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Abarth’s British Seagull


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11 hours ago, tortron said:

Hot damn, bass boat flake on the dinghy plz

Cheers, the dinghy is two tone white and orange,  hence the orange grips for the Seagull.

Forgot to mention these things are insanely well built, probably why they have a reputation for reliability. A lot of it’s made from Brass; the fuel tank, the whole exhaust pipe, pins, nuts and bolts etc... 

Will test it out this weekend so standby for updates

Here’s a couple more pics!




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Thanks fellas, they are really cheap on trademe, people seem to leave them for ages in the back of a garage then sell them in unknown condition.

Its hectic in the wheelie bin at full throttle haha

Runs a hearty 10:1 oil petrol mix so I got some Ipone two stroke oil, smells like strawberry when it’s running which adds to the lol factor.


Is this the next summer OS event; Seagull dinghy races? I can picture the spanies now.



Video inspo!!



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Gave the new paint a light cut and metal polished the chrome down pipes. 

All ready for it’s first test run this weekend! 

Next is to get a number 2 carb needle to convert it from 1:10 to 1:25 oil/petrol mix. And a new seal for the prop.

and one last pic of the prop :) 



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  • 1 year later...

So the seagull didn’t even get an outing this summer. Disappointing.

Problem was that the banjo bolt going into the carb was stripped and leaked fuel everywhere.

Finally got another carb for it, this one is in exceptionally mint condition compared to the old one. It’s actually off the newer model which has the 25:1 premix instead of 10:1. 

A few guys run 25:1 on the older series but at the risk of the older style brass bearings. I’ll give it a go at probably at 20:1 or 15:1 ish.

This time I’ll get some marine grade mineral two stroke as I found the synthetic motorcycle oil oiled up the spark plug a lot. Most likely due to the 10:1 premix and a low operating temperature.

Also opened the head and checked the water passages. Sprayed CRC through out to stop and rust in the iron block. Then gave the block a dose of Matt black extractor paint to tidy it up. 



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Hmmm seems like there is a bunch of sediment in the tank that keeps blocking the main pilot jet as it steadily ran worst and worst in rough conditions and eventually broke down lol.

Rowed back to shore and drained the tank. Ran out of light so I’ll clean the carb tomorrow.

Also noticed it has the worst possible spark plug cap so Ill pick up a rubber one from the auto shop down the road.




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Think I’ve found it’s sweet spot, needle 2 turns down the carb slide. Seems to make the most power.

Raised the motor too which I think helped running but is slides down the stem as you steer. 

All was going well until it got some rope caught in the prop as it was going along bringing the prop to sudden halt with the motor still running full steam. Made a huge grinding sound followed by a bang.

Thought it lunched the gearbox initially but on closer inspection the prop spring driving it had done its job and snapped protecting the prop.






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