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Kicker's CB250RS of nostalgia

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So we set off again and I was on the back of John's bike which was an experience. He had to wear his pack then I had to sit behind it at the back of the seat which wasn't ideal, the pack then started to aggravate an old shoulder injury he had so he was riding fast to get to Westport where we were staying. I was still a bit shaken from the crash so basically shat myself the whole way then shat some more when it started raining and whenever we would overtake someone or hit a fast bend. The rest of the trip went well and the stings never amounted to anything so that was a plus :) 


I got the bike back eventually, swapped out the front end and carried on hacking about the place until I traded it as mentioned earlier.

So yeah, never thought I'd own another until I saw @PastyDynamite was selling hers, plus it was blue which I had always wished mine was. 


At first I resisted but it was futile so a deal was done.

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Then a few more bits turned up




Then last weekend the bike appeared at my garage thanks to Goat's Hoarding Delivery Service.

It looked in great shape, PastyDynamite had done a great job tidying it up from its original state after being in storage for 10 years.

The battery was low so I gave it a charge then tried to start it. It fired into life after umpteen kicks and ran erratically and would die when the revs were low. I whipped the carb out and gave it a clean, I found the pilot jet was a press in type, some vice grips got it out and it was completely blocked with old fuel residue. Cleared it then bunged the carb back in after checking float height and mixture screw settings. One kick and it was running way better, adjusted the idle speed and once warmed up settled into a nice tickover.

I adjusted the steering and chain, removed the centre stand as it was touching the chain when up, checked everything was tight and set off for a first ride.

It ran well, might need a mixture tweak and brakes felt a bit vague but handled nice and the engine ran smooth. The exhaust is fairly loud so hopefully revin man doesn't mind :)

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I had a nosey at the brakes today, they felt a bit weak even though the master was new and it's running a braided line.

The master didn't have its size on it anywhere so pulled it apart to measure the bore. It was 14mm as the manual states it should be so reassembled and bled it up again and got a nice firm lever. Next stop were the pads, they seemed a bit grubby, well worn but still some life left. I'll swap them out but until then I just bunged them back in after a clean and a wipe down of the disc.


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Went for a longer ride, brake still feels a bit weak so will definitely try new pads next.

Also gonna make some removable baffles for the exhaust, it's pretty loud which isn't too bad but it reverberates around inside my helmet :)



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I bodged up some removable baffling today, just need something to get through a revin. I found an old towbar bike rack offcut was a perfect fit in the exhaust so I cut off a couple slices, welded a cap and a nut on then drilled some holes. After that it just needed a hole in each muffler for the bolt that holds them in but not before jamming some mesh and stainless pot scrubbers in :-D Sounds good


After that I sorted something I also had to do on my first RS.

One sunny Saturday afternoon in mid to late 90's Totara Park I caught up with some mates at the fish and chip shop. We were talking shit and having a feed when one guys older brother turned up, straight away he was all "can I have a hoon on your bike", I said na but he kept on and eventually I relented cos he was pretty cool and would buy us beer. He hopped on and eventually got it started, then the fucking dweeb immediately loses control after dumping the clutch and bins it on a patch of grass. The bike was ok, the only damage was a bent rear brake lever which I got straightened. The lever on the new bike was also bent but nowhere as bad, just a tweak that meant it was touching the engine sidecover. A bit of heat with the torch and good as gold, not perfect but more importantly, not touching.




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