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Bigport 4age barrys apply here

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yep,  lighter internals,  better head better cams.     You can thank the 4agze for creating the  bigport redtop turd. seems to me they did the changes to suit the 4agze,  then just made the na engines the same with a piston swap.

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Fark wee skidded the shit outa that Blue top, never killed it I remember one Bathurst day being given shit by the v8 boys que a 4th gear on the limiter burnout till both tyres popped.

Outa of interest you wouldn't know were I could find a RWD thermostat housing? The one currently in my shed has corroded into nothing. 

I've been reading a bit on the web about the 4age cooling systems the car I'm doing some work on has no heater so has the rear head sensor block connected straight to the heater water pump feed I'm thinking this could Create a radiator bypass? What's ya thoughts? What did ya do in ya starlet or ya truck?

Awesome videos and info by the way!!!

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no leads on housing sorry

Yeah you are right.   it needs to go to the top outlet,  or block it.  since the water isn't being cooled by the heater core.   I just run mine blocked off if no heater, as thats essentially what the heater valve does.   
some people say the head cools better if return it back to the top outlet / radiator.  but haven't had the motivation to try it myself

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