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  1. Give me a pm or a text, I think you've got my number, I shall spill all the beans, then when you buy one I can sell you a 4age and you can have the best of both worlds, lush fiat and maximum Toyota doort noises
  2. Did you buy this in nelson? The shed looks very familiar, if I am correct is it a sons collection stored St his old man's place? We're they all for sale or were you able to talk him into selling one?
  3. I can't even begin to fathom what goes through people's minds when they try to steal such an obvious car, I mean surely it's not as easy as steal one day sell for parts the next on Facebook without anyone being any the wiser or is that just flatpeaker mentality? Glad to hear they didn't get away with it but sucks about the damage caused in the process, least you seem to have a good insurance company which is a help
  4. God I wish I'd never sold my 25, I saw a genuine sprinter with that front on it once in Nelson, never again though, I'll be keeping a keen eye on this, looks like it'll be good when it's finished
  5. So much pine...... I've always wanted one of these but never managed to procure one, would I be a cunt if I said the only thing that bothers me is the visible wheel weights? Otherwise it is a fine looking automobile, racks and all
  6. Your wheels make me feel warm inside....... Possibly the best set to go on it so far if I do say so myself
  7. Good score with the turbo Sigma, I've always had a soft spot for these things, God knows why, it's certainly worth swing based on rarity alone isn't it?
  8. so much pine...... looks like a great score, and its red so it mut go blisteringly fast
  9. Just put my NZPC down to write this, congrats on the write up Sheepers, such an epic car and now ive got a pretty poster to hang on the wall, well done good sir