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VGs Tiny Squirty Thing - The Chode

Vintage Grumble

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  • Vintage Grumble changed the title to VGs Tiny Squirty Thing - Part Deux

Ok so I've got a bit of a boat boner at the moment. Had a bit of time, so fitted a spring washer and loctite to the bolt that came loose on the steering. I also put a hose clip (will replace with a rope grip) on the steering push rod doofer, so it can't over center. I then got carried away and removed the corner dash bit, and fitted the switches and display to the lower dash, it looks a billion times better IMO. I'll get some flat bar that goes right across the dash welded in, and then put marine carpet behind it.


The other night I started looking at the porpoising situation. The ride plate is about 4 deg up from parallel to the bottom of the boat, which seems wrong. It's also now touching the trim nozzle before it gets to the bottom of it's travel, so I've pushed it up a bit in the last outing, but not much.



Unfortunately it's not adjustable, it's welded in, and i think the bent tube is bending. For testing purposes ima cut the tubes, bend the plate down, and ram something in the gap. I'll make a whole new set up if it fixes the problem.


I was thinking about wedging the unit down to help, but noticed it has a wedged plate on it already (bolted to the adapter) it's roughly 12mm thick at the top, and 8mm at the bottom.


Bonus Sharns:

This thing puts the idle up if you input steering, so it actually steers at idle. I'll look into doing away with it at some point.


The ECU also runs the bilge pump occasionally, to stop your jet ski sinking, also sort of pointless in this, as it's got a big dog auto/manual pump, so will also remove that at some point. It's also not connected to a hose at the moment, lols.


I'll just have to work out how to keep the ECU happy when removing them.

Regards, VG.

P.s. if anyone knows anything about unit and ride plate angles, please school me.

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Talked to the old owner the other day, he had problems with porpoising when he originally built the boat, took him ages to work out, but it was the nozzle being forced up by the jet blast, because the trim cables outer sheath was moving (due to not having the correct clips, it now has the proper morse clips). So I checked this, but its solid as a rock. So I've cut the ride plate supports, jammed 12mm of flat in there, and it's now basically level with the bottom of the boat, and the trim nozzle can go alllllllll the way down. I'll find out on Sunday what effect this has had. It will start bow steering if too much, which is also bad. Once I find the sweet spot, I'll make a new plate and supports, and I'll make them GRUNTY AS FUCK.


Bonus Sharns:

Weirdly, this boat has not only electrically actuated trim, but also reverse! I'll probably go to manual levers for both at some point, as being able to go in and out of reverse quickly is very handy, and currently there's no indication of where the trim nozzle is at.

Regards, VG.

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So had a bash at J5s private wet spot on Sunday, and the porpoising was nowhere to be seen, which made boating much more pleasant, and VG very happy. BUT on the last run of the day the porpoise returned, turns out the actuator end of the trim cable is only held in place with a hose clip, and had moved (I thought the last owner was talking about the unit end, DUURRRRRR) so i've ordered the correct morse cable retainer to secure this. 

I'm now trying to decide if I bother making the ride plate any wider or longer, or just put new gruntier supports on the current one? A longer one would protect the unit better, but would also get more of a hammering when running over shit. Hmmmmmmmmm.    

And seeing as a boring update is even more boring with no pics, a pic of the manual reverse/trim lever I hope to get, I just need them to make it backwards (my boats RHD) and for a 30 series cable on the reverse rather than the 40 they use. SO PRETTY.


Oh, also I was way too excited about getting this doofer, a cam cleat, to hold the bow rope, no more tying it to the hand rail!


Regards, VG.

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Went up the WHK, wasn't a lot of water, it was neat.

(Phone vid from inside waterproof case, so looks a bit weird)

Also, turns out you need more than 20mm of water to boat.


New high score on grate rocks too.


Very keen to go waaaaay further up this bugger one day.

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  • Vintage Grumble changed the title to VGs Tiny Squirty Thing - The Chode
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Ol mate of mine is down from Aucks, and was keen to go for a bash (which we did, unfortunately) so we did the dam to dam run again (Matahina to Aniwhenua) all went well on the way up, apart from bad porpoising again, due to ride plate being bent up from rock bashing the last few outings. On the way back my steering failed again, praise allah it was just after the gnarly rapids/pressure waves, but was about as far away from the car as possible. The dude that built it, had used a 3mm bit of ali angle to hold the end of the steering cable under that dash, and it sheered off. I managed to loosen the remaining bit of angle, and wedge the edge of the bit connected to the cable under it, then do it up. I added a cable tie to try stop it popping out. Amazing it lasted the trip home, but it was a bit nerve racking driving back thinking it could fail at any moment. We hit a few things as I was scared to do sharp steering movements, or go too fast, but we made it back.



We hit a few things we shouldn't have hit, and I made a few poor piloting decisions, which has led to some hard hits, and  some of the worst welds letting go,


I've also torn the UHMWPE by the intake, which is a bit of a pisser, not sure how I'll fix this yet,



Also, this bit protects the bow/keel/join in the UHMWPE (I dunno boat bit names) and I made a mess of it last weekend (ref: above video)


So I have lots of things to fix/upgrade/rearrange/maintain now, so might take it off the road/river for winter and get to fixin!

Regards, V "fuck that's a big rock" G.

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