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a_craw4d's shopping trolley go kart

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5 hours ago, Steelies said:

choice. so many home made gokarts look like ass, this thing has a really cool proportion and style to it! please keep sneaking angrier motors into it over time

Thanks mate.

Yeah I googled shopping trolley go karts before I started this and there were some very average looking ones. The best looking seemed to be set up more like a bar stool racer, with the motor inside the basket part and the seat on top of it.

I wanted it to look as much like a shopping trolley as I could so kept the wheel base snug. Also since it's for the kids they can easily sit inside the basket. I'm a small person and can fit comfortable without the seat.

Next time you're at the supermarket, jump in one to see :)

There is an older build thread on here with the bar stool type setup but most of the pics are now gone.

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oh now i'm reminded of the ol' shopping trolley after some drinks antics, ie getting tangled in a tree after flying through the air.

deinitely a good choice sitting inside the trolley, retains some of the humourous aesthetic of using the trolley in the first place. make potato sack race suits for the kids?

 experiences with a very short plastic wheeled 4wheeled drift thing have left me emotionally scarred, but now i can't stop thinking about shopping trolleys and the wajax 2 stroke sitting in the garage, cheers haha



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You're welcome. What can possibly go wrong? (Enter drunk antics with a motorized shopping trolley).

Lol at the potato sack race suits, Also get one of those kids helmets that look like a water melon.

Other option is dress them as Randy Campbell. :)

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While testing it with the dodgy hand throttle I broke the earth wire and was unable to turn it off. Turned off the fuel and let it run out.

This was good though as it stopped my endless testing and I got back onto finishing it.

As mentioned earlier the accelerator cable is quite short, it reaches to just beside the seat on the right hand side. Plan is to tie it off there with an old bike cable bracket, link it to a bar that runs down the side and hooks onto the accelerator pedal somehow.

Was rather proud of my cable to bar link, drill a couple holes and two hacksaw cuts :)


Probably can't see it very well in the pic. Also hand a blow out on my jandles so had to put on the safety bare feet.

Welded a couple of nuts to the basket for the bar to slide through and poked it through a hole on the pedal. Will see how this works, I do have my doubt's but we'll see.



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1 hour ago, 63Ragtop said:

do it! do it!

mount go pro and post video please!



nice work man, sweet kart.

In my head it's an awesome video with multiple camera angles including front and rear mounted go pros, tyres squeal over a 2 stroke soundtrack and a getaway through the carpark, round a corner and up ramps into the back of a van.

Reality would be a horrendous crash in the isle of value damaging product, customers and myself. Kart impounded and me in court on multiple charges including grievous bodily harm.

And the kids still waiting for their turn.

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Heads up,

this Friday and Sunday paknsave will be closed. So their car park is your own private go kart testing ground.  I used to fang the shit out of the yellow peril around my local one. 64kph with zero front castor. And shit wheels/wheel bearings and tyres. 

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Thanks for all the positive feedback guys.  OS seal of approval means a lot.

Hope to get some footage of it in action this weekend. There's a school just up the road we'll go play at. 

This will be nowhere as fast as yours Bart, I'm guessing 30-35kmh?  Enough for a laugh, more than enough for the kids (for now).

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Still to get some action pics and video but took this up to the local school with the kids the other day.

Bad news: The boy isn't too keen to try it yet. He's a cautious type but once he's ready I'll have trouble getting him off it.

Good news: I had a blast hooning around the asphalt. Has fairly good traction even on the hard tires.

Bum got a bit saw sitting on the bars (I don't fit comfortable with the seat in) and started getting a hot back due to the exhaust being almost against the back. 

So a heat shield and more hooning required :)

I downloaded a GPS speedo app to clock this.  It's no power house but can do a donut, skids and feels fast. Ticking all the boxes.

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