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Moving truck recommendations, chch

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Bought our first house (woop woop) so will be moving in a few weeks.

Who have you guys used for rental moving trucks? Will be driving it myself, have class 2 but most seem to be class 1 trucks anyway.

Cheapest is best haha.

Chair bowls.


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I used usave on roydvale ave. Got the tail lift also which was nice for a few heavy things but generally just nice to have a big step halfway up to the truck.  Cant remember rates. 

Also, I have 1-5 license if you can borrow a big truck but need a driver etc. Would need to be a weekend though. 

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Pretty sure the old man used O'neils out waterloo way. When I priced up a box trailer etc it was actually fuck all more as it would be so many less trips. I was very surprised, hire wasn't high and the per KM charge wasn't that bad either. That was going Akaroa to CHCH. So if you're just rolling in town it should be pretty competitive.


Oh and congrats.

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