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  1. Havnt been on here in ages, gotta say nice work, particularly on the hubs! Any more progress?
  2. What struts are you running bro? Can proly sus you the same setup as mine for under that price..
  3. Finally got round to getting a Facebook page sorted for Kermit, for people to follow. Is certainly easier to update quickly. Anyway, check it out and give it like, if ya like.. https://www.facebook.com/zeropointthree As for progress, got the holes all filled in on the front bumper!
  4. Mike at Bamber Motorsport has been busy chipping away getting the last of my fibreglass parts ready. The line up of parts needing fixing/modifying. The bumpers need repairs, and the holes filled in, as Im not using the bumper indicators. The ducktail is off a 240z, so needs to be widened to suit the ke70 boot. And the chin spoiler is too wide to fit properly, so needs to be shortened. Work under way on the chin spoiler, have cut about 40mm out of the centre to get it fitting properly...
  5. Alloy bands on the Longchamps. Steel for the other 3 sets. I got a discount for getting multiple sets made up, but think it works out around $120 per steel band normally...
  6. Haha, cheers dude. Yeah I should actually get another one of the garage like that with a decent camera.. Think Iv got another block sorted now from a workshop. They did a leakdown test and it suggested that there was an issue with an inlet valve on number 4. Im not too worried as long as the block is ok, as Il proly use the head off my last engine. Hopefully sort that in the next couple days...
  7. Moved into new place with a couple friends, and have a secure double garage now. Im waiting to sus out a couple other things to do with the car, so decided to pull the engine back out, as I knew it was going to have to be done sooner or later... Then took it to a mates workshop, pulled it down, annnnnd... Its fucked. Bought another dud engine, from T Parts in Auckland this time. It was rattley from the first time we fired it up, and some of the wear clearly isnt new. So anyway, on the hunt for another block... The head still seems ok, will test it shortly. But the block has some scoring, the pistons are rubbish, and the non existant thrust bearings means the crank has alot of wear too. For now, I want to keep the engine fairly standard. Rob from Kelford Cams is currently making up some custom cams for me, and Willie is going to mill the block a little to bump up the compression, other than that, going to try and stick to factory parts, and see what we can get out of it...
  8. Hasnt been alot of progress lately, with the car being tucked away, and busy with work etc. But have moved into a new place and now have a garage to keep Kermit in, so progress should pick up again. Has been a couple little things happening, tho nothing particularly exciting... My chin spoiler from AJPS did turn up tho!
  9. The Longchamps have alloy bands from Bateman, the others are steel bands from Lovelady. They are heavier, but not as bad as I expected. Will get some scales and actually compare...
  10. After getting all my bands sorted, it was off to Royce Clive Engineering again to have the outer lip machined off, and the new bands mounted up and drilled. Big thanks to Kev, who did another excellent job, and turned them round in under a week. Now to get them all cleaned up and painted...
  11. Colour on, before the clear. Matte metallic looks pretty sweet! Just after Joe finished laying the clear on. Stoked with how it came out, thanks again to The Englishman for his work!
  12. Sooo, last wknd, this happened...
  13. Things have been a little quiet lately, but there has been progress! While I have been prepping other parts for paint, Joe has been busy working on the body. This wknd, for the first time in years, the exterior is all one colour...
  14. Ha, we visited Motorfix about 2 weeks after you did I guess, we were there in early May. Such a sweet workshop, and great bunch of guys!
  15. Well, after years of multi coloured panels, Kermit is off to panel and paint! Everyones favourite englishman, Joe/Roco/Bubblegoose will be getting stuck into the panel work over the next two weeks before sticking it in the booth for the final spray. On the home straight, cant wait!
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