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  1. measured up next to a standard hilux on 31s its only about 70mm higher, but wearing 35s and like 5x the factory travel.
  2. heres how it sits atm, smashed out a quick nerf type bar one night after work, still waiting on hydro bumps/ anti-rock swaybar. then the cert guy can come tell me why it cant be certed ( hope that it can be)
  3. whipped up a quick front bar and checked front a rear flex again, really need two forklifts haha the bro standanding at the end is probably about 6ft for reference. im not shooting for big flex a such as its not really critical for high speed dune bashing but its sorta just turned out this way with the rear 4 link, front doesnt flex as much due to front radius arm set up ( still way more than a factory patrol/saf how ever) which is fine due to desired handling characteristics the radius arm set up provides such as anti dive etc..
  4. heres some photos of the front shock mounts/ engine cage
  5. made some progress, pictures can talk for them selves, build has slowed alittle due to moving house and saving up dosh for parts. flexes out heeeaaps, need to get a sway bar and play with secondary spring rates.
  6. yeah i had springs etc in didnt bother with the dual rate adjusters i might give it another flex but jack the front wheel on the otherside at the same time and see what happens, will 100% run a sway bar, i need to lose 5" of shock up travel on articulation but maintain full shock uptravel on diff moving up and down as one.. i thought of runnning a hilux/navara/ isuzu mu front torsion bar as a sway bar as it would be rather stiff
  7. flex bro, i stroped it up to the engine crane and pulled up a rear wheel and just keeps flexing till it hits either shocks chassis or rear cage which is heeaps, i had one wheel at like 750mm off the ground and one still on the ground with 200mm+ to go might have to get a custom sway away bar, trophy trucks have same problem and use a hearty stiff sway bar to get around it im fairly sure
  8. same haha maybe not to same extent but i hope for the best, build has progressed further will find some time to update soon
  9. oh sweet, i have waay to much flex so hoping a sway bar will limit flex but still allow full shock travel when the axle moves up and down as one.
  10. yo, how much did that off road sway bar limit flex?
  11. heres abit more of the radius arm mods, people have been doing them with heim joints but i think a bushed joint like the johnny joint is a longer lasting and nicer options
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