Truenotch's BEAMS AE86 racecar

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Took the bonnet out to @Archetype's place on Sunday to have a go at wrapping it. We'd used a bunch of vinyl samples to choose the colour "3m Dark Red" which seemed to match well. 


The 3m 1080 film is amazing stuff to work with. It seems almost impossible to get a bubble! 


After a bit of mucking around we had it finished with new vinyl eyelids and "grille" too. We used matte black for the eyelids and gloss for the grille to add depth. 


Got it home and chucked it on - looks nice:


But... The colour is different to what we thought it would be. 


3m obviously has a different colours for the 1080 wrap vs the standard 30 and 50 series vinyl. This is called "dark red" but it looks almost orange compared to the test sample. 

After a bit of research it seems like there probably isn't an option in this range that will match my paint... Dammit. 

For future reference - it's best to wrap your panels on or next to your car to make sure the colour matches as expected. 

Massive thanks to Brent / archetype / Doozi / MotoringEvents for making it happen. The job itself turned out mint. 

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