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  1. Very nice, i do like the 2 door ke20 very keen to see this come along
  2. Funny you mention an English car Alex as there's a silly cheap trumpy for sale here in Nelson I feel a strong urge to acquire but bank account says no..... Unless you want to take a blacktop 4age off my hands for your viva.. Much betterer than some Ford thingy I see on your build and already comes fitted with itbs... But I'm definitely working towards acquiring another os whip in the near future somehow
  3. I'm in chch the weekend of the 17th and haven't acquired another os car as yet so that's me out this time round, but I'd be keen to either tag along with someone if we do bowls or do what I did last time and bring the non os wagon and just park out of the way and hang my head in shame....