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Seedy Al's DIY coilovers + Roman's cut springs idea

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On 10/12/2020 at 09:29, a.craw4d said:

A mate of mine made a few sets by using old worn out adjusties. Ripped the guts out and found an off the shelf insert that fitted inside.  Definitely no race spec build but fine for the street.

there is a Suzuki van insert that fits the common jappo coil-overs.

tried to get replacement adjustable-valve KYB inserts, but JIC/KEI office etc get them custom made from KYB


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If you want it roadworthy, check out the LVVTA requirements. They'll have the requirements on a factsheet on their site. Won't take long to find if motivated (i'm not currently) If it's not going on the road, can do whatever / copy Benny's video. Really depends on what parts you can source and the functionality you want.

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These days theres no way I would bother cutting springs to try get a given spring rate.

When it so easy/cheap to get coilover springs anyway.

Usually have an ask around and someones got some tucked away left over from swapping their own to a different rate.

But the point still stands about how a spring works, cutting springs isnt an instant death sentence or blows the laws of physics to smithereens.

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