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Found 16 results

  1. Just putting this up to keep track of things. Mate bought an old EA rally car last week after pining for an AU. Essentially he knew this one was out there, rang the owner and did a deal. It's an EA, converted to V8 mustang, 5 speed, all roll cage certed etc. Picked her up Sat morning in gay old Gore and drove it onto trailer... And a snug enough fit for the drive home... First mission was a good hot steam clean inside and out, lichen on the body and lots of oil on the engine, it is a detuned 86 5.0 donk, that somehow manages to strangle itself to give 150kW... Bogan VB bought specially for the occasion, did like the old badge... And all clean, pouring water out the speed holes. A new paint scheme will be forthcoming...
  2. Long time no post. I got real sick of the internet so I made a hat out of pams aluminium foil and stopped the govt stealing my ideas and kinda backed away from the interwebs for a long time. Anyway since then, in true Seedy Al style, I've had about 20 cars and broken most of them. The one I've had for ages is affectionately known as the BBQ. I bought it as a bog standard E36 328i auto and proceeded to throw 10K at it to make it into a really tidy msport spec car with coilovers and bucket seats. Then the engine caught fire and the lovely folks at Swann gave me the car back and $11k cash. How I bought it How it turned out So.. long story short, on the way is an L98 from a VE commodore, Tr6060 box, and a lot of bleedy knuckles and swearing. Engine due in a week so will get stuck in. Also being a ghey, naturally I got an E46 msport 330i convertible and put the wrong offset wheels on it so it rubs and is twitchy, Great! Photos to come, I forgot how to code. XX Spanners
  3. Beginning to feel like that guy with a few projects all of which are unfinished, but there is no way in hell any of them are ending up on trademe. I have mentioned my landy a few times on my other thread and now it's about to get a rebuild it deserves considering it's 10 years of service. I bought the car with my father 10 years ago, and as a 12 year old it was pretty much the coolest thing in the world. Needless to say my lifetime of saving coins and doing odd jobs paid off in the end. This car has been my daily driver since I got my restricted up until the beginning of this year, when I realised the joys of a radio and a heater that wasn't like an asthmatic blowing at you through a drinking straw. Needless to say It's a lovely old thing and well deserving of a full rebuild. I bought it from a man in Timaru however the car spent most of it's life in Central Otago- and guess what that means oldschool lovers? No rust in this one praise the lord. It still has the original running gear, the standard bulletproof massive lump of iron 2286cc petrol- while I have got to the point where it is reliable and hasn't let me down for the last 6 or so years it is getting a bit tired. Improvements I've made over the years include a high ratio transfer box for better road speed and fuel economy (HA). I've also got a full canvas roof for it, it has parabolic springs front and rear, plus the new 15x8 wheels. Numerous fixes have been done to the engine over the years. The rear diff is making some pretty terrible noises and I suspect that the crownwheel has seen better days. At this point I feel that fixing just the diff isn't an economical decision and I have an opportunity to take the car off the road for a few months I may as well do a proper job. So the plan is to do a repower... with a Rover V8 I bought last weekend. Conversion kits come out of the UK for this however I doubt it'll be a bolt in job. Will possibly investigate higher ratio diffs from a rangerover or similar. The new engine This is what it has been used for the most- carting around the lotus 7 throughout that build. I will probably take the body off... considering doing a galv chassis for future proofing. I wouldn't call it a resortation but more a rebuild. I won't bother doing any bodywork, it's as straight as a landy should be and any knocks all add to the character. It will still afterall be a workhorse. Worth saying I'm not going for stupid power otherwise it'll just break axles. It will be more for the torque and towing ability... and who doesn't love a Rover V8. It will drink gas, but probably not as bad as the original unit... it's thirsty as. Discussion or comments are welcome... no doubt someone on oldschool will have done one before. I'll set up discussion on next post so link is available. Cheers
  4. This is my 1974 MK1 Capri that I cam currently converting to V8. It's running a 302 with a Tremec TR-3650 5 speed and Hilux rear diff. Cert check next week. Will upload more pictures later on.
  5. Ive been following Kpr's hilux build on here after seeing a video on facebook of it shredding mud and decided people might want to see how i guess a similar build is going. (not trying to steal spot light just think people might be intrested) bare with me i have like 200+photos and alot of info to type so may take awhile im a drainlayer by trade so deffo not a pro but have had my fair share of building 4x4s and other things. haters shall hate... ill start from the very begining, so after i finished building 2x nissan patrols i wanted something abit more exciting, so feburary 2017 i aquired a certified 1991 ln106 hilux with a 350 sbc with a R series toyota box behind it, it ran like shit when i brought it so the mods began and i got it running nice again with new carby, leads, intake etc
  6. for those interested in an already involved project here is my dads 1965 Pontiac Bonneville when it was raced in the 80s it has beefyer swaybar in the front and one put in the rear. the front suspension has been lowered and aligned for racing and good turn in. disk brakes are installed in the front to replace the drums. along with a dual circuit holden hq master cylinder. the motor is the original matching numbers 389 couples with a th400 trans also original and untouched driving a 2.56:1 diff also original. the car is now just giong to be used as a awesome powerful cruiser. with some racing heritage. He has had the car 40 yeas this year. the last 20 of those it has resided in the garage in hibernation. during the new year i set about installing the 389ci v8 back into the car and making it run and drive.....stopping was another issue.....later though as typically an old car does it has some rust so that will need dealing with before i go for a wof nothing to bad just a little in the radiator support panel/cross member , both c pillers around guttering, right rear door shut area and the left rear dogleg . all fixable though. this is how i went about fixing the radiator support panel... just take the whole lot out and put it on the bench....... much easier drive down the road to wals... no bonnet....no reg..... no wof...no worries for those interested i have some old racing photos of the car from the 80s. i will try take more photos of what i do on the car.
  7. Hey Team, so after declaring never to by a rust pig again....... I did it - FML 1st Mission is to fix the rust, which was waaaaay worse than first expected. Then do a 1UZFE conversion keeping the factory W55 5 speed.
  8. Hey everyone I've finally managed to convince my old man to give me his commodore to restore and get back on the road where it belongs. its got a bit of rust here and there and is in need of a new paint job so far I've got most of the interior stripped out. I'll update as I go Discussion
  9. All my old photos got deleted from hosting, so rehosted them on Imgur, My old man in the background, we built this together, all started with me having a carina shell and going back to uni so I gave it to him, he decided to put the turbo v8 in it and the rest is history. See you oldschoolers Saturday 11th December
  10. Http://oldschool.co.nz/index/50044-Daves-1949-chev-sedan/ Should have posted a discussion thread earlier get some input from other people and advise on the build cheers
  11. Gwils - 1966 - Ford Fairmont Brought this car in immaculate condition. Car had been acid blasted and taken back to bare steel. It had then been repainted in a brilliant white. The interior had also been totally reupholstered in white and grey. The original 170 pursuit engine had been replaced with a 250ci out of an XY Falcon. The rest of the running gear is original. The Plans, My intention with this car is to make it into a modern driver. All suspension, breaks and steering will be replaced with RRS replacement parts. Converting steering to rack and pinion with Power steering. Changing all the drum breaks to power disc breaks Changing front suspension to fully adjustable coilovers. Changing rear leaf suspension to a 3 Link set up with adjustable coil over shocks. Rear Diff will be a Ford 9" LSD shortened to fit. Engine will be a ford 302, Recently purchased! 69 302 windsor hencho en mexico block been rebuilt new gasket set, freshly honed bores, 30 thou bores high compression flat top pistons edelbrock 4 barrel inlet 72 heads been lapped crank and bottom end in good condition cobra rocker covers Trans will be a C4 with a quick shifter. Watch this space for progress Also using the car as a wedding car if anyone's interested
  12. So it all started with zebradude posting up his 350 chev up for sale as he had no use for it and me seeing it thinking I needed it in my life so with parents giving the okay with taking up more room in the shed I ended up with this So all it come with was a Holley carb alternator and trans Also come with a trans which is good. Details are that its had water in the bores and is seized and been sitting for 4 years. So straight after getting it and putting it in the shed I set about trying to turning the motor over and then realised it needed the heads off to inspect the bores. Heads off Then saw this and thought ot ohh So after I gave it a quick clean out i got my can of inox gave the bores a flooding then got my powerbar out and tried trying it over with some success After about five minutes of turning the the engine in small movements I finally got the engine to turn over from top to bottom but not without hearing the noise of rust grinding off the bores. So now the plan is to give the motor a full rebuild maybe some Aliminium heads some cams but still unsure and get a electronic dizzy and starter motor and get her running and then with either sell the engine or find a rolling body to put it into.
  13. Please ensure the title for your new project thread is in the following format: Username - Year - Model description As an example of the preferred title format: "Spencers 1970 Buick Estate Wagon" Having uniform titles makes the project section easier to search/locate, please add some tags also to make searches more efficient. To host your images on oldschool itself see here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43667-hosting-project-photos-on-oldschool/ To find out how to host your photos externally see here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/34643-how-to-add-pictures-to-the-forum/ Also make sure you have checked out the rules for the project section here: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/18153-forum-rules-everyone-must-read-before-viewing-or-posting/ Please delete this message and post your thread.
  14. This is a fairly recent import from Cali, so nice and dry with a just a few small area's of metal needing attention. The worst being the battery tray and gutter above the windscreen. It's had a mustang engine conversion and although it's nice and straight the welding wasn't quite cosmetically up to scratch so I had the engine pulled out and the welds tidied up. Also the firewall looked like swiss cheese and had multiple holes that needed patching as well. I'm picking up the truck later this week and bringing it home with the engine in the tray. The plan is to paint the engine bay before the motor goes back in. Orange isn't exactly my ideal colour. You can find some photos here of the engine welds that needed tidying: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tqda68laphx6aqp/oVC95mef4b Plus a couple of small rusty bits to attend to. I also had some new leave springs fitted but this has raised the rear quite alot which isn't ideal.
  15. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/38501-pabs-1955-ford-f100/ Keen to see more pics of this! I love these old trucks.
  16. My little Datsun 1200 ute... As it was when I first bought it... 2 owners , Genuine 135,000kms... full service history ... and it's now turned into this... All that is left is a very bare shell and the necessaries to roll it around, Engine , gearbox , driveshaft , radiator , STEERING , Electrics , have all been removed... Time for new motivation!!!!! I have had the new engine for a while now , and have been accumulating parts... I sourced a nice 5-speed box... and on the weekend I got my gearbox adaptor....... Mmmmmmmm Cast Alloy It's so purdy... I shall post pictures later
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