on the internet looking for a suitable candidate and 2 weeks ago I managed to come across my perfect project. I picked up this AE72 Corolla Wagon from a kid about an hour away from my place in Calgary who had bought it, but decided not to do anything with it. It has some issues and the kid just wanted out before getting too deep into it. Anyways, so here's my Corolla, also known as Project Coral! (Walking Dead joke/reference) She's a Canadian Spec 1983 Corolla Wagon. Has only 130xxxKM on it, all original except for the fog lamps, an aftermarket radio and some speakers in the back trunk area. Interior is in great shape for the year, seats could use a good cleaning/reupholstering and the carpet is burn and stinks like cigarettes, but over all no complaints. The exterior is another story. Due to living in Canada, and living in a part of the country where we have massive swings in temperature (we can go from -30C to +17C in less than 48 hours, or from +30 to -1 and snow in the same time frame), cars up here usually rust out. This little rolla is actually in great shape for the year. The rear arches are pretty bad, but are solid underneath, the worst spots are the rear arches, the driver's side rear apron, a small patch on the rear apron behind the bumper, and the chunk in the hatch. She's a bit rough, but this will be a long term project. My plans for it are going to be fixing the body work, deleting the side mirrors and putting on a set of fender (I guess they are also called wings?) mirrors, rear bumper delete, a set of early TE tail lights, and figure out the front end. The lamps on it right now from what I've figured out is a USDM/CDM specific front end for 83, and the side marker lamp lenses are broken on mine, and are like hens teeth to find. The right side is discontinued from Toyota North America, and the left side is still available, but about 2 months turn around for it. I do have some questions about front end's that I will post in a later post. Interior: I have brand new aftermarket carpet coming in next week, front seats are going to be replaced with a set of RA64 Celica seats and for when I want to have fun I have a rare Tommy Kaira Recaro Speed seat sitting in my garage to go in. Rear bench will be reupholstered, and anything that is currently brown on the interior will be painted black. Suspension: I'm either going to run the OEM front suspension and get a set of weld on coilovers from Techno Toys Tuning, or I may see if I can source out some AE86 front suspension. Rear leafs are going to be repacked, adding a leaf spring into it and add in a panhard bar eventually. Wheels: I managed to snag a pair of 14x6 Enkei 92's and a pair of 14x6.5 Riken Mesh wheels for $200. They will be refinished and slapped on the car soon. Driveline: Canadian market cars were sold with a 4AC engine with a T50 gearbox behind them, so it makes swapping in a 4AGE or a 20V a lot easier than if I had the 3TC in it. I'm thinking I'll go Blacktop 20V eventually and run a Supra rear differential in the back. But yea, that's my little corolla project. I'll be posting more soon. LINK TO DISCUSSION: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/55618-jukkas-ae72-corolla-wagon-discussion/
  7. Bought R100s Ke70 wagon for use as a daily. Very nice, close to no rust. Basically mint. Picked it up on the weekend using a quite fancy towing rig I borrowed from a friend (Who has been using it for 20 years without fail). Would have used an actual trailer but my mum's Rav can't handle it and my friend's truck was being used to move house. So we got the car onto the tow rig: And the tow rig was working great! Until... Disaster Struck!: One of the tires popped while towing. We didn't notice for a solid couple of minutes and as of that not only was the fender dented back, wires pulled out and bumper broken but the rim is also absolutely destroyed. So we chucked on one of the back wheels, taped the wiring to the car, and went on our merry way... Then that popped too. And it popped a lot sooner than the other tire. Meaning that we were scared. Not only because 2 of the tires popped, I mean, how often does that happen? But the car also had only 1 spare tire, R100, lent out the spare tire and never got it back, lol. Second flat also destroyed what was left of the bumper end cap AND pulled out the wiring we had taped to the side. And with pulled out I mean that the wiring is absolutely gone. Nothing is left. Anyway, we chucked on the last tire and drove into Taupo (30ish ks away from where we had the last blowout) and we left the car with some friends for the time being: Kinda sad story. Hoping to pick up the car soon. Meanwhile buying some stock ke70 wheels so I can get the car onto trailer. Then need to find someone in Napier with a ke70 to check what all the wiring is that I am missing. Also want to buy right end cap for my front bumper, lol. Discussion, for if anyone has any tips.
  8. Let me know what you think of the build. I'll have a bunch of questions going forward so looking forward to hearing your ideas, and get some clarification on somethings with these cars.
  9. Hey all, Here is my recently purchased KE20 Toyota Corolla. Bought on Trademe from Hamilton and delivered to Christchurch. Discussion: Here is all the info as provided on Trademe: 1974 Toyota Corolla KE20 Sedan. Car is deregistered and has been in storage since ~2001. The good, everything is there, interior is in good condition, engine runs I have driven to Auckland and back from Hamilton but would be due an overhaul. The bad, all panels have dents, someone has attempted panel/paint poorly on it. In Jan 2011 I took it in for VIN inspection, it failed exhaust mount, brakes and damage on LH inner guard. The brakes and exhaust are trivial. Upon inspection of the damage it will need LH A pillar section replaced. I have a replacement cut to do so. Unfortunately I don't have enough space to keep it dry stored so needs to be sold. Here are the main photos displayed on the auction: Once the car was delivered finally i got to inspect the car fully. Saying that the panel work is bad is a understatement. Although something that is fixable and i can work through to get it back to its former glory. The interior is as mint as it looks. No rips no Tears all original. The only things that the interior is missing is the inner door pulls (Which im looking for if anyone knows of any). It has the original conversion chart and the original tool kit too. So i had to take it for a few drives. Heres the damage that needs to be repaired and the replacement section it came with:
  10. I have bought a poorly treated, unloved 1981 KE70 Toyota Corolla, with the vision of restoring and also upgrading it to the 3SGE Beams Black Top. I want to set the car up so it can be taken to the track and also used as a show car. I have bought a 1999 Toyota Altezza with a 6 speed manual box and the donating Beams engine. Will post photos and discussion as the project goes on, please feel free to ask questions
  11. Hi all Here is my discussion for my KE20 Corolla build.
  12. Here goes! Ever since I sold the RT40 I have had a yearning for another high powered old Toyota. Two years of grinding away at renovating a shitty house and I finally have the time & money to enjoy an OS car again. Priorities changed somewhat however and the idea of starting a project like that from the beginning after this house renovation scared me and my bank balance. So after some arm twisting and dinner cooking for the mrs it was decided to go and search for something "finished". This little car was mentioned to me by some Oldschoolers and I had followed the build thread of it over on Toyspeed since it's inception. I guess I'll start with some specifications from the previous owner (because I'm lazy) and pictures from today after I had given it a wash, machine polish & wax to a level I was happy with! Discussion Fred Engine: Model: 7A-GTE Block Internal Spec: Factory crank shaft, Forged ross racing pistons and top seal rings, H-beam rods, ARP bolts throughout, toga race bearings and oil pump Cylinder Head Spec: Rebuilt Factory 4a-ge 20v blacktop vvti head with Supertech Valve springs and TRD steel headgasket and ARP headstuds Intake system: Factory 4a-ge 20v Blacktop ITB’s and MRP 2-peice plenum with 3” intake Turbo system: New Holset turbo supplied by steve murch, x2 Tial 38mm MVS wastegates, MAXfab custom thickwall stainless steel manifold, HKS ssqv bov, Fuel System: 60L Jazz fuel cell, carter lift pump, surgetank, bosch 044 fuel pump, full braided Teflon lines through to 800cc SARD injectors, turbosmart FPR-800 regulator Ignition System: x4 1nz individual coils mounted to a CNC’d made-to-suit aluminium adaptor plate Exhaust System: MAXfab Full 3” stainless steel exhaust system, x2 inline mufflers through to custom dump tip Cooling: 3 Core custom aluminium realdeal radiator with electric fan, setrab oil cooler and 500x250x56 tube & fin intercooler with 3” inlet/outlet Engine Management: Link G3 ECU (upgraded to g4 Firmware) with 4-bar MAP sensor and electronic boost solenoid Engine Bay: de-loomed engine bay, custom aluminium oil catch can, custom aluminium overflow bottle Other: gilmer drive pulley kit, remote oil filter kit Driveline: Gearbox: W55 supra 5 speed gearbox Flywheel/Clutch: Quartermaster twin plate clutch with billet flywheel to suit with ARP flywheel bolts, willwood reverse cylinder mount pedal box with remote reserviors Differential: 4.1 ratio LSD shortened hilux rear end Other: custom 1 piece driveshaft with custom driveshaft hoop Suspension: Shocks: Front – shortened shocks and modified OEM struts fitted with coilover sleeve kits and custom CNC’d camber tops Rear – adjustable shocks and reset and stiffened leaf springs with custom made anti-tramp bar setup with chromoly rods and QA1 rod ends Others: Cusco TE27 front strut brace, custom made swaybar to suit engine position and nolathane bushes allround Brakes: Front: 4-pot FD3s s6 RX7 front callipers and sloted rotors with steel braided brake lines Rear: s13 single pot claipers and rear sloted rotors Wheels and Tyres: Wheels: 17x7” (F) and 17x8” ® genuine work meister s1’s Tyres: Pirenza 205/40/R17 all round Exterior: Panel & Paint: Prep and paint done by Jason price, finished in a custom holden green Other: New indicators, park lights and headlights, all new window and door rubbers/channel, straightened and rechromed front and rear bumpers, doors and boot fitted with solex locks Interior: Seats: x2 Racetech 1000 bucket seats and factory rear seat Steering Wheel & Gear Knob: woodgrain steering wheel and stainless/bronze gearknob Gauges/Meters: Autometer cobalt digital boost gauge and autometer cobalt oil temp water temp and oil pressure gauge Audio: Pioneer Bluetooth headunit mounted in glovebox and alpine typr-R 6x9s in rear parcel tray Performance: Dyno Power: 320kw @ the rear wheels on 23psi with previous masterpower turbo setup, have since gone to a smaller holset unit for more response, currently making 280kw on 20 psi and full boost at around 4000rpm
  13. Hey all. Discussion for the project thread on my Corolla Wagon. Cheers, Oli. Read.
  14. Hi all, Meet PogoSan. Affectiontely named so by the Girlfriend. A strange specimen, imported from Japan, a Ke74 "van" featuring high roof and some other goodies. Other goodies include a mighty 5k-j twin squash, t50 gearbox (from the factory!) and a lot of ride height. My plans include: Fix rust + paint. Restore interior. Retro sounds. Low. Retro jdm wheels. (Ssr mk1s?) Extractors + exhaust. Carbs. (Quad cvk carbies?). Msd ignition. The distant future may include: Full engine rebuild. - Cam. - Solid lifters. - Head skim. Lightened flywheel. Electric fan. LSD. Who knows... I am currently stripping down the car for sanding back, rust repairs and paint. More on that soon. Cheers, Oli. Discuss.
  15. Bought this in July Last year from Christchurch. Good drive up to Wairarapa no problems however first oil change blew a crank berring. Took the motor out and took to rebuilders only to find motor was beyond repair so needed to find new motor. Have now rebuilt a new motor and am almost on the Road.
  16. This is the Discussion for the Corolla
  17. So... basically i don't know where to start, but here goes. Bought this Ke20 the other day, $3710. First car and pretty stoaked. She's got a fair bit of rust, only a couple of nasty deep holes, mainly paint bubbles and surface. Paint needs redone etc. Engines running on three cylinders... Interior is pretty good, drivers seat needs a small upholsters touch up along rear seat but nothing major. Carpets are pretty whorey. Anyways heres a pic of it, more to come. Plans for her are to tidy her up and jdm style. Make her loud and quick as i can. Keen to keep the old 3k in her however... Discussion here,( //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51303-harrys-1973-toyota-corolla-ke20-sedan/ ), anything regarding the build helps as im young with not a lot of knowledge, any tips or places for parts, anything would be helpful and much appreciated. Cheers Harry
  18. Use my KE26 Discussion if you want to talk about this project (Click here) Yep so my mental illness / obsession with old corollas continues with the purchase of my latest rolla: The engine is not running right and it is running very rich and carb is very difficult to tune. I noticed the vacuum advance thingy isnt holding any vacuum which probably contributes to the problem. I'll try fix the engine problems next week. Paint wise it looks to have had a single coat over the original paint (in the bonnet and doors at the minimum). And i can see numerous dents and hollows. The plan is to repaint the car in April or May. This stuff doesn't really bother me the price was fair for what the car is. Interior wise the situation is pretty good. Rips under the seat covers nothing major. So the situation with my KEs right now is the ke35 will get a tidy up to daily/cruise spec. Having this will allow me to focus more time and effort into making the KE26 as good as i can make it. The KE26 also requires a respray and hopefully between painting the 35, my mates S13 and hilux, and maybe my brothers E30 i should be able to lay down a bloody good effort on the KE26. Plus i've got loads of good advice from experinced people at weekend resto course. There has been no update on the KE26 as of late mainly because customs is fucking me around with some parts i need which should be released from their evil clutches in the next week. And also because I bought this 35 and am now broke. I also bought a 3 phase air compressor which arrives in a week or two. I'll be doing all bushing in the 26 in the long weekend that's coming up. I hope to have some more updates in the next couple weeks for both these cars. Somehow I end up helping on my flatmates drift car (200sx) than I do spending time on my rolla these days. But he compensates me in bad jokes, sober driving and scrumpy so it's not so bad.
  19. Here is project build thread, looking a bit barren atm: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/46510-robkes-1972-corolla-ke26/
  20. discussion thread for my project ae70 4age drop. fire away
  21. ok here we go, 1982 flat front AE70 currently running 3a-u with webers and lumpy cam. rings have pretty well gone so its time for a 4age. here is the car as is currently: link to discussion thread here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/46777-sams-ae70-project-4age-16v/
  22. Picked this up the other week with help from Todd (driftnmaz). Its got a 3a which is running quite rough at the moment, with a 4 speed t50 (3rds fucked). The high tech rubbish bag is because we cant get the window into its tracks (hopefully fix it this weekend) The clutch is fucked and its got a lockie in it. Has a bit of rust, which has just been bogged up for now. Plans are to get it wofed and regoed ASAP, then attempt to drift with the 3a, slam, wheels and after ive gotten used to it im going to be dropping a 4age in. When i do the 4age im going to do all the rust properly. It came with a SHIT load of spares, which i still havent gotten through. Discuss here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=35283
  23. So i've had this vehicle for about a year now just been a bit too lazy to document any progress to date. Currently, i'm working on throwing a 20v Blacktop 4AGE into my KE26. Here is the vehicle: I'll post more pics and info soon. Here is link to project discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/46511-robkes-1972-corolla-ke26-discussion/
  24. samsnz

    werber 32/36

    i have a holley 5200c which is a weber licensed copy of the 32/36 dfav carb. its identical in pretty much every respect. i have it adapted to fit a toyota 3a-u which is 1500 opposing flow inline 4. has an aftermarket cam with slightly greater duration but it not mega lumpy and it runs/ran sweet up until recently. having problems at idle with quite bad smoking, smells really rich, i have lowered my float heights, re-jetted idle and main jet curcuits far lower than it was running, replaced needle valve and seat, plumbed in a fuel pressure regulator and completely stripped and replaced any wearable parts like rubber seals and washers etc. i have made the idle problem improve but i cannot seem to tune it out. ive heard webers seem to like a bit of advance up to 12deg static which is maybe my next step but i was wondering if anyone had any better experience or ideas? its embarrasing as and looks like im driving a diesel train down the road
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