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5 Speeds options from 4 Speed Manual


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So did a bit more of this on the weekend (Image from last year)


and now I have half the forward speeds in the white car, my original 1300 4 speed, which is now behind the 1600 TC 90hp donk

options for 5 speeds? other than the usual Sierra type 9 (almost bolt in)



Ford Type 9 5 speed gearbox overview


The Ford Type 9 gearbox is Fords first 5 speed rear wheel drive gearbox. Based on the 4 speed Type E gearbox it is a popular 5 speed replacement for kit car builders. Most conveniently come with separate bell housings to can be swapped around easily. As is common with most Ford gearboxes it has a 1 inch diameter 23 spline input shaft. The main gear housing is cast iron with an alloy tail casing.

Common applications

Capri 1.6, 2.0 1983 onwards
Capri 2.8 1982 onwards
Sierra 1.6, 1.8, 2.0

wont be needing cert and have an Auto Bell housing ready to go to maybe get something fab'ed up etc

W55 over kill or fancy sequential all off the cards but happy to daydream a little here

RWD Toyota or something serviceable / future proof MX5 / are becoming unobtainable these days right?

or just stick to the tried & tested Costworth cog swapper

please discuss :P

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10 minutes ago, Threeonthetree said:

Might be best to try and figure out your ideal ratios and then find a gearbox that is close to that. While they may have an extra gear, some gearboxes will often have ratios that really suck, resulting in massive gaps between gears and leaving you off your 35bhp powerband.

Wasn't that a common problem with Ford gearboxes, a stump pulling 1st then a massive gap to 2nd.  Mum's Mk2 1300 Cortina 4-speed had that problem.  iirc Sierra's are the same?

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good question : Aiming for track work in the next 5 years like the RS cup (same but differnt to the 2k cup) or back onto the Gravels or dumb stuff like drift days

I do have a few more 40+ year old spares but that's where their weakness is (age is not an advantage like a Couger), have had it up to 200kph on Stands with the oem Gearbox

top / 4th Gear pull etc

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lol (its deamon tweaked compared to a stock avenger but no not SR20 / 1uz hell fire spitting)

Price / availability? would be neat, we;re allowed to dream out-loud here, I dont think an extra 2 speeds would be any good / the down low torque (or lack of) would make me want to kill myself I fear, its worse than bad Turbo Lag below 4k RPM


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44 minutes ago, smokin'joe said:




  • First Gear: 3.587:1
  • Second Gear: 2.022:1
  • Third Gear: 1.384:1
  • Fourth Gear: 1.00:1
  • Fifth Gear: 0.861:1

& $200 (currently) on the Tard seems to be going rate



will investigate further! (splines & stuff may just make it too hard & spendy but as above clearly I am day-dreaming here)

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39 minutes ago, smokin'joe said:

W-50 has same output as avenger/escort BW box



Often called the "steel-case" transmission for its steel shell, in contrast to the later W-series transmissions' aluminium case. This transmission is mostly associated with early Celicas of the 1970s. It is also shorter from the bellhousing face to the transmission mount than the later aluminium case W-series transmissions, despite using the same mount.


  • First Gear: 3.287:1
  • Second Gear: 2.043:1
  • Third Gear: 1.394:1
  • Fourth Gear: 1.00:1
  • Fifth Gear: 0.853:1
  • Reverse: -4.039:1


& not as cheap on the tard currently $500



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$500 seems a bit steep. wasn't long ago $200-250 was the norm.

i'll have nosey later and get measurements and see what i still have. i want to keep at least one W-50, but god knows how many are in basement. a month ago i found a stash of T-50's i forgot about and a K-50 with 4AG bell housing that i thought i had sold many years ago !!

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