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  1. Our old Presbyterian minister dailied one of those back in the day. Went everywhere in it, unsealed back roads and all.
  2. igor

    trailer build

    Saw this in Te Anau two summers ago.
  3. Good to see this thing again @rustisize. I have a Holley carb and a manifold somewhere that might be off one of these. Not in real good condition though as I found it out in the paddock.
  4. Not sure revving past 9000 is terribly conducive to long engine life really.
  5. Bit noisy on sealed roads though.
  6. Yes totally fit farm service lug tyres. They work for me.
  7. Rustoleum tractor paint mate. Goes on thick and covers well with minimal runs.
  8. Coat of paint hides a multitude of sins eh?
  9. Been looking at those Shelter Station garage tent things for a while now. How good are they irl? Reasonably stable in the wind / as a permanent structure? Advertising material says they are but we all know advertising is mostly lies.
  10. Exactly this. Diesel torque is your friend here. Before I was married I'd go through to Dunners every weekend in my manual XC and I'd drive home late Sunday night without changing gear or touching the brake all the way from the top of Caversham hill to the turn into my driveway in Kaitangata. I suspect you will achieve similar if not better cruisability with your wags.
  11. I've seen worse bearing shells Ed but they didn't come out of a running motor. Just pleased it didn't shit itself in the back of beyond somewhere leaving you to walk out to civilisation.
  12. Plenty of ground clearance is a good thing on a big old car though.
  13. Got any "residents parking only"?
  14. Angliaing to Hanmeet?
  15. igor

    What diesel engine?

    Thinking right outside the square here but have you considered a Unimog or something of that nature?
  16. Perhaps there is another common species that is a good substitute.
  17. An old geezer once told me that monkey skin makes excellent fuel pump diaphragms. Reckoned an Arab trader in West Africa told him that when he was working for an oil company over there.
  18. Fucking German spelling with a K.
  19. High top just looks weird to me beside normal Combi. Must be getting old. I can remember when there were shitloads of these things getting around.