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  1. What did they charge to do that? Im looking for a new powder coat place
  2. Think labor were going to get rid of them because they are racist or something like that
  3. Can you get a second hand set reset and sent over and just swap them over?
  4. do it later, at least with a few landys there we should be able to make one good one to get back
  5. @Mof is there any deep water crossings? Also what is the chance of breaking something? I know hard to answer but I do need to drive back to Auckland at the end
  6. In what road car do you need such a light engine? I cannot see anyone wanting to put a 1.2l engine in anything that weighs over 800kg
  7. I have a fiat x1/9 that I'm wanting to repower and have looked at all sorts of small and light weight engines like various bike engines and the 3cyl vw and Ford but end up at the same conclusion is that its just easier and cheaper to grab a 2.0 turbo engine and dsg box from a golf gti and use that as its not a race car so I am not chasing every bit of weight saving and getting a gearbox that's going to work was going to cost a small fortune as well.
  8. The factory supercharger will be way way to much of a restriction trying to make 400hp and it will grenade itself spinning it to 10k rpm. Dont know why you want to use the oem supercharger but are willing to replace every other component in the engine to make it rev and hold together
  9. Can remap them to stop them stuffing pistons or run them on gull 98 with the ethanol, I know of one where thats all the owner has used from new and is upto 250km with no major problems
  10. Vw made a 1.4l twin charged engine and then went back to a single turbo on the new version for better efficiency. The later ea211 is a 1.4l 4cyl that weighs 104kg complete and makes diesel like torque with 250nm @ 1500rpm
  11. What are you trying to achieve by using an engine like that in a heavy car? Most modern engines have a small bore and long stroke as it is better for emissions and will likely have unfavorable bore/stroke/rod length to be spinning them to 10k Do you know what this engine weighs?
  12. You could just run a single turbo and make 400hp and still have an easily driveable engine. A mate races a yamaha yxz1000. They have a na 1000cc 3cyl. It has an efr6258 on it and makes 300hp easily on a completely standard engine, they are not allowed to change any internal components so is limited by that but it could easily be over 400hp.
  13. I've been running all my diesels at 700 constantly and hitting 950 for a few seconds and never had a problem
  14. I'd be keen on some rides suited to bigger bikes
  15. M.H.

    Sound deadening

    This is quite a good video on sound proofing. Ill be doing this to my defender and will need quite a bit to do mine
  16. There was a ptsl truck crashed/broken down heading north just before 'kura so traffic is pretty fucked so ill give this one a miss
  17. It's the atc125 for my ct90, was just going to give it a quick freshen up but it's been run out of oil and wrecked it. The original 90 is pretty poked and is way too slow with my weight. I don't really want to buy a bike as it would only be used for this ride. If its OK to use my xr250 Baja then I'll just use that
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