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D.P.N.S the other mk3


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pulled the crank and cam triggers  off..
from what I've read and other have confirmed the 36-1 trigger is really hard to sync with a 36-1 crank trigger...
so the car runs and even if I unplug the cam sensor it still runs as the injectors are being group fired.. but I want sequential so the answer is to have just 1 tooth on the cam trigger ....
so I'm just going to cut another 34 teeth of yhe wheel and go with that..

once I have the rigger sorted and the intercooler piping (ordered today) in place then I'll be able to start tuning it properly...

but she runs.... huge weight of my shoulders.




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had bits turn up for the intercooler piping.. just had to male a flange and weld the piping where I needed it from the turbo outlet.





so apart from the speedo cable and hose for overflow tank that's everything that needs to go in the engine bay......its bloody busy in there now.




was doing a wee bit of tuning today and getting the motor upto temp ..

then when I shut it off and had lunch.. come back in the garage and found this



so it looks like the motor is coming before tuning now..

I'm not sure if it's anything major or just some leaks... the motor is an unknown and didn't cost me much $$$$$ it was only to get it all set up and tuned ..

put I'll pull it and see what's what and go from there.

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took a couple of hours ...but the motor  ame out.. not all that hard and mostly complete.

there are a few things...leaking.
*both sump and rocker gaskets are weeping ..(rear of the sump seems pretty bad)( left rear of the rocker cover is pretty bad.)...may be another reason for the sump gasket ....get to that later.
I did put a full gasket set through it in October 2020 but it's sat dry till about a month ago.
*the clamp on the oil return had had slipped down and so had the hose and kinked it a bit (not sure if it's enough to stop oil flowing..maybe another reason for that ...) also might need a restrictor in the oil feed line
*oil on the block from the crank breather (may be another issue causing that )
* the main thing is I lost about a litre + on the floor..the oil cool and lines were full... and I only put 4l in.... and drained 5 out...that smelt a lot like fuel... so I think the 1st few days of fucking around with ecu setup ..it pumped so much fuel into it that it filled the sump... enough for the gasket to leak....the turbo drain to be blocked ..

so replace a few gaskets and try again...

there are a few things I wanted to do anyway and would have been easier the motor out... so 2 birds 1 stone.












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few .ore bits done..
*battary box mounted ,factory jack and a wheel brace and boot cleaned.
*passenger door on , door card cleaned and also put on door (need to find a set of oldschool-ish speaker covers to cover the holes).

*sump back on motor with new gasket..
*new oil Drain from turbo done.
*tightened all the bolts around the turbo I struggling get up with motor in the car.
*made the block breather fit better and now it sealed
*put a bracket on for the dipstick tube.

*pulled the coolant temp sensor out of the ba k of the head and put a new frost plug in...   it was a good idea but a pain in the arse ti get to and when I pulled it out you could see it was starting to weep any way....
Could find anywhere to put the temp sensore other than where tha bung is at the rear of the exhaust side of the block..(will need a small heat shel).. I no its not ideal to have ut in the ocean and head is best ... but it's not really doing much ..the electric water pump has its own temp sensor in the top rad hose and that controls pump and fan (takes care of all the cooling ).













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well that might be the end of that ... for a weee while .
put new filter and oil in today... topped up the coolant..... fired her up and she is KNOCKING  her poor brains out.....

I can continue putting things together ...
and maybe see what the other motors are like under the bench..... but I don't really have the funds to build a motor at this point....


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  • 3 weeks later...

so things have slowed down a bit now.

was trying to get it all drivable for end of October but I was also hoping the motor I was using to set it all up ......would last ..

so wasn't factoring in a motor build . I could have found another running motor but I would have had swap the head over anyway (this one is matched to adapter plate for inlet).. and it would probably need a gasket set ... so I may as well build one....... and then I thought if I'm building one I may aswell build the one I want..

I wanted one with standard bore to start with.. and out of the other 3 motors I have I have 1x 2.1 bottom end 1x .50 over bottom end and 1 that will need crank ground as run bearing had fucked it ....

so the last motor was the one in the car ......out it came


pulled it apart and pulled the head off...so far so good .. original size SOHC pistons . (what a great sight).


so at the moment I'm just doing a whole bunch of waiting ...for funds and parts.

but in the mean time I have stripped and cleaned the block and it looks good (gave it a paint ) but all in all damage was only to big end bearings.

gave the block a quick hone and it looks good ..will give it a better one once the postions arrive and I can put a rod and piston together and see if I need the block decked.






I'm also going to have a go at porting a head myself ... I have a few heads and it turns out the best casting and condition is the head off that motor .. so I stripped it and bolted it to a mates stand (just waiting on some carbide burrs and I'll get into it).


so the plan is standard bore and stroke bottom end ,forged rods,YB cosworth pistions ,under pistion oil squiters (still researching that).higher pressure oil pump, cosworth 1.3mm head gasket , ported polished head ,bigger valves, and I'll have a talk to mate PK at kennelly cams to see if he can work some magic for me...

so just waiting on parts , money and researching 

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