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Found 26 results

  1. Chat about the large volume rust, diesel smoke, and misfortune in the build thread
  2. Long story short I went for a ride in Karl's turbo diesel 260c and wanted one. We stopped past a paddock of rusty cars on the way home from Hanmer where he said there was a diesel 260c just waiting for a turbo. The car cemetery was just down the road from my mum's place so over the next few weekends we dragged out several Cedrics and R30 skylines and moved them to there. Picture time Discuss Here
  3. Buzzy's VB110

    Managed to get myself a 1200 wagon body. Not in too bad of condition, has a small bit of rust in body but nothing serious that cant be fixed. Bonnet is the worst part but have a replacement sorted. Will slowly fix up. Need to find and engine and box for it, then will send it off to get the rust taken out of it.
  4. Hey guys, spit your yarns here. Would also love to hear your opinions on what wheels I should get as I'm undecided. Cheers
  5. Howdy oldschoolers, I've been out of touch for most of the past year as I've been hitting the tools pretty hard over here in Oz, but finally I've returned to the realm of manual chokes, real heavy ass chrome, and carbueretted sorcery. It was a bit of an whim as I was really holding out for a wagon of some description (ke26, xm falcon, p510), but the price was right, the spares were plentiful, and the old girl really needed a caring hand to ensure she didn't end up stickered and forgotten. It's rego'd and running (sort of) and has an absolute butt load of spares. The previous owner is hooking me up with a load of doors and shit tomorrow, but I already have mint jdm tail lights, a couple grilles, chrome window trims, a dash, door cards, blah blah blah! It came with a heinous set of bbs replicas that I despise, they're 16x9 (which looks dumb as hell on this car) and 4/5x100 mounted on 20mm spacers as I discovered today when removing them. Not too sure what I'll do with them, maybe sell for a couple hundy to a flat peaker who doesn't care. The motor is an L23, perfect for a swap to L24/26/28 I believe. 3 speed auto, which is nice and cruisey and might stay. 93,000 miles, which I believe to be correct as in 2011 an old lady named Helen left a shakily written little note of the mile's being 85000ish in the centre console. Body straightish, a few obvious bog spots and the rolled rear guards suck but I'm not too fussed as a lot of hard work has already gone into the body. The black interior looks horrible, but I feel like underneath all the dust and dirt it'll actually turn out quite nice when restored and sorted with a few spares. The current plan is L series upgrade, paint, interior, 14/15x7/8jj rims (five spoke wats would look sick me thinks) and a bit of low. I'll edit this with a pic soon, but for now picture a mustard yellow/army green and black mark IV cedric perched on stupid looking 90's bbs knock offs.
  6. Grant's 1970 240z

    Hi Guys, Here is my 1970 series I Datsun 240z California spec. Discussion click here I will attempt to do a basic rundown timeline of how I ended up with it.. 1970 - My grandfather purchased the car from his local dealer 2005ish - The car got parked up under some carpet in his garage as he was too old and sick to get into it 2011 - My granddad passed away 2012 - My grandmother told me the car was mine as long as I got it out of her garage - I had the car picked up from their home in San Diego and all fluids replaced and the engine turned over - I flew to San Diego and drove the car 600 miles to SF, left it in a secure warehouse and flew home 2013 - I spent 4 months living in SF working using the Z as my daily - In december I sent the car to Auckland 2014 - I finally got the car registered in NZ after having to replace a chassis rail from battery acid rust. 2015 - Drive the F'in thing. So yea, CSB. I have the original receipt hanging on my wall for $3,196.20 and still have the california plates. I have some plans for the car to make it mine and am after some wheels if you have something I have a wanted thread here: // Anyway here are some pictures from when the car was in SF:
  7. Hi everyone, I recently acquired the car of my dreams and Greg (64Valiant) has told me to share it with you. I'm pretty new to forums but here we go: She's a 1972 Datsun 240z in off-white/cream. The previous owner had her since 1976. The Z was driving around 20 or so years ago, but has been parked up in a garage with a cover since around 1995. He passed away four years ago and the family decided to sell it through the Z Club to find an enthusiast to bring her back to glory. Luckily, I was the first serious buyer and the rest is history. NZ new car 85000 original miles I'm the third owner Interior is near mint (no cracks in the dash and factory radio still installed) Minimal rust (no such thing as a no-rust 240 haha) She runs but clutch won't engage, so is probably fused to the flywheel which should be interesting. The rego has lapsed and I'm trying to keep the black plates naturally, so anyone familiar with this process please shout out! Currently assessing what needs doing for Re-vin and looking at options after that. I will keep her mostly stock, only changing the suspension to something a bit stiffer and throwing on some 15 or 16" Minilites or Watanabes a bit later on in the piece. She's a real darling so I'm not going to deflower her with flares or an Airdam. I've probably forgotten something else important but I'm sure you'll all point it out. Looking forward to chatting and meeting everyone. Thanks for reading, -Reubin First fresh air for 20 odd years! Discussion Thread
  8. discussion of my build thread
  9. My name is Todd im a 22 Year old mechanic from Rotorua, this is my 160j sss ill do proper updates soon with what iv done from start to finish but for now a picture of how it sits will put up discussion thread in a minute cheers guys.
  10. This is my build thread from another site. Picked up a 280 that was pretty tidy but had been off the road for quite a few years. Discussion thread here: // Few pics of the car from back in the day (2006) I stole from the NZ Z club website. Tracked down the old owner too, is a real good cat, told me history of the car which was cool. Sadly the black front bumper is long gone and in its place a pretty bent mess but should be able to sort something. Engine is still running the triple Mikuni carbs and does run but just not all that well.. An RB25 conversion is planned for the not to distant future. I am starting to make some progress with the car so with throw up a few pics for anyone that is interested. Car straight of the transporter, mission to get off as brakes were seized on, cool..
  11. Bought this little thing yesterday from a proper English gentleman. He even agreed to take a cash deal (<$2000) and remove it from TM where I was top bidder but auction wasn't closing until 7pm Sunday night, by which time we'd be heading back south. Picking it up Sunday afternoon in Auckland after Kumeu, when the owner returns from a trip to Singapore. 125,xxx kms! 2 NZ owners, the first one imported it at 40,xxx kms and was apparently a millionaire antique dealer who used it to putter between his shops, and the second is the above mentioned gentleman who has used it to commute daily for the last 4 years. It is a 1984 Nissan Sunny Van (2 door = VB11) with a E13S 1.3L 4 cylinder and 4 speed manual floor shift, in a front tug arrangement. Hopefully the E13S is the Jap market one which claims 75 PS. Seller's pics will have to do for now, I'll update and replace these with better photo's next week. For now the only plan is to get it on the hoist and have a look over it, new fluids and filters, and start dailying the little gem. Cam belt, water pump, CV's, and brakes have been done in the last 20,000 km according to the seller. But you best believe I've already photochop dropped it with some little alloys. Simple yet effective, the rims are some Zona mesh that were on the 'tard recently. Chur
  12. here are a couple pic's of the sedan slowly getting bits and pieces done on it, //
  13. Discussion thread: http://www.oldschool...hp?f=18&t=27265I bought my car around 10 months ago. Since then I've done shed loads of boring but important shit to it. One really bad thing I did was install a VLSD. To get things up to speed this is how it went:Firstly, I would recommend against anyone doing what I've done. In short, I've ended out with a VLSD in my 240z for $923. Had I known it would cost this much I would've put a _real_ LSD in.Tony(?) from Steelie Gears told me as much when I'd phoned him for help, but I'd already bought the diff and it was too late to turn back.My main goal was to get my car back on the road after the spider gears in my open diff gave up. Then I saw a longnose r180 VLSD on TradeMe for $350 so figured I'd grab it as an upgrade. It should be stronger than my original 2-spider open r180, and it's LSD-ish.Anyhow, I pulled the input flange of my old diff and bolted it up to the new diff with no worries. The major hurdle was converting the output flanges to uni-joint ones. Basically I got the VLSD shafts cut off their CV cups, and welded them to the uni-flanges from my old diff.First I took them to Taylor Automotive in Newmarket who totally wasted my time. They cut the shafts off and then gave up without calling me.So in the end I got Colin at Gillespie Engineering in Penrose to do the machine work. He's was a good dude and happy to help. They did an excellent job, see pics. It only took around 3 days but it cost me way more than I'd hoped; $573. But looking at their work I can see why it cost that much.
  14. Hello hello, this is me project started about three years ago as of time and money its still w8n for its panel an paint what ive donesr20det out ov a s13s14 4 pots in front adustable coilovers and chamber no photos thop10 primera disc conversion in rear4.44 subaru diff IRS locked still trying to find the ryt model legacy i can pinch a lsd out of.the motor pretty much standard, stainless extractors holding the standy turbo, 38mm turbosmart externaljust finished wiring up the link g3 bout 3 weeks ago so its just running a pretty shitty base map, gona try get it tuned for next years track day in taupo as im pissing off to perth next week for a good few monthsso heres all my pix at the moment not in any orderlet me know what ya think and if any one got the same conversion im pretty keen to see what ya gotcheers Nathan
  15. Discussion etc viewtopic.php?f=18&t=14644 Bought this shitter off kingpin who bought off pies who then purchased off dat180, dam, this car goes around more than trex's sister It is currently serving daily duties but i am not intending any off roading so thought id get into lowering it a bit before i go for warrant soon. This arvo done one side of rear flipped one leaf and removed one good height for now. Also cleaned tailights, polished chrome, tried cutting/polishing bonnet but is to gay. Will do other side tomorrow/possibly fronts pending on if i wake up early. Wtb: 5x114.3 wide steelies or if not will send my rims done to arrow to get widened in a few weeks when i have moneys. What would be best way to achieve ratty finish on paint, sand it done slightly?(/suggestions please) on stands g weird mounting bracket Fuck you =profit?
  16. Here is the Paddock find KH330 Coupe, Alot of rust! have owned it for year now and its now sitting in my mates backyard awaitin patiently for me to finish the wagon. Plans are to VH41 twin turbo, Im building it with my brother in law whos is a Porsche Mechanic by day and myself a Coachbuilder by day. Got some Brake parts and a Terrano diff for it so far. Hopefully be into it 6 months Discussion //
  17. Hey, this is my flatmates seedy, these are the only good pictures ive got of it at the moment, but you get the idea. Bought off an old dude for bugger all about 2 months back, has a recipt book showing over 7k worth of maintenence over the years, car is just fucking mint. Its not much of a project car, all hes done is whitewalled it, lowered 3 all round and sneeked an amped sub and speakers running off factory stereo and equalizer! 330 series is king pimp
  18. Discussion Thread // So, here we go again....... I have just purchased a damn Datsun 620 Ute... not a bad little ute really. Has had the cab rebuilt and Painted, although its all a little rough. Also has 60mm blocks in the back already, and wound down torsion bars, nothing special. Also came with some groovy 15 inch wheels. Anyway, the plan, Bolt on my Pajero 18's, bleed up the brakes so they work, fully tune out the engine. and Fix up the tray so it all looks minty fresh. Then sell the whore, hopefully to my boss, as a work hack, good times Anyway, pictures as I bought it today Great Allan
  19. Heres ma 1972 datsun 1200 coupe. I am slowly doing it up. I am only a student and its my first car so its slowly coming together. So far its got: *Front gas inserts *nolathane bushes *120y 20mm sway bar *Re-jetted carb *flipped leaf in the rear *compressed springs up front(1inch) *re carpetted *new tyres *1.5 inch exhaust and more little things. After the holidays its going to be completey striped down and bead blasted. Then be painted. Its also going 2 have new guards. P.S the photo has been photo chopped VVVVV
  20. Bought 10 months ago looking like this. Sit at my mates place for 4 weeks while I dollied it up to drive back home. So I got it to look like this: Complete with 14" tridents, looked good. Found the body was shot, so I stripped and tipped. Found another body about 3 months ago and it has been much the same deal, except the tip part. This is about where I am now, Full coat of primer. Coupe grill with factory spotties, and fender mirror. Just aquired a factory tacho too so that will be fitted after the paint. Aim is too have the car reassembled and taken in for WoF within a fortnight.
  21. This my Datsun 120y 4door owned it for nearly 3years now brought it stock standard but not to stock anymore got a recond a14, 40mm twin sidedraft dellortos, full exhaust, 5speed dogled box, bit of headwork/cam its my daily driving car so not much happening to it anytime soon maybe get it lowered and fite back against the rust. well here it is
  22. My little Datsun 1200 ute... As it was when I first bought it... 2 owners , Genuine 135,000kms... full service history ... and it's now turned into this... All that is left is a very bare shell and the necessaries to roll it around, Engine , gearbox , driveshaft , radiator , STEERING , Electrics , have all been removed... Time for new motivation!!!!! I have had the new engine for a while now , and have been accumulating parts... I sourced a nice 5-speed box... and on the weekend I got my gearbox adaptor....... Mmmmmmmm Cast Alloy It's so purdy... I shall post pictures later
  23. Here she is as promised. Running a carbied L26 straight 6 2.6L out of a Nissan 260z. Hopefully get a the head port and polished, twin carb setup and a tune. Goes pretty good as she is now, but more power is allways good (most of the time). I'm think of swaping the wheels for some 15 or 16" ROH Reflex's. What do you guys think? Discuss: //
  24. This is my datsun original enginebay stripped out still with L16, but looking a bit better got the turbo bug, and in goes the z18et almost finished So currently the turbo has been rebuilt and is waiting to go back on.