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  1. grantdavis28

    Zeubin's 1972 Datsun 240z

    How you going with the front ride height a few months on? Do you have enough space to compress the fronts? there seems very limited range of 240z lowering springs..
  2. grantdavis28

    Zeubin's 1972 Datsun 240z

    I may be completely wrong, I cant tell for certain but you might want to check if they are in correct? The low rear high front is a common problem when installed wrong way round Some pics here for reference..
  3. grantdavis28

    Zeubin's 1972 Datsun 240z

    Beautiful man, suspension height looks perfect too.. It's the upgrade i am going to do when I get back in a few years. Good to see what it will look like Personally the 16" Looks a little big, But i love it none the less! What size tyre are you running?
  4. grantdavis28

    Grant's 1970 240z

    When for a quick photo shoot with a good friend last Saturday! Luckily we got it done before the fuel pump died It is all fixed now though! The legend Blair @ Woodhead Auto sourced a new one and shes back up and running!!!
  5. grantdavis28

    Zeubin's 1972 Datsun 240z

    I had to have a high stop light in my 240z when It got registered. I Still have it around somewhere if you want it? I took it out after getting registered and wofd.. Three wofs so far and no one had asked.
  6. grantdavis28

    Auckland Monthly Meet - 17 June

    Battle of the Zs
  7. grantdavis28

    Auckland Monthly Meet - 17 June

    See you all Wednesday
  8. Wow, yea I had not though of that. I will get on to that ASAP. I am a member of the ZCLUB, and I know they are often doing events to car museums around NZ so I shall ask them. Thanks for that guys!
  9. Thanks for the option mate, I will be in touch! Yea these are the sorts of prices I have come across.. thats 7k by the time I get back, its going to hurt my account bad while im studying. But it is a fuck tone better option than selling!
  11. Yea Im happy to pretty much drive the car anywhere in the Island as long as I can guarantee its safety!
  12. Thanks for this! I will give them a call and discuss! Thank you! Yea Im very nervous about what todo, I am going to phone the insurance company today and discuss my options with them. Wow, that is an incredible offer! Could be an excuse for an epic trip south for those last memories before I have to pack it away...
  13. Hi Guys, I am moving to Denmark in August for two years to study (had enough of working!) haha. I need to find somewhere to store my beloved 240z, Has to be fully enclosed storage for around 2 years. could potentially move it after one year though. What are my options? anyone had to do this sort of horrible thing before? I have been looking on trademe and I could possibly buy a 20ft container, Then I just have to find somewhere to put a container? Anyone used any good car storage places that dont cost the earth? Or anyone have a farm house that I could possibly pay you a rental fee? Just looking for options.. Cheers! heres a pic because Im sad my car has to be locked up
  14. grantdavis28


    Fuck small disaster! nothing car related but im not going to be able to make it... really gutted Hopefully meet you all next month.