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  1. that is so satisfying to look at even the 'failures (shrinking in the corners?)
  2. Things wernt begin captive in the rear since I swapped out the diff so nabbed the shocks to match top set had been in it since I bought it & had never been an issue til now shorter (proper) shock on the bottom i out of an 80's Chrysler Avenger but noticeably an improvement straight away also nah could not be arsed tidying them up, she'll be right : or I'll buy actual new shocks next time
  3. needs more Fosters / ocker beers
  4. I know this is a video of a Disco' but it's related so I'll post here for you rover fiends to enjoy also I like your build and enjoy reading your updates!
  5. Home at last : I dunno how many miles I clocked up! Should do Clac's shortly since last Friday 27th DVK>AKL>Leadfoot>Whitianga x3>Napier>DVK Feb 8th Here's my last pic from Leadfoot, note they updated the Mobil 'livery' Car never missed a beat, used no water or oil that I could tell & a few of the other volunteers there also "used to have an Avenger once" half a tank of gas / 20L from Taupo via Napier to Dannevirke aint too bad i reckon edit : 1000 Miles or 1654km's round trip
  6. So Snuck up to the big A Last Saturday for a Surprise 40th (no not mine or the cars) then most of this week I've been pottering around this place then tonight @BillyTong checked in the campground for duties cooking up to be a fab weekend
  7. this just popped up on the faceballs : relevant to thread? edit : dang link wont work for me / spam? & this guy seems to know his stuff
  8. Somewhere on all this I miss out the part where I bought this from Napier & sold this 80's Chrysler Avenger to a Local mate around 2012-2013 (also updated & edited some lost links, pic's & vids for the new forum software over the past 3 pages) When I owned a Hon-duh Accord (Jesus drove one dontcha know) for a short but fun period of time (sold it the day I picked this car up in the image above) They turned it Orange, not just any old Orange : its feckin' ORANGE!!! (some say my car is Orange : I enjoy a game of "wind em up" & say it's Red) which some will connect with Then not long after it turned turtle RIP 2013 in other boring Avenger news, temp gauge did a dance today & had been running cold so threw the thermostat I had bought in, ordered spare housing & top pipe from Ross ready for next years Leadfoot 2017 adventure "just in case" dreaming of moving the High Beam light and installing a Alternator warning light and a CD player that can eject, and a Aerial that can receive Frequency Modulated Stations discuss :
  9. ditto (ok the wrong "type" but still a cool story)
  10. So I had a bit of a ride on a tow truck last week after a big BANG and a loss of drive, fingers and toes were crossed it wasnt Box related turns out suspicions were correct & this thing had dropped its guts with bonus Spider in the pinion ruining the plan to 'just' swap the head moped a bit then got on with the Brown Chrysler rear end, theory being the Wagon has 4.11 & that's quicker off the mark / better saved for the Racecar job done
  11. I've run out of likes, this is propper oldschool!
  12. Dug ol Whitey out of the weeds last week & had some rad fun this weekend essentially a bunch of guys in a Back paddock, there was a lake too
  13. also from the Rally history group page including the 'crash' My mate Warwick says Bruce Turnbull used to build them in Feilding? or he's confused them with the Saker
  14. saw Images of one of these upside down on the Rally car History Group Page yesterday... link for more discussion & pictures