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AKAROA La Grande Auto Show

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The La Grande Auto Show Akaroa 2019 is a car show bringing together a diverse selection of Canterbury's top cars and showcasing them to you!

The event will be held on the 31st of March 2019 at the Akaroa Recreation Ground from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Admission Fees:
Children (under 16): Free
Adult (16 and over): $5
Families: $10

The La Grande Auto Show Akaroa 2019 will feature 160 vehicles covering a wide variety of cars such as vintage, classic, American, exotic, new cars, race cars & pick-ups. All 160 cars on display are handpicked to ensure that a high level and broad variety of vehicles are showcased.

All profits made from this event go to the Akaroa Health Hub, the Akaroa Fire Brigade & the Westpac Trust Helicopter. This event is proudly sponsored by Archibald's Motors Christchurch and Jaguar NZ.

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All going well I will take the Healey there - just need to get the overdrive sorted which won't engage all of the time.

It is only held every 2 years and there was some nice stuff there last time, hopefully the weather is good.

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On 27/03/2019 at 20:59, waspman said:

Make sure you enter before you go, they like to "select" cars, not just have cars turn up,  plus be ready for an early start - like being there at 8am and can't get your car until 4pm

This will be why they only get 160 cars, yet the Marlborough Hospice car show gets 500 in a region with 50,000 people.

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There isn't that much flat land in Akaroa and for whatever reason the organisers seem to want it to be 'by invite'.  Regardless, there was some nice stuff there and the weather was great.  Not so the overdrive in the Healey...


Anyone recognise the white Daimler by any chance...

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They perhaps limit numbers so the reserve has a chance to survive all the leaked oil. If I didn't have to deal with extra traffic on the road to Akaroa I would have popped over for a look.


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