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  1. But you'll only need a small bag for a couple of batteries. A 25 would last you years.
  2. Bet it felt like 110 mph in a thing like that though even if it wasn't.
  3. Keen for something like that. Fire ban might be lifted by then. Still be good enough weather to gather round a fire outdoors but not too hot and dry to light it.
  4. Love these things. Was sorely tempted to buy one as a daily about twelve years ago but figured it would hog the gas like my coon so bought a Wolseley 1300 instead.
  5. Are the water bridge gaskets just normal paper ones? If so weetbix box to the rescue.
  6. There is a lot to be said for having a go at something relatively easy where everything should pretty much be a straight swap for a first project. Good luck with it.
  7. Teaspoon or tablespoon? Got a big old tractor battery here that's as flat as a witch's tit and wouldn't charge even on an OS charger that doesn't have safety trip switches. Sounds like being worth a try
  8. +1 for that mural. It really needs to be a thing.
  9. Instead of just rattling on until the chain snaps and valves hit pistons?
  10. That does not instil confidence. How long / cunty a job is it to replace the timing chain?
  11. Any of you mechanic types familiar with the Nissan QR25DE? Known weaknesses? Redeeming features? Car I'm looking at with one has 166,000ish kms on it and has a four speed automatic.
  12. Good to see progress on this. You going to have it ready for Nats?
  13. I think they suit it. A bit understated, not in your face like turbos but similar. Might be a slightly different story on a wagon though. Have to suck it and see.
  14. Think they're just being cunts myself. Maybe a different wof garage next time?
  15. Such a mission. Good on you all for having a go. Love reading this stuff. Crazy shit like this only really works in large groups but that just makes it better.
  16. Went to Mataura. Saw cool cars. Took heaps of pics. Will post some when I get organised. Here's a teaser.
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