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  1. what brand would you prefer !!! a fella i know is getting them in, and i guess others will be too, unless they are not in fact Chinese, and are made in a by his clever brother in UK?
  2. smokin'joe

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    i'm calling your bluff , Mr Ritchie. you want to savour the flavour of the DoBro snags at Riversdale butchery. BTW, when do you head back to the pig island ?
  3. smokin'joe

    shock insert rebuild

    i wanted a price for 350mm long, 180lb/in coilover springs and Bilstein inserts. Chris was adamant i needed to send the entire unit up for him to measure and fit, then charge a 're-valvling fee for an off the shelf part. have also heard some of his rebuild parts are not the real deal, but merely a knock-off
  4. smokin'joe

    shock insert rebuild

    @idealneil........ Techneil in CHCH. does real rebuilds up to WRC spec. after the limited contact with Chris at Suspensiontech i wouldn't waste my time with thim
  5. smokin'joe

    shock insert rebuild

    good in theory, but use heavy grease on drill bit to avoid ingress of swarf, weld a threaded insert on there so you can change the oil grade if to soft/ stiff
  6. good work on the bonnet, mine was in better nick, but was told it would be $1500 to get real good again!!, maybe i didn't need the spendy one from Aussie ?? radiator looks like CR39 Liteace van (can measure one here for you) , but the EA82 Subaru Leone had a similar one from memory
  7. @cletus , what's your take on the legality of a non-welded twin master set-up like this : as i am going with Wilwood 4-pots on front of Levin, i am thinking a bias system will be easier to tune than mucking around with M/Cylinder sizings . Fanx
  8. smokin'joe

    Welder buying spam

    might as well be. i'm not fit for public display
  9. smokin'joe

    Welder buying spam

    funny you should mention my common mistake !! went to weld up the crate on the scrub truck, and realised i done it again. just as well the bottle was only 1/4 full, and the refill is free on the BOC Home D plan
  10. smokin'joe

    Otago/Southland Meat discussion thread

    you pissing off to live back in the pig-island ??, or just a seasonal excursion ??
  11. smokin'joe

    More shit I don't need - Car Pickup in Dunedin

    when are you looking to by and what is it ? you may be able to pick me up on way through, or borrow my trailer if it fits............ providing it is when i am in the Catlins
  12. smokin'joe

    Trailer brakes

    should be easy enough to re-kit them, as they will be a generic piston/seal i'd be more concerned about the wheel bearings, as the Trojan ones on my trailer were MK2? Zepher and were over $400 per hub to replace, if they were obtainable
  13. cheers, found that last nite, and i guess if everything is mounted as close to original bumper line, it should be ok. some of the ones i have seen, leave a lot to be desired
  14. @cletus does a winch bar need cert ? did search on here, but no result. fanx
  15. smokin'joe

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    would repower to suit. can't be any more gutless than a HFZ !