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  1. IMO - accept that the year will never match. Attempt to change description from sedan to wagon by claiming mistake on records. but as @Flauski has said , that isn't always easy either.
  2. rather than open the can of worms as tortron said, would it be potentially better for the seller to see if they can get the registered description/plates changed to a wagon? Clearly the body is a wagon, so that could potentially be a way to half fix the issue?
  3. Nice man! Hopefully VIN inspections and Cert goes smoothly as possible for ya! PS: I really should pop over to yours and try your 14's on my car
  4. True true, need to compare apples with apples ... Fairly sure mine is a 3 or 4 core
  5. Thanks SOHC - good to know i didn't go ahead with this guys estimate!
  6. Who's doing the re-core? I got estimated around $800 last week and Rockauto have no rx7 style brass radiators in stock - Trying to avoid the cheapy alloy ones.
  7. ^ as above - I'd only lengthen the slave rod if it was a small amount. you should be able to space out the pivot point thing enough for the 10mm, and if not, then do both.
  8. Fair enough - Wasn't sure if the corona's were known for weak diffs/axels or not. Still the long term turbo plans?
  9. this was a sweet event 2 years ago, my radiator is out getting fixed, if it's back in time I'll pop along again.
  10. diff upgrade planned eventually you recon then bro?
  11. Have a search in the project section (if you haven't already) for any RX30 projects. They often have information in there that's handy. If not - have you thought of shortening your shocks to make the springs you have captive? Or looking at a shorter stroke shock from another make?
  12. annoying news (back stuff) but 100% better to rest and hopefully sort that out before you cause permanent damage at least you've got other sweet wips you can take along to leadfoot
  13. Good to know - can understand the frustrations with no shows + driving around to visit people all over Auckland for $50!!!
  14. Cheers for the info Clint - You & Mark are still listed on the LVVTA contact list as doing exhaust & noise certs - not the case?
  15. Yep read that this morning before posting up on here. That's basically what the WOF inspector has decided - and TBH it's fairly loud (13B bridge port, 2 resonators and boiler style muffler). The rear muffler has a bolt on flange to the rest of the system, and I'm thinking an option is to install said baffle (shut it up for the wof) - take it back to WOF place and say 'we installed new resonators/mufflers & now it's quiet' - see if its passes. If not, book in a noise cert and get the stamp on the exhaust saying it's legit.
  16. Yeh exhaust noise cert - Fairly sure the cert would have been before noise certs existed - but could be wrong. He's got a baffle plate he can shut it up with, so I recon he should chuck that in there and go back with it relatively quiet and see what they say.
  17. any one on here had an exhaust certified before - the brothers wagon failed its WOF (certed for engine conversion + other mods) but WOF guy recons he needs exhaust cert. Is the process any different to regular certification stuff? Is it a quick and easy process? ie; book an appointment, exhaust gets checked and either passes or fails?
  18. Bam & Bam - always a good feeling getting a fresh wof Quick change of wheels and much better
  19. Damn , even with a phone you take lush pics! ive never had a project , nor owned a car as long as what you’ve had this for so can’t offer any advice except that I’ve only regretted selling cars, and have never said “wish I’d sold that sooner”, so would recommend at least getting to a state you can drive and have some smiles behind the wheel before selling
  20. So the clutch / gearbox ended up being not so straight forward ... Turns out 4 speed boxes run a different release bearing and clutch fork to the old 5 speed type boxes, so I ended up with the 4 speed in and out 4 times till i finally had the right combo of bearing, clutch fork and fork pivot adjustment spot on so the clutch would fully engage and release properly. The cars finally down on wheels again, needs a wash, and have booked a wof for tomorrow morning (fingers crossed) Added some pin-stripes (thanks archetype) - they follow the body crease, IMO it add's a nice subtle touch.
  21. 100% aussie performance wheel - my wagon came with exactly the same wheels.
  22. organic evolving shanty town lol! Yeh I'd love to, probably need to sort some priorities - asking for days away from a young kid is tough for the Mrs, and it's on the same weekend as re-union. although could potentially try and get down there for the 6-8th ...
  23. That camping set up is on point! Such a sweet wagon!
  24. Ha! nah man no modgies - Buy 13" eagers over there, sell for profit over here & get some decent rims - Pine Engineering (based in Chch) are selling custom made 3 piece wheels ordered to your exact offset - check out there designs - not cheap, but would be something truely unique. Aren't series 3 sevens all weird with the offsets?
  25. Yeh either silver/dark grey or silver/black combo. Plus the rx crossmember of course!