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D.P.N.S the other mk3


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managed to arrange a mate to dig the other mk3 out and bring it home





i cleaned out all the parts i pulled from the rusty wagon and had a huge cleanup in the garage




its not to bad....small bit of rust in the rear valance ..not going to look to hard had it up on the forklift and the underside looks good....so the plan is to put it together and just rattlecan the bits that arnt black ........black and try and get it all legal and on the road for the new year...... miss driving a cortina or i should say miss having a cortina i can just in any time and go for a drive...so i might just start with checking the nuts and bolts in the rear end and front subframe.....then put brakes on and get them working.....then put a loom together and put that in.

on a side note ...i bought a new daily driver to replace the mk5   (wanted one for agers we almost bought one brand new when we lived in the uk).... kinda glad we didnt as i would have been disappointed with the check engine light coming on everyday lol.

but its a mk1 ford focus st170 ..and its fun as fuck to drive....huge brakes front and back (going to pull off and try on the cortina 300mm front 280mm rear)...quick rack steering ..recaro seats...factory 17s ..close ratio 6 speed and a cosworth played with 2.0 zetec with 170hp....the check engine light never puts it into limp mode so its cool...ive fixed most things but got one more to do...  ...make you want to drive like an asshole. 


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just a small update.

the motor that is in the car at the moment is just for mocking things up ...but will eventually be the motor built for the car...it came from the rusty old wagon and has been sat since 194 and looks to have been never opened so hopefully its standard bore and standard bearings.

so i dragged another motor out from under the bench to go in it and hopefully last till a build a better one...i have run this motor in my old mk5 and it went ok just had some leaks and a tappity up top..


so for the sake of $100 odd bucks ill put a full gasket and seal kit threw it....so i pulled it down to a block with crank and rods and head with complete head.

i did fid the sump full off thick crappy looking oil and the pick up was pretty badly blocked so i pulled the pick up and pump off and cleaned them out.....and then cleaned the cam spray bar as well..

i cleand the gasket areas and gave it a paint (have decided not to go the normal black or ford blue as i allways do.)...painted the block in aluminum sliver.....might even paint some other bits in a anodized purple ive had sitting around for a while..




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well i got the motor ("will do for now motor" completely standard) stripped down and cleaned i did end up checking the main bearings and they seem like they might last a bit as long as it has oil...so thats good.

cleaned all the parts and only ended up replacing all the seals and gaskets...put an old thermostat in it (only done 600ks) i did drill a 6mm hole in the face of it as that seems to help things .

put an old water pump back on  as well as timing belt and tensioner   again all done only 600-1000ks.....re done the valve clearance ..drilled a welded an oil return in the sump (with a small hood over the hole on the inside).....stripped and cleaned the falcon CPI   and then paint it in some wanky wanky purple......i dont hate it and i think it will look good. cars staying black and getting a set of standard wheels with hub caps on it so perfect amount of im a wanker for it...






i got the oil return sorted 


and i also found a water pipe kit that seems like it may work ....the hoses in the cortina normally go..water pump  - heater - auto choke on carb  -inlet manifold...should i go waterpump - turbo - heater - inlet manifold.?


also need to sort an oil feed...



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bit more done on the black mk3...

got the engine bay loom all in ( with new mounting points...all removed by previous owner)..

park.head.and high beam lights work now...wipers.( both speeds.) and starter.

heater is down an earth and no bulbs to try indicators yet...

not bad considering rear half of the loom is missing where i had to cut it ........figure the front out and then make the rear from there

its never had a loom since iv had it and the lights and loom from the rusty old sat since 84 wagon.......make it very steve kings christine like





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well that was an exercise in patience..

I'm not the best with wiring but I do enjoy the challenge and problem solving side of it...

but what I thought would be a couple if hours this morning splicing one loom into the other ended up being 8 hours....but most of that is the fact that no bulbs worked in any of the housings I had....so I had to pull apart and clean every terminal included the fuse holder..

but 3 part looms later....the list of things working is better.

heater , wipers (both speeds....I know flash guy) , dash lights , glove box light , park lights (front and back ) headings and high beam , reversing lights and brake lights..oh and number plate light and horn.

just need to sort indicators out.....got them to work from hazard switch but not from stalk...( horn and high beam work on the stalk........might just be the stalk ).

even got the intercooler in.. (bit tight but once I make some tabs to bolt the rad supports to it will be perfect.











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coil packs ..i went for GM/LS cop (coil on plug) with built in ignitors ..just to get things simple lol

i looked at the motor for hours wondering where to mount them as the throttle linkage is in a funny place and having 4 intakes theres a lot of moving parts and i had to think about wiring as well.

so ended up with this.





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had a few bits turn up...wastegate actuator .. could find a good 2nd hand evo actuator so i just bought a universal one with a differant spring for alllllllll the boost

the only real problem i had was the evo actuator must be mounted real low judging buy the flap arm movement..

so i just cut the arm off locked the flap shut and the welded the arm back on in a better place...then made a bracket for the actuator .







the gauge for the FPR turned up so got that sorted.


and the injectors i was told that evo injectors will fit the gtir fuel rale and work in the manifold well.

so i found a set of denso 800cc injectors for an evo 1-8.

they are 2nd hand but have been cleaned tested and flow matched and come with new plugs and was less than a 2nd hand set of untested factpry gtir injectors.





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small job done as i start finalizing things as it goes back together in the car getting ready for wiring.

IACV idle air control valve ...this is something i wanted in place ..so i found a factory GTIR one but it wasnt working so i pulled it a part and cleaned it and now its good...nice and simple 2 wire on off job.

it has another like pressure switch on it as well that i dont need but when i removed it it allowed air to bleed ...so i just put it back in.


it has 3 pipes and1 is just a constant air flow 


so i cut it off ..jammed a bolt in the hold ..cut the head off and added a bolt through the side to keep it all in place....works fine.


and just using stuff i have around the garage i got it all together ..its not the prettiest . ..but it is on the underside of the manifold .




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