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Suzuki is picking it up tomorrow.

Will see what they say. It would be a struggle to say that my changing the handlebars and rack has voided the warranty so maybe a new frame? Might not even be economic for them to do that by the time you swap everything over. If they want to weld it I'll be asking about how the other more structural welds were inspected

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Bike came back with booger welds and fish eyes paint. So it's back to factory standard


Was going to put the gt200 front wheel on so I have matching front and back. The earlier gn125 Speedo drive arrived and would work but I think it's about 3mm too small in diameter. Not a major, I would just solder up the edge and spin down to size.

The 2019 gn125 wheel spacer and dust cover would also work pretty well, they changed to a 2 piece one and the shield is plastic so it can slide up and down the spacer so would adjust itself to fit. 

The spacer is also close enough to the correct length. The wheel was more or less centered

I put the gn125 disc on the gt200 rim and there's about 3mm difference in offset. It spun fine on the bike. Possibly the wheel could be spaced to correct this (the wheel was perhaps a little out of centre to the RHS, spacing it out would make that worse, if my eyeball is to be believed) or just space the caliper a couple mm.


Anyway. I decided just to keep the gn125 rim. It has extra seals over the sealed bearings where as the gt200 is just roughly shielded from small rocks getting in. Much more adv minded.

Plus the tyre is already on it

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Slow and broken is the theme I'm.going for in my shed. Gotta match.


Really I just thought it would be neat to put a kick start on it (also I have now twice thrown my jacket over the bike and turned on the led lamps and drained the battery, will set that off the ignition as well I guess)

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I bought a standard cam ages ago because I thought they might be selling China qm200 cams as standard rather than gn125s. Which would be a marginal improvement for cheap. No luck there.

Bought a performance cam 20%! Increase !!! Because it sounded like they were actually a copy of the 230 quadsport cam that actually goes pretty well in the dr125. 

Maybe the ones without the rpm gear are, other people have measured them and they have more duration (copy of lt230). I haven't put a degree wheel on it, but measuring off some markings that are the same on all 3 cams it appears all of them are identical



Cheesed because I started trying to buy one since December last year, and finally got one to arrive

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It looks like the standard GN cam may now be the same as the lt230. It has exhaust lift of 0.200" and intake of 0.230


From what I can see online on dr125 and drz's they have both at 0.200 and 200 duration


Need to make an adaptor to out degree wheel on them to see what the duration is (they are all the same) dr200 has 200 and 204, Lt has 214 and 212


I'll be pissed if I've had "the good" cam from factory.



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Maybe $15 pistons are no good?


These were gapped before installation and run with the wideband (though with tuning it probably lean for a few seconds here and there)

Can just feel it with my fingernail so it's not real bad, but have been getting blowby from the crankcase. Bore has visible marks but nothing I can feel, so il dingle hone it. I'll check on a new piston and rings but I think the oil rings have lost some of their spring

Have a new $30 piston I'll put in I guess.


Consumable pistons every oil change? Or is this within the wear limits of a Chinese GN?



Maybe I'm too retarded to work on anything

Combustion chamber is quite black, piston top is a dark tan, exhaust valve and plug are light tan

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Also frig a sack, this is the last time I trust anything on the internet


Gn125s don't have the hole and mounting boss for a kickstart in the crankcaseIMG_20200616_142120.thumb.jpg.b07dbdcf5e81dcbd883adfc3a89d1c81.jpg


So "yeah I put a kickstart in a GN engine" means they actually had a DR engine all along. I should have looked closer at the microfiche for the bosses, but it made sense to me that 1. Why would you make that up and 2. Why would Suzuki use different moulds for what is otherwise the same engine

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I got this gs150 piston. It has a lot more dome so with a gn125 head it's not going to work for what I want (150kit piston is closer to flat and already needs 98)

Would be good with a 200 or 230 head as they have a bigger combustion chamber and people mill them down to raise the compression back up.




Going to clean up and rering what's in there now and add that to my parts il never actually use


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