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1hz turbo conversion

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Any of youse knowledgeable about bolting a turbo onto a diesel NA 80 series land cruiser?

My sis has a majestic shitbox nearing 500,000k and it runs sweet as a nut, manual as well.

We had a talk about boosting it to 1hdt spec using factory stuff but I am not sure how well it would take it or of there were significant differences between the NA and turbo versions.

Whatcha got for me?

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5psi will still at least give it a little gain, so if you can get a cheap enough kit ya may as well. Dunno what the fuel limit on these engines are though so you'll likely still have to.be conservative with the smoke screw.

Not like a dirty old 3L that'll take 30psi and a maxed out fuel pump and love it.

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This is the same shit,   just minus a cylinder.     50% more power on  8psi boost, with a wind on the pump.  no intercooler,  stock airbox.  just adapter r to stock manifold  and some pipes. 1hz looks to be the same deal


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10 minutes ago, Yowzer said:

After half a mill the injector springs and fuel pump will be pretty well flogged if they haven't had a rebuild, that alone will make a world of difference.

A turbo will mask all that beautifully

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1 hour ago, nzstato said:

4xoverland on YouTube has a bit on turbo a 1hz.  A few dos and a lot of don’ts... run light psi and get and EGT gauge.  Thin crowns easy to pop and overheat if not careful.  Result was general improvement open road driving 

i breifly considered turboing my one, but by the time one acquires bits and matches it up, tunes etc, be easier to find a 1HD-T, and sell mine underground


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