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Blizzo's scoot hoard and projects of win


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Well i decided i wasnt gunna be cool enough with the Dio nifty, and my CT110 compared to the rest on the penny pinches clan on C50s, so when a pretty rough one came up for $100 i jumped on it.

As i picked it up - 

mostly complete except once side cover (new ones on their way) and a buggered legsheild (will get a new one). Shes an early 1969 model, still has MPH on the speedo. I have already written a letter to transport new zealand requesting to keep the black plate when i re register it.

Plans at this stage are

- keep the glorious patina, maybe a nice hard cut and rub on some marine wax to preserve

-Ct110 rims (slightly wider) painted black, with black hubs and new chrome spokes

- get rid of front guard and slight trim / strip of rear guard

- nice new single seat

-nice new leg sheild and side covers

-bar adapter with risers and black bars

-gpx 140cc engine for max wheelies

- will probably find some nice small indicators and ideally want to run an old patina headlight and tailight, taillight mounted off bottom of rear shock along with black plate on its side.

hopefully i dont get distracted / doesnt take me forever to do

Im calling on this thing here for inspiration, except with patina / i dont like the straight bars or twin headlights


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so i have been beaving away and ordered a few things for this, bars and risers are on their way, will make adapter plate soon, no one has a drawing to get one lasered do they?

i picked up this lush old patina taillight / number plate light off the tard the other day


also got the angle grinder out for a few minutes the other day and gave the rear guard a strip and trim, will just leave the spot wel holes / rust patch as is. Unsure if i like it. I didnt want to go staight back to the seam that everyone cuts at, i think the toilet bowl seat models look good with a bit of guard, just a bit weird how there is now a gap right and the back, maybe stretching the swingwarm an inch would fix it i dunno, will play around.

as you can see i also whipped the bars off and front guard. Whats the biggest tyres you can fit on these things? 2.75 at the front and 3.5 on the rear?

Hopefully ordering all the 140 stuff at the end of this week.

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CT110 is pretty much finished so i got started on the cub. Stripped frame right down, gave it a clean and a cut. Came up looking good i think, nice and shiney but still with the rust / patina. Cam has already name her "the rusty trombone".


Its going to get some teflon wax to seal it all off once its finished.

So some parts have been turning up-

YX 140cc with Z40 race cam 15hp motor-


1.85" black rims from malaysia-


Few other bits a pieces too but nothing worth writing about yet. Got the engine mounted in the frame. Keen to stick the flywheel cover / badge onto the side of the engine cover, would be keen on one for each side if someone has one lying around from a dead engine :-)




Hopefully spend a day on it this weekend and make some good progress, deadline for 100% completion / lushness / run in is DGR but would like to get it riding quite a bit before then.

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So a wee little bit of progress on this here scootdog. Have just been chipping away an hour here on the weekends and the casual odd 40 minutes after tea / between dad duties.

Smacked up a hori as number plate / brake light mount out of old spanners, should suit the theme of the bike. These have since had a grind off and a splash of acid and are sitting outside to go rusty.



then next was to make some mounts off the headstuds to hold the oil cooler. Carb will be facing out the side so there is a nice spot here for it to squeeze in between the leg sheild. Man reason for the cooler was a little bit of extra oil capacity as the 140s have bugger all, also the cooling will help for occasional big rides / open road cruise speeds


got the new headlight mounted up and have a nice new LED bulb in it to give it some lumenz, mocked the wheels on to see what it all looks like and im loving it! PPSC represent!



Next on the todo list was the zorst, i ordered a $25 chinga pinga pit bike hi pipe and cut it up as it was cheaper than buying bends, there is a reason these are cheap tho, jesus christ they are shit, the bends are soo stretched they become panel steel spec thickness, so poose, but so cheap, it tucks in behind to clear the kickstart, i just fouls still but i have a motocross spec kick start coming that folds out further which will clear, praise jeebus for aliexpress. the muffler is a super cut down fr80 muffler with pretty much no internals so is just there for looks really / please the authorities, so will be all of the louds.


Getting some bits off russell this weekend at swapmate to get the front end sorted, i have made the bar mount so once front end is done i can sit it on the ground and sort bars, then wiring, then make some doorty noises! max excite


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1 hour ago, Shakotom said:

Giz all of the details on the tyres plz

Mayyyyte most budget friendly tyre ever, shinko 241, they are a copy of a trials tyre essentially and look badass. lots of posties use them. $100 delivered for a pair.

They are 2.75/17. Will look whack on a stock cub rim, but a 1.55" Ct110 rim suits them well, my rims are 1.85". On a cub these clear the forks with like 3mm on either side haha


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they work on stock rims but look like they'll roll off on every corner lol. had them on my FR no worries. pretty sweet tyres. definietely clearance issues but running no front guard and not sacking the balls out of the rear theyre mint

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so with the C50 project out of the way i decided i needed to build another old small capacity honda. cue this piece of shit that i managed to get for a pretty good deal -



Shes a 1973 honda ST90, the big 14" wheel version of a DAX / CT70. These this are quite rare as they were only made for 3 years, and have a strong barry following in the states, so barrys heads are gunna roll when i murder it / how dare you put a chinese engine in an st90

plan is something similar along the lines of this


road legal pitbike spec that does wheelies etc. like the trombone it has delicious patina, think i might get it jizzed on with a few coats of clear this time. will tidy a few things up but the frame will remain patina as.

this week i got a hella deal on an OG 150cc lifan engine that had a shagged cam. these 150's stopped getting put in pit bikes a few years ago in exchange for the yx140 engines like i put in the c50, turns out the reason was cost as they lifan was much more expensive. According to pit bike barries the 150 lifan is as quick as a cammed yx140 and they have more torque / are an all round better engine. this one only cost me $80 and came with a genuine VM26 plunger type mikuni, these carbs are over $200 new. Also came with cdi, oil cooler, throttle and a bunch of other bits. I smacked an order on aliexpress today for - cam, valves, retainers, collets, valve springs, full gasket set, new piston and rings, stem seals, new rocker arms, came to a whopping $79, gotta love china engines.




so yea hopefully get the engine mounted over the xmas break and a few other little bits done, in between rally car rebuilding and house renos anyway. these frames do not take a china / honda engine as they had a weird 3 bolt engine like the SL90s as opposed to 2 bolt everything else. so i need to make an adapter mount which will be a bit tricky (and no, its not the same as early ct90 / c90 etc, they are still 2 bolt). so yea, looking forward to wheelies on this thing.

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so i got a wee bit done to this thing over the holidays. completely stripped it down and gave the frame a cut and polish which has come up pretty good. decided against the clear coat, will just keep it well waxed. 


had some choice vintage style squishy grips turn up for my choice but unknow bars. i thought they were BMX at first but must be off something motorised as they had factory holes in them for wires to run from switchgear


i stripped the lifan150 down to replace the top end, bead blasted the barrel and head and then lapped in new valves and rebuild the head with the new cam, rockers etc etc


it was then i noticed the crank had about 1.5mm of side to side play, the bearings were moving in the case, an indication it had been hot / out of oil, which would explain why the top end was koozed. i went and spoke to a very highly regarded bike mechanic (ex uk husaberg MX team head mechanic and british 250cc MX champ) and he had a look at it and reckoned it use some loctite 620 high strength high temp oil resistant bearing retainer and it would be sweet as, so will go back together with a bit of that.

so i split the case and pulled everything apart as i wanted to give it all a good clean, good thing i did cos there was a bit of yuck alloy paste / old oil in the oil pump and bottom of the cases. nothing a good dousing of brakekleen wont fix


so yea just waiting for a couple of bits to arrive and ill throw the engine back together this weekend and paint it and get it mounted in the bike. then to start sorting the rest of it. i have a big box of bead blasted bits ready to paint, and have polished all the alloy bits so shouldn't take too long from here on.

currently also hoping to track down a 14" pitbike front end, after @Shakotom showed me this photo below im kinda pining having lush front suspension and brakes


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