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the process you mentioned for deoxidine is correct except ive only ever used water not metho, the protective layer is minimal and wont hold up if the car is left outside overnight. if the deoxidine goes powdery you havent washed it off enough before drying. if the manel gets a rusty orange haze you havent dried it fast enough, you are after a rainbow haze over the bare steel

best to strip, send to blasters. get it home. spend a whole day with a vacuum and an air gun. then deoxidine, then lay some quality etch yourself

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Hi 1vaknd. 

Thanks for the info.

The blasting guys will be painting it in epoxy after blasting using Carboguard 504.


So I need something that will keep the metal "clean" of rust while I work over the car until it is at the point that it can go to the blaster. They reckin that while blasting if there is any surface rust they can just "sweep" over it and it will be gone so heres to hoping.

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I stripped all the large flat panels, and a few other bits, with the 3m strip disks (great for chewing out bog) and then cleaned up the panels and wiped on some Keyphos - simple as.
My first shell has been left like that for years with no issue - I've occasionally touched up the odd spot.

I had the rest of the shell blasted by waikato sandblasting in Hamilton with ok results.

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Below is the reply I got from Car colours.


Yes we stock Kephos, it is now known as Bonderite 253 also previously known as Paint Grip.

My pricing is $49.29 incl for 1ltr or $181.92 for 4Ltr

Freight is about $5.

I can draft up an invoice if you want to go head



They were really good to deal with and took my order over the phone.. recommend, would trade again.

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