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Mr Vapour

What is this?

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Hello all.

So I got this little gem off trade me.


I have no idea what it is? 2 stroke or 4 stroke. Yay let the fun begin

The previous owner said it has a Suzuki 125 motor, but did not know what the bike was. I think it's a 125 in a 50cc frame.

Looking under it the motor mounts are not factory so the Suzuki motor thing may be true.

The frame code.starts with 4h5 I'm thinking it's yamaha?

So if you can identify the motor or frame please let me know.

In other news I got it home and sprayed some start ya bastard up its ass and kicked it over and it fired up second kick.

So I need to know what it is, a new tank as that one is more bent than a banana.

The bike is going to be used as a display for the blasting business. I'm going to blast every thing on the right had side so that I can show a before and after then display. I'm looking forward to getting it going and blating it around.

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Thanks gents.

Yes it looks to be a yamaha mr50 and a ts/tf motor.

I'm very much looking forward to getting it going. I'm extending my garage at the moment. But in to it over the holidays.

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