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A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

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They are pretty cheap over here. You could get your reground if nothing is available

Type: Fast Road / Kent 234 


Duration at .017": 280 degrees 
Duration at .050": 234 degrees 
Cam lift: .293" 
Lobe separation: 107 degrees 


Type: Very Fast Road / Wade 140 


Duration at .010": 290 degrees 
Duration at .050": 239 degrees 
Cam lift:.296" 
Lobe separation: 107 degrees 


Some double valve springs and decent exhaust will be required. Turn up the fuel too and you can skim the head for 10:1

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4 hours ago, ajg193 said:

If you ever get a LSD for the rear end I can sell you uprated clutch disks to make it work better.

That's good to know. I do want an lsd eventually. But finding one I  the USA is nearly impossible. If I do get one I will let you know. 


4 hours ago, Ghostchips said:

Weird seeing an O2 sensor on a 4K.

Back in my day people welded diff's.  I would rather pour lead in them. The axle shafts will thank you.

So... what will you do about the rear bumper?

The rear bumper all though being an eye sore will have to stay for a while. It is a nice resting spot for my bum when at the car meets. All though a nice similar style rally bar would be fitting. 

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On 12/02/2019 at 01:05, flyingbrick said:

Love what you did with the front end....but that rear bumper- oh my god.

Wheels look GREAT (the ones that dont need flares)

Hey Thanks!! Come spring time I will get the Celica wheels are polished up and shiny again. 


Awaiting my Milwaukee power tool kit to put in the new suspension. 


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