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Found 7 results

  1. Here is my new family wagon. It is a "mid-sized" A-Body Buick Sportwagon. (Similar to a Chevy Chevelle) High compression Buick 350 I used to have a WB Holden Ute, but the family expanded and I needed more seats. I ended up swaping my ute for the Buick The wagon has a few things to sort out such as get it a hellova lot lower but is generally very tidy. Stay tuned. Discuss //
  2. Some people know, even though I've been all about keeping this on the downlow, but it's now time to make it official. I swing both ways, in fact I am properly batting for the other team now, well at least until I rekindle my old relationship... ...behind the wheel of my Commy. That's right, I've bought a Ford. Gah the shame of it all. So, after pulling apart the Commy last year for rust and consequently fucking around for the entire Wag-off season, I realised in November that it just wouldn't be right to turn up to Wagnats in a non-wag of the olden days variety. So I begun the search for an XD Wagon which frankly has always been a dream to own. I found a good looking beast (although it was an XE) in Gore, so I got our friendly southern gentleman Mr Old Man Southern himself @kyteler to take a lazy look for me. He came back with a reasonably positive report and heck I went for it. A few phonecalls, emails and PM's later and it was on a transporter to me in Wellington, turning up right before I went away for New Years. But still I was trying to keep it quiet until Wagnats for a surprise wagcessory. I was pretty successful at keeping it quiet, except for a drunken moment with a couple of jokers where I spilled the beans out of sheer excitement but I kept a lid on it, at least until @Aladdin drove past my lockup for the 30 seconds I had the door open to roll inside my new wheels and the bugger saw it. Luckily he didn't quite grasp the gravity and the rumours didn't go very far. So I bought it and while it was on it's way up to me I snaffled me up a set of Tridents from Hawera and picked them up when I went that way for Bizzo and Lozza's "engagement" party. Got them back to Wellington and the next weekend I excitedly tried them on - but to my dismay they ended up being Holden stud pattern. Even thought they were sold as "Falcon wheels" With Wagnats looming fast, I got out the oversized and seriously depleted chequebook and bought a brand new set of 8" Tridents off the Tard. A few days later I had them and some tyres mounted up and the car was finally rolling (oh yeah the guy sold it sans wheels and had sent it up on 4 different wheels, some held on with barely a thread holding the wheel on. They ranged from a 8"wide 12 slot to a stock Hiace 14" rim and a 16" EF Falcon XR6 mag wheel. Anywho, the car was now rolling and a week before Wagnats I snuck the car under the cover of darkness to my wheel alignment man, I hid it at his workshop for a couple of days and then stashed it at my house, away from prying eyes (my lockup is the entire other side of town) Wagnats rolled around and it had it's debut. Won "Mintest Wag" and Strokers Choice. Both of which I was pretty fucking stoked to win. I've done fuck all to it other than give it a bit of a birthday in the servicing department, got all the wheels pointing mostly the same direction and threw on a set of 14x8" Tridents. It is a solid 7.5-8 out of ten in the body (had a bare metal respray a year or so back) and looks like they did a good job, including all the shuts etc. Running gear and suspension etc is a really good 8-8.5 out of ten, very very little in the way of bangs and knocks when driving along. The motor goes grouse now and the transmission does what it needs to do (oh yeah - this wee puppy is bench seat & column shift.. shit yes!) Where it all falls down is the interior. I give it a 3-3.5 out of ten. It's all there (mostly) but half the trim has been broken or screwed back together with wood screws and what have you. The front bench is pretty fucking poked too and is supported by a towel or two wedged into the exposed springs - nothing a car seat cover won't hide for now. That's OK though, I can slowly accumulate all the stuff I need to renew the interior at not too great of a cost and then once I have it I can chuck it all in for hopefully a nice tight insides. It was hilarious getting rid of the rubbish all through the inside when I got it, an empty bottle of classy Chardon was jammed under the seat and random Waikato and Speights bottle caps strewn throughout. Good ol Gore pisswagon living up to it's heritage. I don't even remember doing it but managed to drunkenly procure a set of 9" Tridents one night recently. So those will be tidied up and go on the back, then I want to find a pair of 245-50-14 Eagers for the front and drop the front spring an inch or so too and add an 1-2 inch lowering block in the rear and I reckon she'll look the part for a bit. Anyhow enough numbers and letters. Here is a couple of snaps I took tonight after the monthly meet. It's still filthy from Wagnats and the back has some freight I picked up tonight. But it gives a nice start to the project. I reckon it can only get better. Your pal Seedy.
  3. Discussion thread here; ideas welcome. So things have snowballed. have sourced 4 H230 260c’s from different parts of the country in as many days. one is rust fcked badly. Three on the tree blue interior.8 seater. Second one is rusty plus hit a tree 6 years ago (rail twisted). Paddock special; dirty but pretty mint black interior 3 on the tree. 8 seater. 3rd one is so-so rust victim (so-so for a datsun is “oh no!” for other marques ) driven where it sits 5 years ago. 3 on the tree 8 seater blue interior. 4th was always going to be a pipe dream; was in WA (though mate in shipping can get cars to me at a good discount).the owner thinks it was worth a few k, and is going to get around to fixing one day et cetera et cetera. On top of all this it’s rust looked fkn ferocious and other WA rust hunters woulda been all over it. ended up cutting a deal on 3, one in rural nsw, one in rural victoria, one in the outskirts of Sydney. have a mate out near Bathurst where I can store them and to see if i can make one good one outta three basket cases.
  4. Hey I’m new to oldschool but want to share the entire build of my 1980 mk2 ford escort estate and thought this would be the best place to do so. We picked her up a couple of years ago so that I could have a project throughout my high school years.
  5. So with this year being the 10th Wagnats, I thought I might start a thread running down the list of the fore-runners to this years upcoming event. (or at least how I remember it - feel free to correct me) Old School Nats 2008 - Beta Test/Early Access It all started back in mid 2008 when I was a fresh face on the oldschool scene and I was invited to the 2008 OS Nats, which was being held as a camp out at Vinegar Hill for that particular year. I guess this was the equivalent of a beta test version of the event even though we had no idea at the time. Wagnats Zero - April 10-13 2009 My memory is hazy around this part but it involved @Leebo3, @Steelies and @lowlife getting together at Beach-Hop in late March 2009 and discussing wagon roadtrips and camping with pals and a plan was created that we needed to merge these 2 different yet familial times into to get away for a weekend. It was at Beach Hop that year that we agreed on Easter in April 2009 to get-together, The first 4 wags to attend were. @Leebo3, @Steelies, me, @lowlife After returning from this first hastily thrown together weekend, we got right onto creating a bigger and better event for the following year.
  6. I know Seedy Al will be keen to soak up some sweet british machinery. From the flyer: DATE: 12 February 2017 PLACE: Trentham Memorial Park TIME: 10am to 3pm (or earlier to set up) ENTRY: $5 per display vehicle ENTRANCE: Use Barton Road, off Fergusson Drive, Upper Hutt There will be plenty of BMC products, pommy fords, and other spiffy motoring oddities
  7. Okay so i'm sure you're all familiar with this car.... I saw it on Trademe a couple of months ago and it wasn't far from home so i decided i had to have it. Got in touch with Jake and set up a time to go and have a look. I jumped in my ute with a mate and we head over. Eventually found the place, checked out the wagon and a after a quick driving lesson and loading up a ute full of spare parts we were off back home. The thing was so low it looked cool as fuck. But when my mate who was following in my ute said that it was throwing sparks out the back, and when I couldn't back it out of my shed, I thought i'd better put in some slightly longer cutties... god damn practicality. Next thing I wanted to check out was the air filters because I couldn't feel any suction at all, and as I thought they were pretty dirty. Shot down to Repco and got the only air filter they had the were narrow enough to fit between the carb and the strut tower, and after much modification to the backing plate, I now had twin ram flows This made the wagon run pretty rough, and since I was planning to take it to Brits at the Beach that weekend i googled all sorts of carb balancing/tuning instructions and did the best I could to get it drivable. Also adjusting the timing was a big help. I got a new head unit and tidied up the speaker wiring in anticipation for by far the longest drive i had taken the triumph on. All set, off to Brits at the Beach with my mate in his '71 Avenger, walkie talkies in hand. Got there very slowly with no issues at all. Not everyone there was a fan of our cars but who cares right. Back home after the show and very quickly realised I needed some flashier mags. A bit of searching and found something i liked with in my budget. Unfortunately they're BBS reps which makes me look a bit silly having a sticker that says "fake splits can fuck off" mean while i was still playing with the mixture trying to get a better tune. A few trips out of town soon made me realize Im not a huge fan of exhaust fumes so I had a new exhaust made and a few hundred dollars later no more leaks. A slow day at home i decided i paint the rocker cover racing red. Jumped on the lathe at work and made a little shiny dildo shifter and a couple spikes to go the the rocker cover studs. Decided I wanted to tint the head lights yellow so I went ahead and did it, not every ones cup of tea I guess but its also not everyone's car. Desperately wanted the chrome surround on the front windscreen seal so I got a new rubber off Rimmer Bros (as well as some other parts) and took it to a guy in to get it changed. Made it look alot nicer I think. I got a little rev counter and put it where the not working clock was. Brought a sub woofer for a little more doof doof since the 6x9s in the back were blown. Did a rough repair on the speedo cable to get that up and running. Put in a new fuel level sensor because that thing didnt know which way was up (Still doesnt, if any one knows why please let me know) and set the valve clearances which were really far out on some of them (0.040")... No more ticks And at last my not so creative mind came up with a theme to replace Legit Splits. Being from the heart of the South Waikato... Waikato Draught it is "Support Your Local" Had some stickers made, stuck them on. And that pretty much brings us to now. Cars running Average - Good, looking alot like I want it to look, and with out a doubt keeping me busy and entertained. Next thing to do is shocks and springs because the shocks are fucked and theres no point putting in new ones if the springs are gonna fuck them up again. So Im currently in the process of sorting that out. Keep watching this space