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D.P.N.S the other mk3


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just waiting on some wristpin circlips ..

then I'll be able to put the test of the bottom end together. 

pistons cleaned up , all rings gapped ,oil squirters cleaned and pressure valves checked.


the crank is all in now and turns nicely (that's a relief)20220723_134904.jpg.407e1aadc5babd76d3facf75211d5505.jpg



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wrist pin circlips turned up the other day.



I then managed to put the rods and pistons together.   and just using the old bearing I put the piston in and marked where and how much I need to clearance the piston skirts for the oil squirters...

once that was all done I put new rings and bearing in.... lubed her up and put them in for good ..as well as the squirters.





I then did some more measuring and just just using a 1mm (compressed) head gasket with 92mm bore (might be able to find something else). and working off what the internet says the head combustion chamber is(haven't actually measured mine yet)..

that put the compression ratio at 8.622-1 .. so will take what I need off the head to bump that up to 9-1 or 9.5-1.



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also dug out some bits and mocked another motor up as my nephew asked me to have a play with a sc14 he bought .. (also something I've been die to play with for years now).

just slapped a alternator bracket on the intake side and put a bolt in to hold the SC .... all ways looks bigger on the motor..

I'm thinking .. mounted on the intake side , fixed vbelt pulley (not sure on size yet). side draft carburetor  and pipe into factory manifold..20220724_133351.jpg.fd8c6a33d54875c9e04b79b670d645b9.jpg





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On 01/08/2022 at 20:01, BlownCorona said:

ive got a pretty nice party pulley that came on the crowns sc14 and made like 17psi. since the crown wasnt intercooled it just made heat and no power. 

could go good on this...

is it muilty ribbed (Pk I think) pulley?.

not sure if I'm going to put a fixed V belt pulley on yet..

just need to work out  a decent pulley size..



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so some stuff I ordered for my motor has now been lost somewhere in the world ...so I'm a tad over it now..


so decided to play around with the supercharger (for my nephew)on a spare motor..
1st thing was to take the inlet side pipe and put it on the outlet side (just slotted some holes and removed a stud for that).
made some basic mounts and plates to be able to weld to.
sorted a location infront of the inlet manifold  and above the dizzy.(will need to go a little higher)..
now the outlet can just go to pipe straight onto the inlet manifold (where carb was). join them with a silicone joiner.
Going to run a side draft on the intake side of the sc14 (actually thinking SU carbs).
found a twin belt crank pulley  from a sierra (timing marks are the same ).
going to run a v belt so on the hunt for a late 80s early 90s sigma/magna aircon pulley..
and will make a tensioner.

as for my motor .. parts I ordered are now lost somewhere....so I'm a tad over it.














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