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2 hours ago, Vintage Grumble said:

Window net, but no roof? Wat? Puhuhuhu

I know. The rules are that we have to have window nets, but it would be easy for an arm to go vertical in a big rollover. I like having the roof open for an easy escape after a big crash. 

Just now, anglia4 said:

Whats it cost you to run a season roughly??

It's pretty cheap to run for a season. The current set of tyres has done around 8-10 rounds of racing, plus a bit of testing and they're ready for replacement (although the pace was fine at the last round). Brake pads last at least a season too. Fuel is 20-30L for qualifying and 3 x 6 lap races. 

So for a winter series at Manfeild the costs probably look like this: 

  • Entry fees ~ $900 for 4 rounds including transponder hire
  • Tyres - $800 per season if you stretch them out for two seasons
  • Brakes - $500 per season? 
  • Fluids - $200 per season 
  • Fuel ~ $250 (120L of BP 98)

$2650 per season seems about right to me. They're one of the cheapest cars to run. 

Just now, 00quattro00 said:

Are they faster with the roof on?

Probably. I haven't tested back to back with the roof on/off. We kept it as a no-roof class to keep costs down and so the tall guys could build higher roll cages. Hard tops are going for $1500+ these days. 

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