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  1. Does it go off the clock g
  2. How fast was that going?
  3. Outboards run upto 8 cylinders into the one exhaust tuner, it's not exactly a spanny but it's a tuned length cone so would be doing the same
  4. Would you want to use the electronic or hydraulic controlled version, the hydraulic controlled version would be a very easy conversion.
  5. The zf 4hp22 and 24 was used by quite a few manufacturers, land rover, audi, jag, bmw, maserati
  6. Yep just grab the lot from a 4.6 p38 range rover. The 4.6 had a the biggest torque converter that was used on the rv8. You can use the trans controller from the p38 too. What are you using it in?
  7. If you used the rv8 bellhousing from a 4.6 on a bmw 4hp24 you can have it all working with cheap parts. It starts getting expensive when you have to make adapters and use fancy trans controllers
  8. Is that tomato sauce in the bottle?
  9. Soak with penetrative fluid and get the engine nice and hot
  10. Wouldn't have happened if the old owner had replaced the gear instead of getting it welded
  11. Na just on the motor way in to work in heavy traffic, was a bit of drama get to work as much throttle would make it pop into neutral and then have to come to a stop to get it back in
  12. Won’t be able to go very fast. It’s the high range gear in the transfer box so only have low range. 4th gear low is not much faster than 1st in high
  13. Try out a thick gasket to rule out it tapping the head/plug?
  14. Where did you get the copper sheet from? I need to get some to cut some gaskets for my atc125
  15. Is the civic rad aluminium? Get a boss welded on to screw in the original thermo switch
  16. Just get the longer ones shortened
  17. Whats wrong with using 350 as opposed to 250?
  18. M.H.

    diesel spam

    I just buy these when they are on special https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/penrite-penrite-hpr-diesel-15-engine-oil-15w-50-10-litre/123726.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw-5v7BRAmEiwAJ3DpuDDvx548tQl1dfMzK41q_chfYvEaeTyw0EmC4dhss4r84a9z7NQMixoCZtMQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  19. Let me know if you want one laser cut
  20. Yea definitely, shiny straight land rovers look so wrong
  21. I just started this weekend on my ct9050, hopefully can get all the bits in time
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