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  1. You haven't neglected to attach a vacuum line somewhere? Or perhaps one is perished or beginning to do so?
  2. Put 100 in it. I get that it's an American lump used to running on garbage but give it a fighting chance to be good.
  3. *shakes fist vigorously in your direction*
  4. Can't be any worse than trying to buy a rotary from a Kiwi "rota" guy who is vague with details and reluctant to let anyone view...
  5. Stoked for you brother. Hopefully it flies through compliance when it gets here!
  6. I think it needs a high rise, supercharger and some predators. No real way around it. That'll need a new camshaft too. Some headers wouldn't go a miss either.
  7. I'm going to guess that he's found himself another Cortina...
  8. Get a good brand all season tire and get your brakes checked and adjusted.
  9. Probably the least of your concerns but I've got plugs if you need some. I bought in a box for each type a while ago and could spare 4 easy iffin you like.
  10. Hey fuck you, Bart. KPB310s are cool, just because you put an L20B in yours... Rust though. Yeah. They only thing worse would be if you got one that Malcolm had owned before you. Edit : Sorry, assumed this was spam thread because blagging on Tredias, etc. Please delete.
  11. Most race cars move about to various other continents to compete in other series whilst they're still competitive then they'll eventually be kept by some foamer when they're in need of a bit too much work than the then owner can afford.
  12. Thank you, sir. That clears that up well enough.
  13. That's what I thought. Is that written somewhere? I looked briefly but was probably not in the right place.
  14. Quick query re: lowering and 100mm clearance. The document states measured from structure of the vehicle but not including bodykits or exhaust, etc. Does it include the leaf perch/shock mount of a diff?
  15. That stainless muffler looks sweet. Is it twin entry as well as exit?
  16. Option 2 for looks, 3 for size. Either of those is better than 1 for the car IMO.
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