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  1. Went for a cruise with the family on Fathers Day. Lost a hubcap. Guess thats a sign to go capless. Took out a rear spring to send to Chamberlain Auto Springs. Getting them to make some new rear springs with a 3" drop.
  2. http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-ca ... 627434.htm It doesn't help that the wagon has 70 profile tyres.
  3. After some research I discovered that GM A-Body cars (such as Buick Sportwagon, Chevy Chevelle etc) have front suspension designed for safety (read understeer). So as the suspension moves up positive camber is created. So it would not be ideal to lower the front end with springs. So the best option is drop spindles so the geometry isn't affected. I got some 2" drop spindles from USA. Were about a quarter the price of the same on Trade Me. Thanks to Dad for getting these and Kelly for bringing them back in your lugguge. Here you can see the difference between a stock spindle and the drop spindle. Before and after So at the moment we've got some 70's rake going on. The plan now is to get some springs made for the rear to drop it 3" and cut half a coil from the front springs to lower another 1". It has air shocks in the back, which is handy, but the plastic pipe is split and leaking so I'll need to find some more pipe somewhere.
  4. Just got some 2" drop Spindles for the front.
  5. Next job an the list was to polish the front bumper. It had strange corrosion on it that looked like it was running down the bumper. Thanks to Fletcher for helping me wash this huge wagon. A bit of time with some AUTOSOL and a MOTHERS POWERBALL MINI the bumper came up better than expected. At the Palmy swap meet (in Feilding) I came across a 1970 BUICK SKYLARK SEDAN. This is the 4-door version of my wagon. As you can see the wagon could be lower.
  6. If it had a mitsi motor in the back it would have oil leaks at both ends!
  7. Has a quady on a stage1 manifold, headers, flowmasters. It is surprisingly economical with the quadrajet. No third row seat. There is a huge compartment under the floor.
  8. I dont think I'll make it this time, but what's the deal with the meet? What do you get up too?
  9. So, 1st job on the list, after a good check over and an oil change, is to flip the tyres. Who has BFGs on an old car and hides the raised white letters? Then I got the rear (electric) window working so I can open the two way tailgate. I dont think it had ever been opened down but good old WD-40 saves the day.
  10. Build Thread: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/33836-alltorques-1970-buick-sportwagon/ Comments welcome.
  11. Here is my new family wagon. It is a "mid-sized" A-Body Buick Sportwagon. (Similar to a Chevy Chevelle) High compression Buick 350 I used to have a WB Holden Ute, but the family expanded and I needed more seats. I ended up swaping my ute for the Buick The wagon has a few things to sort out such as get it a hellova lot lower but is generally very tidy. Stay tuned. Discuss //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/33837-alltorques-1970-buick-sportwagon/page__hl__alltorque
  12. Gidday Speeno. I have just joined old school and also have a 1970 Buick wagon, although mine is the little brother Sportwagon. I have come accross this workshop manual in the web and thought it may help you out. http://www.teambuick.com/reference/library/71_chassis/ Im looking forward to seeing some paint on your wagon. Keep up the good work.
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