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  1. does bumper to bumper takanini friday afternoon traffic help due to lower wind resistance/drafting effect?
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    It's pretty avg. Durepox or similar two part epoxy primer is what you want as said 124 times in this thread before.
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    Full face is really nice, they don't fog up, but yeah quite a bit spendier. 3m Half mask with filters are pretty affordable from most industrial supplies places.
  4. this is on the 124 with supercharged 2L. its 2.5" with a 2.5" coby and currently a 2.25" turbo style on the back as it was too noisy with a 2.5" straight through. both were just cheapies form chase. the whole thing is a bit crap as I have modified it a few times over the years and it gets banged up pretty often as there isn't much room to tuck things up under the 124 chassis which then makes vband clamps and flanges leak. Also depending on how link/sequential tuning goes I could end up taking the S/C off and going turbo so Im thinking of going larger pipe size to future proof. Thinking oval tube so still 2.5" deep but 4" wide, similar flow to between 3" and 3.5" . There really is only room for 2 silencing things, one before the diff ~ 400mm x 225mm and at the back similar size and has to be pretty shallow for a muffler, cant be much more than 125mm deep so no barrel type with dumpy tip may apply good to know, I have been looking at their stuff, not cheap but when you compare to shipping similar spec stuff in it works out OK.
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    diesel spam

    check the negative/earth connections of the batteries to the chassis and engine to chassis if you can, bad connections there could also cause poor cranking while hemis explanation sounds plausible it seems very odd that you would even know the oil got overheated without a temp gauge unless he has some story about the thing seizing up and smoking out of the breather or oil cap with the temp gauge cold or something like that. Which he would have told you? or is he being a bit cagey about exactly what happened to it?
  6. yeah go mang only not sure about rivnut comment. I cant fully picture exactly how that works but using even a large rivnut to hold in something associated with suspension parts in difficult to access location seems likely to cause you trouble. at the very least the chance of a shitty thread galling causing the rivnut to spin before you tighten it up or similar. a fixed stud or bolt tacked to a sandwich plate or something like that might be more robust and less likely to be a pita. but maybe I don't understand exactly how this is going together and there is no load involved/it's just holding it there until the shocks go in or something.
  7. larger size piping with resonator and turbo or baffle type muffler vs larger size piping with two turbo or baffle type mufflers vs smaller piping with resonator and straight through muffler thoughts on performance/loudness? e.g . say 2.5" vs 3" on 200hp engine
  8. jeep 4.0 fuel injected so it works properly goes forever dirt cheap parts also dirt cheap jeep AW4 is actually an aisin A340 so can probably swap bellhousing around to fit to other a340s or maybe w series manual? (AX15 manual was actually a W55 or something) can anchor large container ships if required
  9. the other thing great about the factory rad is it will fit with 100% certainty without any additional pain in the arse things later on e.g. now the spanner doesn't fit to undo the water pump or some other stupid thing that always happens when you modify cars.
  10. yeah def trick for young players on any gearbox with non factory clutch flywheel setup. concentric slave cylinders maybe more forgiving? although im sure there will be a travel limit there too. basically best to setup and test before fitting engine and gearbox to car if at all possible. /lingpost
  11. This is fleeting with danger of making future Mr bronzes life a worse place for the sake of a helicoil set Having not the right spanner for putting metric/imperial bolts in opposite thread holes and other surprises lay down that path in the future
  12. this exhaust noise thing brings up another question while you said baffles etc should need tools to be removed but what about the case of a baffle to make the exhaust quiet for oldman reasons basically similar to a lot of modern supercars/high performance cars that have some kind of varex type butterfly valve thing in the exhaust the idea being with the valve open the exhaust is louder - but still passes noise requirements but with the valve closed the car is proper quiet for nice cruising/not upsetting everyone when you are just going to get a bottle of mlik from the servo?
  13. LS is narrower /smaller..............
  14. could not get over how this was the only thing that would hook up at drag day. great burnouts and better motivation off the line than the gtr lol. once again so well done, much claps _b
  15. worth and value dont really come into the equation at this point its all because stubborn like slav haha the shit running is definitely fuel related so I am confident i'll get it sorted, under normal driving and cruise conditions it has all of the torque and is great to cruise around in with supercharger soundtrack going on. centre console, the ashtray goes and you have to cut out the bridge piece at the front side of the ashtray/slightly hack up the thing. I still need to make a new cover piece for the top and get a new gearlever boot thing which should hide the edges that were cut to clear the 131R shifter.
  16. keep up the good work man got to keep what few of these left around to put those snarky sedans in their place at the back of the que!
  17. what do you mean dave? rookie never makes mistakes
  18. yup, not to do with lobe pulses but the log. as said runners are basically non existent and #1 is directly infront of the S/C and #2 is very close but #3 and #4 are two 90 deg right turns and 75mm and 150mm of log away at 45mmish diameter, which is about the same as the port and valve sizes. The lobe pulses may have some other effects, and the bypass valve is between #2 and #3 so that will have some other effects too. just all about solving problems no one else ever has because of one else has been silly enough to persist with quite the same setup.
  19. These are xSpurt 1000cc/rebranded ID1000s, not the china 1000's The pressure drop difference occurs at all rpms, the blower puts 1.6L of air in every rotation of the engine but its easier for that air to get into cylinder 1 and 2 than 3 or especially 4, so even though only 1 inlet valve is open at a time there will still be a difference, more residual pressure in the manifold than reaching the cylinder in a given time. As rpm increases and there is less time for the air to move, the relative difference may change slightly one way or the other (not sure which way). As pressure increases with boost the relative difference will be less.
  20. so have been making adjustments every morning and afternoon driving to/from work mucking with idle/coldstart and datalogging. slowly getting better. the intake backfire is definitely from lean conditions not ignition. comes and goes with fuelling changes. have got rid of most of it now by blending in some mapDOT acceleration enrichment and adjusting the fuelling. still needs the full sequential setup though, there is a dull miss (probably from too rich) even at idle which must be from the uneven air fuel ratios, which would also explain why it seems to need a richer mixture than you would think - e.g mid load cruise 75kPa just over 13:1 when you would think 14:1 would be ok even with the S/C.
  21. swapping to a different Toyota diesel would probably be better than turboing the 3b. but in either case it would be a project if you have not done that exact swap before, or have someone on hand who has. better just taking a chill pill and leaving well alone although chilling out and driving sedately is usually a difficult thing for card carrying gun swinging fleece wearing hunter types around here
  22. nah you are right, logging map ahead of the supercharger could be quite useful too. the throttle body is on the large size which amy not be helping either, 65mm off an EL falcon or similar which works out for the power level but maybe with the lighter car could do with a more progressive bellcrank, as at low engine speed 1/4 throttle is basically 100%. once throttle opening area is gets close to the 35mm bypass valve area its going to lose vacuum, shut and go straight to more or less full boost. do you know what clock speed the link ecus run? it's weird their website doesn't seem to list it the microsquirt runs at 24mhz
  23. bypass valve is a factory thing off a late model supercharged mini. It has a vacuum operated actuator, so purely mechanical. it runs off the vacuum in the supercharger inlet elbow and closes when that drops as the throttle opens. the bypass loop is entirely downstream of the throttle plate so don't think bleeding off boost is the right way to explain it but whatever. my feeling is the full sequential will help a bunch, and getting the air fuels evened out will be mostly a fixed offset that maybe tapers off with boost and gets worse a little with speed. but yeah latency in the bypass valve response and whatnot, I dunno. I think some factory supercharged setups have multiport solenoid valves to supposedly make better driveability but I have also heard its a thing to just rip those off supercharged mr2s and stuff like that too and not even worry about it