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87Creep's 90s projects: AE101, SW20, GF8 WRX


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Got most of the masking done and all panels partially assembled and fitted except the bonnet - which will be next - and the bumpers which will be painted off car. 




Why am I doing this? 
a) I’m painting the panels on the car, and with metallic/pearl you want to paint the panel as it sits. It’ll settle the same way and look more uniform. 
b) the door jams/inners don’t need to be sparkly, I’m sure it’ll look okay if the inners are solid black. Some OEM finishes are done this way with only base coat on the inside. 
c) less overspray to clean up and also saves $$ on clear considering I’m putting on many coats 

inside door jam, I have overspray from when I painted the outer black but think it’s only a bit of buffing and it’ll be corrected


getting there! 


Also sorting out panel gaps as I go, this is future me’s problem 


I’ll get the bonnet on, then I’ll wet sand the roof/pillars/rear quarters. It shouldn’t be too much of a drama that I’ve masked it off, I use a spray bottle and will blow off inside the crevices and make sure the dust is all goneskies 


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Got my panels all on and aligned well enough, I’m happy with them all except for the boot. But that will be taken care of later. 

I forgot that bonnet goes on before guards, I had put guards back on first which cost me some time. But managed to reinstall by myself:


Got to wet sanding, this was helped by cheap compressor parts coming from Ali. I got the compressor working again and it’s a big help being able to blow the water off and see what you’re doing. 


It’s laborious, but it works. One day I may compare/contrast results with using an 800 DA. Sounds like a Barry test suitable for Me. 

A preview of what it could look like using prepsol 


Fortunately the masking didn’t retain any dust/water and held up to being applied first. +1 for quality materials 

masked my front bumper up in a half ass way as I’m not too bothered, it’s a challenge to mask and I want to fit a body kit/lip


Cleaned and masked up 


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To use an American analogy, today was my Super Bowl. “Don’t fuck it up”. Gave it a big sweep out, masked off the walls etc, and got organised  

That’s my paint warming up in a bucket of hot water in the bottom left 

I had never painted with Ali pearl before (I think I’m right in calling it pearl, as it changes colour depending on light/angle) so had to come up with a solid plan. 

OS loves a graph and I’ve never done one before so here goes nothing: 


 Basically, I had to know a few things above and test from there to achieve my desired effect. Which was in the middle of OEM finish and low rider Chicano spec, but more towards the OEM subtle look. Unfortunately I went a bit further than that but first rambling then elaborating. 

I knew that my particles were pretty fine, that 20g per 600ml was a good baseline from previous Subie bonnet test, x2 coats achieved my desired effect. BUT I thought “what if I just get it done in one coat?” As I only had about 6l of clear and according to my (Overestimated) calculations I’d only have enough for three coats in total. So I would do 40g per 600ml and +10% to make sure I hit the target = 44g. 

One coat, less clear use, max grams used, and spray it in a straight line (front guard to rear quarter, no stopping), with the paint cup filter removed, and don’t strain the pearl coat. Also shook the gun every now and then to make sure the particles weren’t settling. Gun technique very important. 

i then made a big list of any touch ups to do, both by gun and then brush. This went well except for me missing one spot on the rear bumper. 

Dust wasn’t an issue at all! Despite my tack rag being dropped on the wet floor and being unable to tack before paint, I had tacked it off two or three times before. 

the big issue was moisture though! I checked my filters and opened my compressor tank often. But it would drip out of my fitting before the gun-end filter. I need to investigate further but I fixed it by tying a rag around where it was leaking. 

The result 

Toxic cloud of doom 


With the light off, checking for coverage 


And at the end:



It would’ve been great if I didn’t get moisture problems but I’ll do my best next post to fix this up. Better to do it on a car like this than a hero car aye. 

Thanks for reading my extra long post! 

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