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  1. Looks good man, as expected from Mr. West. Have you considered a small wheel max slam iteration?
  2. So that was last weekend but then this week a hardtop had popped up on TM locally for too much. I managed to get it slightly cheaper but still, not that cheap... I think I'll still try and get some out of Japan to sell at some point given how much they go for nowadays. Crazy. I took the old Gloria out to collect it. The guy selling it had an FD3S as well which he showed me, it was fucking slick. Super tidy. It turned out that he was originally from Auckland but was now living in Nightcaps of all places. Hilarious. Anyway we got to yarning about the 90's/00's Auckland car scene and it was a good wee chat before I bumbled off. Then when I got home (in between rain showers again) I started to fit it up. Mine has apparently never had an hardtop before as the plastic trim pieces were all in one piece and covered up the mounting fixtures. This one came with all the parts so I used those and my eyechrometer to mark and holesaw then grind clearance into the plastic to fit up the catches. THe end result was as follows: Obviously black looks fucking stupid so I will be painting it white when I get a chance and removing the soft-top from underneath when I refit it once painted. That's all for now.
  3. Once I'd done that, I actually had the Monday off of work due to having been called in so often the boss gave me a "freebie" and I chose the Monday over the Friday as there was supposed to be less chance of rain, sadly it was still bitterly cold and there was fog out until midday. However I decided I'd get stuck in around 9:30 regardless. Everything was pretty straight forward. I measured the powerframe before removing it and then attempting to drop the box. Mine has an aftermarket exhaust (minus headers) and they put it in a slightly cunty place that I thought I was going to have to remove the exhaust to get the box out but I got there in the end even if that meant the gearbox dropping awkwardly and ejecting a large volume of trans fluid all over the ground. Once the gearbag was free I removed the clutch and the flywheel only to see just how worn it was. Have to say, it wasn't what I anticipated, it appears as though the outer edge of the clutch plate has worn and I don't know what's going on with the rest, needless to say it needed replaced though but there-in lied another issue... The flywheel itself looked similar to the pressure plate. Anyway.. The issue... Old bearing on left, rattley and fucked, new one on right, less rattley but the keen of eye may notice that the contact area is completely different. This would be fine except for the fact that it needs to be the same for the replacement clutch. So I tried to get a refund or a replacement sent due to the error but the return system is very linear at RockAuto and doesn't really allow for incorrect single components within a kit. So rather than fuck around I just ordered a replacement SKF genuine one along with another slave cylinder as I didn't like the look of the current one when dropping the box. They are due to arrive next week, Monday (11th) ish.
  4. So a week ago I did actually manage to find some time to get stuck into the replacing of parts on this thing. First thing I did was in between rain showers, change the brake discs and pads. This was a bit different than I was used to with the rears but actually super easy once I looked up why the fuck the piston wasn't retracting.. (there's a bolt at the back of the caliper with a hex head screw in it that needs rotated to pull the piston back) Fronts were typical push back spec, nothing too exciting.
  5. Actually, that reminds me, I think I've seen more Ramblers in sheds than on the road. Were they particularly susceptible to rust or motor problems or simply hard or expensive to get parts for?
  6. Gas torch some heat into the drums and give them a smack with a hammer, I'd imagine the shoes are essentially bonded to the drums and all the mechanisms are rusted up.
  7. Yet another pointless comment. Thanks for nothing, lingor. @hood It's owner's responsibility but it's got extra issues in that whilst you may have to pay the cost of the RUC, the PO can be ticketed/pay as well.
  8. It definitely appears to be Mitsi wheel. Maybe because an RX-3 would use as much oil as a Mitsi except it has the excuse of oil fuel mixture as opposed to poor rings..
  9. What about Dynatrol for a name? Not sure if it's a good idea or not because it sounds like some kind of drug and the Dyna is high as fuck now.
  10. Wait. Are you telling me you can use the internet searching facility to find things that you know the parameters of? Weird. I thought you had to ask people everything. Thanks, tortoise.
  11. My Prince isn't on carjam but it was still on the NZTA books. If you've got any papers or it still has its plates you might be able to contact them to find out. However you'll definitely need to cert it and I would be dubious about whether it would meet current criteria without serious bank.
  12. I wouldn't rule it out but it would be waaaaaaay in the future.
  13. That's the exact conclusion I came to as well. Why ITBs? Because ITBs.
  14. Open ITBs will probably be my limit of modifications tbh.
  15. Those are a cunt to get, would love one but yeah. Not as convinced on the front end treatment. Fastback is win.
  16. I did consider that actually. Or Cherry lights, unfortunately I assumed right off the bat (perhaps incorrectly) that they would be more expensive than the Porter Cab option.
  17. 15x8s... Not mine Picked up for Joe. Will try them on properly for laughs at some stage.
  18. I'd love to put some wide 13 or 14" RS Wats on but then I'd need to do a whole bunch of other shit. Way lower, widebody, etc. Can't be fucked.. ..yet anyway. Once all this shit comes good the hardtop is the only other important thing for the short term.
  19. The Vary lights are supposed to be Mazda Porter Cab lamps how ever, they are NLA and the ones people have made to replace or even ones that people sell second hand, are 300USD. Fuck that. Whilst I was in Japan I saw a few Kei cars and trucks and one appealed enough that I looked it up and took a screen grab to preserve the memory. I've now used that to buy some lamps from it and I'm hopeful that they are the right size or at least close enough to work. Fingers crossed because it's far cheaper and will look more fitting with the car, imo. Want a largish ducktail spoiler but I've only seen one that does what I want but still isn't quite right so I may have to bodge something else together myself.
  20. The weather is not looking good for getting the clutch done but oh well, I drowned my sorrows in more purchasing. Garage Vary lip and rear panel will be coming in the next stacked container (along with a rear seat for the Gloria) and some lights that I am hoping to make work with that panel will be enroute shortly also. The remainder of the main haul of parts arrived also. Filters, belts, wanker blades, flywheel.
  21. kyteler

    KK's Honda Cub

    Just squeeze it past the NSX mate. *sssscrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeetch* "sorry Joe"