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  1. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    That's good to know. I do want an lsd eventually. But finding one I the USA is nearly impossible. If I do get one I will let you know. The rear bumper all though being an eye sore will have to stay for a while. It is a nice resting spot for my bum when at the car meets. All though a nice similar style rally bar would be fitting.
  2. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    Oh what i would do for a 4KE race cam. To hear this little motor lump would be dreamy. I am truly jealous
  3. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    I am very happy with finally having a front end back on the Starlet. It looks a lot more like a rally car now. And it is road legal so i can drive it around town. Now that the front end is all together and it has a little sound from the muffler, It is time to get this soggy old suspension taken care of. Parts pile going on next: Replacement Front Control Arms Tie Rod Ends Front Sway Bar Bushings Rubber Strut Tower Tops Replacement Strut Inserts Camaro Rear Shocks Cut the coils a bit and see how she rides. I would love to do all AE86 suspension but I want to see what is possible with the stock suspension. I'm just replacing all the bushings that I can and putting slightly shorter shocks in it. Cut one coil out and see how it rides. It won't be perfect, but it will be far better than what it is now.
  4. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    The bumper is all done and turned out fantastic!! Also slapped on this muffler I had sitting around Video of making the bumper, welding the diff and a little exhaust rumble for you!!
  5. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    Found a great deal on some fenders from Malaysia. Just had to go with it and hope they showed up unharmed to the USA. Threw on the fenders with some ebay fender mirrors. Then painted the headlight surrounds and grill so they match. installed the new front end with some Ebay LED lights. The ebay LED are so darn bright and a million times better than those old H4 lights. SHOP TIME!! After sliding the car around on some snow I realized I need the rear end locked up. It was too hard to predict when the rear end would break loose with the open diff. So I took the little starlet to my friends shop to weld up the rear diff. Locking up the tiny little diff. Now having a custom front bash bar made. Gotta be legal and have a front bumper.
  6. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    Took the Starlet to my Mechanics shop for the rear brakes and spark plugs. As you can see below the rear brakes were caked with nasty old fluid from leaky cylinders.
  7. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    So i took the starlet for a spin in the rain. I mounted the 155-80-13 tires on the back and pumped them up to 35psi. Then found a big parking lot and had some fun.
  8. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    I had seen online that the old Celica/Supra wheels fit perfectly. So after some searching around MT i had a set of them. Man do they look good I may have a problem with rare and cool old school parts. I was digging through local craigslist and found this really cool old 5 star wheels. After getting them home i had to test fit them with the 175/70/15 tires Going to need some flares for sure. Lower the car about 2-3in, add some flares and these would be perfect. I couldn't help myself. I had to stack some drinks.
  9. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    Now that the 4KE is running time to start making it better. First thing to go was the Air Conditioning. Because we all know its not a race car unless it has AC removed. hahaha. By the way this whole AC package is for sale if anyone wants it. Going to the gas station for the first time to fill it up with fresh gas. all 10 gallons of it. HAhaha First car wash in over ten years
  10. A DOG

    A DOG's 83 Toyota Starlet KP61

    So the Starlet had sat for just over ten years not moving at all. I turned the motor over to make sure it wasn't seized up. It moved so were good to go! The reason it sat for so long was the water pump had froze up. So first thing to replace was the water pump Old Teq vs New pump Next was going through the entire fuel system. It was badly clogged from ten years of sitting. i had to drop the fuel tank and clean the out and return lines. Then got a new fuel pump which wasnt big enough and had to go for a bigger one. I also slapped in a new fuel filter. Next were the injectors which were pretty much falling apart as i took them off the fuel line. After getting the fuel system all redone the car still wouldn't fire up. So i started looking at the other wires and found a couple things. One of the plug wires had a nice chunk taken out of it from a mouse. I'm sure that tasted really good. Then i found the O2 sensor was just barley hanging on. After replacing those things i found the dizzy cap had mold growing inside of it. So got me a new distributor cap from Thailand. The car still wouldn't start up. So last thing to check was the timing. And of course the timing chain tensioner was gone. So replaced that and she finally runs!!!!! Parts list so far Fuel pump redone twice Water pump Injectors Fuel filter Cleaned clogged fuel tank O2 sensor Spark plugs & wires Distributor cap Timing chain tensioner Battery All new fluids Front brake pads
  11. Discussion thread :https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/60328-a-dogs-83-toyota-starlet-kp61/ Hello Gents, I have been watching this forum for a while to gather helpful information on this little project car I have. Being in America it is very hard to find parts and proper information on modifying starlets. So here I am to pick your brains for all the great Starlet knowledge you all have. The plan for this little guy is to compete in Auto Cross at the local level. I already have a 240SX drift car, So now I can use this as a grip car. THE BACK STORY The year was 2003, I was a junior in high school in Beautiful Bozeman, MT. My best friend Gabe got this little hatch for his first car. Totally stock 1983 Starlet 2 door with the mighty 4KE motor. We used to drive this hatch around thinking we were Colin Mcrae. Hitting jumps at 45mph and attempting to "drift" turns around town. He was a terrible driver and because of it the Starlet suffered. All four wheels were bent from hitting curbs all the time. So as time went on Gabe moved away and the Starlet sat at his dads warehouse for over ten years. One day Gabe came to town and he said I could have the starlet if I took good care of it. So that is exactly what i did. I picked up the starlet with my trusty trailer and brought it to my dads house. Gotta love that custom wood grill. Nothing like having a park bench for a rear bumper. USDM bumpers are MASSIVE. The rear end is in great shape(thank GOD) The interior was pretty rough from years of teenager abuse and sitting. Missing the center dash vent and the seats were junk. Windshield totally busted from angry child syndrome. Steering wheel has garden hose wrapped with electrical tape. Real Classy. Open the hood and behold the awesome 75HP of the Toyota 4KE! Motor has 150K miles on it. YEARS AND YEARS of dust on the engine.
  12. Any questions or comments please let me know what you think of my project starlet. Starlet Build Thread