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  1. Agree, fucking love this
  2. / cut car to suit. Whats wider than it is long?
  3. Now measure how much wider the wheel is compared to the guard from above. See how much inner clearance there is, get offset changed to suit and get the remainder of the extra outer width cut out?
  4. Heh at least with steels, If they turn out to be a complete fuck up you can get some width cut out/offset changed.
  5. Yeah, wouldn't it make the offset severely positive? unless you have bucket loads of inner clearance or plan on using massive spacers..
  6. Saw this on the motorway a couple of weeks back. Tried keeping up in the old ladys swift but you were gunning
  7. I fucking love this with the narrow steels
  8. treggo


    Me and my mate have had problems in the past with his s13. A fwd waterpump was sold to us and the blades fowled on the head.
  9. I like the direction and have alot of faith bro.
  10. Whats the deal with running 4 point harnesses for the street? is it legit as long as you have the correct mounting points etc?
  11. Forgive my ignorance but won't you fall into issues with that?
  12. I have seen it done like this a couple of times... Basically they run the TCA's on the opposing sides to how they would run factory, and the factory ARB mount is used for the new arm. Then the new fitting on the TCA holds the ARB. Would there be a way of working this type of setup here? I am aware that you can't have welded TCAs or is this only for adjustable ones?
  13. I'm not going to lie to you, this joys my balls
  14. I reckon auto v8 would be so wrong. Needs something smaller and revvy as fuck
  15. Any foreseeable handling problems with the rear track being so much wider than the front?
  16. What ya want for turbo mani? Flange to suit t3? external?
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