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D.P.N.S the other mk3


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I managed to get the wiring in the boit sorted (apart from fuel pimp ...do that when I wire up the ecu).. but thats all the main car stuff done....from rear lights to bulk head connectors...

cut some wood to cover the wheel well (still needs to settle a bit). sub and amp mounted and wired....rear speakers/lights wired... battary box mounted (just need to get some new terminals   then can add amp power and boot light power to them).

and new carpet in...20220129_184314.jpg.dd8412ea7c399110a8afe8a144f82991.jpg

I was hopping to be onto engine bay main wiring by February and it looks like I'm a few days ahead....been a lot of work and hous so far but I'm stoked...this is the most complete this car has been in 27 years (as far back as I could trace it)...

also some evening shots ...rear lights working . oldschool carrozzeria speker lights and dash with LED bulbs..







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my mate Nismo-Capri has been playing with 3d printers and made some very cool things... 3d printed  all of his brake mounts and adapter to try before have them machined up.....its pretty bloody cool.

he has also been making center caps for the lads .... I did have some original Cheviot center caps but I sold them as people have a tendency to steel them any way....
so I had a simple design in mind  and after about a dozen trues for fitment .... we went pushed in from that back and nice and simple design.

quick paint and they look perfect for what I need..

once again tha ks Nismo-capri...20220130_122312.jpg.3a3be2244df4ed6762752ba8ff570a6b.jpg





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famous last word...ay
" put the dash back together for the last time".

1 fucking wire ......1 fucking wire !!!!.
was testing all the wires off the bulk head plugs in the engine bay ... and the starter wire ...
I forgot to plug one end in...  so out it came.

but on the + side I've made a start on the enginbay harness ... i am getting my head around it and I am integrating the water pump wiring into it aswell as new relays for  starter , fan , low and high beam..





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little update.

dug out some starter motors and got 1 of them to work ....( and work every time I tried).

I also did wiring wise....
*bulk head power connector to starter
*trigger to starter
*cortina oil pressure
*cortina temp.
*bulk head power connector to ALT.
*ALT light.
*passenger indicator
*passenger headlight connector
*passenger park light
*engine bay light switch

and if I'm 100% honest those who know me know I Claim be a wiring retard .....but I have got me head around it and I actually find it quite therapeutic.... .. must be the whole puzzle solving thing.




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ok..... got the rest of the engine bay loom done  and tested..
*headlights , park ,low and high beam.
*electric waterpimp 
*waterpump sensor.
*new relays for starter, fan ,low beam ,high beam.
... then I taped some bits together and tested again... then wrapped in loom tape and ...um tested again..
then put it where it needed to go and tested once more... I'm happy with that....

so I started to put things back together...

one of the first things is the oilcooler ..I had some old hoses joined together so I replaced with new hoses..

then put shut back together. .

is is actually starting to look like a car and is more complete than it has ever been I'm over a decade..

brakes next I think.














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so here is the brake situation..
I have handbrake and cables in the car .
I have a brake pedal in the car.
I have a mk3 booster with no master cylinder.
I have an aussie diff with drum backing plates...
that all that's in the car at the moment.

I have a mk5 master cylinder and booster.(pulled from a car that was being used.).
I have front calipers (pulled from the white mk3 ...but in actual fact that sub frame was originally on the black car ). and some hoses and pipes.. ( the pads look brand new but I don't think the calipers have been rebuilt).
I have aussie  drums (way bigger than the standard ones).
I have new aussie shoes.
I have new aussie rear cylinders
I have caliper rebuild kit.
I have caliper spacer kit (for 2.8i vented discs.... don't have them yet).

but that's it so far.











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the rear drums are in a bit of a state but are also the only ones I've got..
I did consider vapor blasting but thought fuck it a few hours with a wire wheel and some 80grit sand paper and it should be fine..

also crawled under the back of the white mk3 and stoke the brake lines from the diff ... and cleaned them up as well.












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another small but messy job done.
pulled the calipers apart to clean before rebuild..
the pistons were stuck sold....air would even make them twitch..
so pulled the apart soaked them in wd40 and slowly used the socket truck with FBB.

cleaned up nicely..all galleries cleaned out and a quick paint.


on a side note good job the piston look newish. and will clean up well as the rebuild kit I bought last year from ebay....( should have bought in nz like I dud last time)..... is completely wrong.

so just need to find some seal kits.20220209_152643.jpg.4a1afa7e088f5b4d9437d928884c0a53.jpg







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my nephew has gone away for a couple off weeks so I got him to drop the old mk5 off 1st .. so I can give ut a full service after motor build.

also new battary  , new cool ,new points ,new oil filter , oil and plugs  gapped them more on the hot side ).

old girl starts first turn of the key now and probably goes better than she ever has..

wof booked infor tomorrow... only did 34k from.last wof to him killing motor.




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made a start on the brakes this morning.
* got the rears drums all assembled 
*diff mounted brake lines blown out and mounted.
*handbrake cables in and handbrake adjusted.
*chassis rail brake line blown out and mounted.
*new rear rubber section to diff mounted.
*mk5 master cylinder bolted in .( had to use the mk3 booster as the mk5 wouldn't fit with turbo manifold) will need to male a heat sheld......I did think about going remote booster but a heat sheld seems easier and cheaper. 
* rear line from master to chassis line done..(that's full rear brakes in now).
* front calipers rebuilt with spacer kit for vented discs.
*new 2.8i vented discs all mounted ( a massive that to my mate Bogan for the discs  it is greatly appreciated mate......thanks you).

just need to sort out the little lines from calipers to brackets.... they fucking suck and I'm sure I can make it simpler setup..
then bolt them on and make front lines.












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I need to get a couple of small bits made at safe R brakes and then I'll be able to put the calipers on.

but very had a chin spoiler sitting on the shelf that I was going to make try and fit the other mk3.... but thought I see how it looks on the black mk3....
Glad I did .... it needed some trimming to fit and is solid and held on by 5 bolts... great fit .

it's not for everyone ... I like it.






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the small jobs done are still jobs done of the big list of shit to do...

*boot rubber done ( strange enough I found what looks like a new one that's maybe sat around a while.... so if you have left your car at mine and arr
e missing a boot rubber...... try bunnings or Para rubber.)
*LED number plate light on and wired up
*rear valance sufficiently bodged (body work is not on the list till car is running,reliable and carted.)
*bumper irons straightened and bumper bolted on.
*number plate cleaned and on...for the 1st time in what I presume to be a very long time


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so one of the things on the big list to do is driveshaft. ..and I've been working on that over the week trying to get it sorted.

I mocked the driveshaft loops up using the old one from the rusty old parts wagon... its a strange one with no big rubber donut  and after the center bearing its a slip joint




it has a stick out locator thing 20220224_155913.jpg.c06977c23e8a221feae1d18b547f3ee1.jpg

but so does the aussie diff flange 


so I've git a mate with a small metal lathe.. so I got him to remove the locator bit and recess it 57mm and 4mm deep.


it's a perfect fit and both outside diameters are sport on .


the holes didn't line up  but did sort of close and the flange is 12mm and driveshaft 10 so I drilled the holes out to 12mm and git some m12 8.8 nuts and bolts.





perfect all done and finished Friday night to go in Saturday morning.........

Well I didn't take 1 thing into consideration............. the driveshaft was to long... aussie diff must have a bigger head.... so fuck me ..back to the drawing board..

I have a few drive shafts 


but I've also put the driveshaft loops in place and now all the interior......and I don't want to remove it all to move driveshaft loops..

so I did some measuring and drew 3 lines on the floor... ( because I'm old and crawling under cars sucks.).

*end of gearbox 

*front edge of driveshaft loop

*center bearing bolt holes.

( nit worried about the rest as its straight forward.....back there).

20220226_101708.jpg.3e792311f884ff1b4e7f4a61e347f2a5.jpgone of the drive shafts was a definite no go but the other one...seemed ok-ish.

so put the one I was going to use on the marks and then lined the other one up ..

diff end


center bearing the same


and then gearbox end


now the DS I was going use was all the way in the gearbox and I noticed if I did the same with the other DS it would pull the whole DS forward... 


the rubber donut would clear the DS loop

the center bearing would move up (not a biggie 


but it would give me about 25m. at the end and that would be heaps


so I welded some tabs to the center bearing so ut can still be bolted up.

and everything thing looks like it would clear and work.




the end of the DS couldn't be drilled out to 12mm as not enough meat .but the holes were close and with some 10mm 8.8 nuts and bolts it would work and nothing would move.


it was a bit of a bitch to get it in there but it fucking worked.

yoke in and rubber donut cleared loop


center bearing bolted up and everything clears 


DS to diff


I also put a new rear gearbox seal in and hopefully sorted the diff leak..... its had 2 new pinion seals in now and still leaks .... interwebs tells me they can leak from the splines on the shaft and out by the nut ..so used some sealant around the end and made a small gasket and the put the nut on.... so time will tell.

also had a play with the front lights .mightyjoe gave me some new parklight sockets and bulbs


and the rectangle lights arnt sealed beams so I git some h4 100w super white bulbs to try


new park lights


new head lights


not bad considering it's day light...


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few more ticks of the list.
*sealed rear lights
*fixed rear number plate light ( power wire was just dead).
*rechecked all the wiring and everything is still spot on..

and also made the fuel feed and return lines.
my mate Simon made a little tool to straighten the hard line ... but I soon realized you can't really straighten 7.5m of line in a 8x6m garage with 2 cars and heaps of other shit in it...
 ended up doing it out side ... used a couple of pulleys to do the bending .. and git it all done....

just need to get some clips to bolt ut to the shell.....  . would have been so much easier if the diff wasn't in.... but fuck moving that out lol..










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tyres arrived today..
I took a pic of them and left it at that.....
then the lack of patience got the better of me ..so I went and grabbed a few beers 
*put the tyres on 
*fitted them with brake clean and a lighter.(1st time for that........apparently you don't need much at all lol)
*made a valve removal tool
*stole the valves out spare mountain bike tubes.
*put them in and blow them up with the world's slowest pump.

but hay tyres are on









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