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  1. Left old and leaky (thought fuel consumption was up) right old and not leaky Gas dripping out of the body / crimped area looking at installing electronic ign this arvo too which I bought off 10-5's father
  2. smoke it anyway, real man would also FUCK!
  3. Image via Facebook group & very little information Well aware this isnt my car but its very similar (Over-riders on bumper) can anyone work any magic & enhance / shed more details on the image? I have reposted it in the 1980's Street scenes group too so will update as more info surfaces (like rust)
  4. Since the new forums can display FB Vids I can share this Video that I remember I forgot about on here now too (never got around to d-loading & yt'ing it etc) 2011 post fresh rebuild of the Current motor & setup (possibly still on Solexes pre-tune) but still heaps fun, also did track day / drift that weekend to this 'motorkhana' was after the trackday
  5. So turns out there's more than a few configurations to make these go Mechaniccal which is what I was used to in my old 78 and ate slowly away at the firewall and seen here in the brown 75 1500 parts car And the Chrysler pedal cable I have, and the blue 76 alpine has the same setup I need repaired
  6. Managed to snap me accelerator cable coming over the Saddle Road tonight right at the tip just after passing a couple of slow pokes so I looked like a right chode coasting and pulling over and up onto a curb Bonnet up assess options and a helpy fellah pulls up and promptly gets stuck in the bog in front of me Think about the choke or kickdown cable.... Went with robbing the choke connection and a Brazilian zip ties we're good! Quick call to Graham Etkins and he's got a couple in stock for around $20 each! Zip into palmy a bingo, not quite what I need (didn't check till I got home but the man is the dude for parts Need a short motorbike cable with lead bit at each end for the setup I've got so should be able to get home and sort it tomorrow
  7. 200,000km in 41 years Not bad. Jpg Tho she's a bit like mum's dad's axe (Swapped Diff G box Head etc Body & Bottom end of Block are OEM etc Tho OCD me is not happy with the crooked 00000's Edit : they have evened out with a few more KM on the clock
  8. ON Nats 17 looks like this that's another 400mile's on the clock or 640 metric KM's Departed Thurs Night caught up with the Akl convoy at Ashhurst, gave @64vauxhall some cream for his special area then took them over the Saddle Road Credit to @Threeonthetreel for that image Friday went and watched them do this out in a paddock so I went for a jaunt down here (I won) Back to camp for din din's & the yummiest Meat soup and some refreshments Sat was Scavenger Hunt day, went & saw stuff and things then back to camp for Prizegiving & Rocker cover racing I placed 4th this yeah after a few tense knock out rounds 3rd to Trev oh yea dressups Sunday packup & group Photos then a hoon into Featherston to catchup / meet a mate then Long way home via a Lighthouse & some cool machines could Just see Max & Furiosa at the wheel of these Birds like it fin
  9. that is so satisfying to look at even the 'failures (shrinking in the corners?)
  10. Things wernt begin captive in the rear since I swapped out the diff so nabbed the shocks to match top set had been in it since I bought it & had never been an issue til now shorter (proper) shock on the bottom i out of an 80's Chrysler Avenger but noticeably an improvement straight away also nah could not be arsed tidying them up, she'll be right : or I'll buy actual new shocks next time
  11. needs more Fosters / ocker beers
  12. I know this is a video of a Disco' but it's related so I'll post here for you rover fiends to enjoy also I like your build and enjoy reading your updates!