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  1. Is it still considered a flat deck if the sides and tailgate are up though?
  2. I've been following this build with much interest. So much skill shown. The only thing I can think of that may be of use in this instance, but you've probably tried it already, is to run it with the heater on full and see if that makes any measurable difference. If it does, even if it is a small difference, might that support the theory advanced by others that the capacity of the radiator is insufficient for the additional heat created by the supercharger?
  3. What's the key for? Just creative use of that which is available?
  4. I love how quiet this thing runs.
  5. Maybe I'm crazy but why would you put it in a place that's going to get covered in shit the first time you drive the car?
  6. Sad that you're selling this thing. Wish I could take it. Hope it goes to someone who will love it as you have.
  7. Nah, be less expensive to bring it down here. I've got plenty of parking and I'm sure the boy would start it up regularly and even drive it around a bit just to make sure everything still works.
  8. My wife's Laser was hard to start for some months. Once started it ran fine. The problem was thought by many to be fuel related but eventually turned out to be a faulty ignition module.
  9. You're a wizard. Wish I had half your talent.
  10. Back in the early '90s (pre cert days?) a guy I knew had racing harnesses in his T Bucket. Every wof he was questioned about them. Think he ended up carrying the relevant paperwork in the car all the time just in case.
  11. I couldn't see those either. Same circle and line hieroglyph.
  12. Rode from Wainui to Governor's Bay in it during '18 Nats. Such a fun little car.
  13. Amazing video. I don't use the word awesome very often but it very definitely applies to this event. Looks like so much fun albeit punishing on little wheeled scoots.
  14. Much like some Fiat cars then. I drove on 850 Sport once and even with my not over large feet it was tight down there.
  15. Make us proud Bart. Looking forward to reading all the reports on this thread in the weeks following the event.
  16. Not a chance. There was a significant waiting list for new cars in those days. I've been told that it was not uncommon for a year old car in good nick to sell for more than the new price purely because it was available.
  17. Weren't those 50th anniversary badges just slapped on customer's cars willy nilly by Nissan dealers? A chick I used to work with had one on her 120Y and her husband's C20 van may have had one too.
  18. I love the way you are utilising so much modern electronic shit on such a dinosaurus car. You truly are some kind of genius.
  19. And conveniently located for pickup en route to/from Hanmeet.
  20. Some years ago I found a four cylinder Ford manifold with a Holley carb on it lying in the grass behind one of my sheds. Looks like it's off a T or an A. Don't know enough about them to pick the differences. No idea if it has any usable parts left on it but if it's any use to you you're welcome to have it.
  21. igor

    diesel spam

    Diesel RAV we have at work does this. We almost invariably have to top it up between services. The check engine light often starts to flick on with about 2000 km to go till the next scheduled service.
  22. igor

    diesel spam

    Does diesel still work out less expensive if servicing costs are included in the calculations? Serious question. I've never owned anything with a diesel engine apart from one dodgy old tractor.