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  1. No info on chassis tag, nz new. Has a normal shift pattern
  2. It's all alloy 5 speed so thinks it's a 55,6,7 possibly
  3. It's all alloy 5 speed so thinks it's a 55,6,7 possibly
  4. Think it's an e series. Its nz new and it has no markings on the chassis tag
  5. So how do I tell which w box it is? It's all alloy and 5 speed. Depending on where u look it could be a 50, 55, 56, 57 or 58.
  6. It's a live axle, looks pretty small to
  7. I'll look at that 2moro cheers dude
  8. Hey All, any tips for engine mounts - can you buy them? Whats the go for LSD diff conversions - solid axle type? Any other handy tips from anyone, cheers
  9. Hey Team, so after declaring never to by a rust pig again....... I did it - FML 1st Mission is to fix the rust, which was waaaaay worse than first expected. Then do a 1UZFE conversion keeping the factory W55 5 speed.
  10. sweet thanks mate it's a battle alright - I'm keen
  11. Hey all, Ok we have been busy on the old girl lately - here is what has been done....... Filler prime coat 1: Inside and outside of floor is done, including new sound deadening: I stripped the manifolds off, added an O2 sensor fitting to the headers and wrpped them in black heat wrap. There were some dodgie threads in the head but managed to overcome that by fitting studs to the head rather than using the factory bolts: I have been looking for an oil pressure gauge sender unit but couldn't find any in NZ (other than being quoted $475 + GST ex Japan from nissan.....fuck that shit! So i went hunting on zstore.com and found a new one and 2 new sunvisor clips for $130NZD delivered - chur: I decided to investigate an oil leak from the speedo drive and found that the internal lip seal that seals on the internal shaft was screwed so i striped it cleaned everything and replaced the seals: As for the body - at present the rear guards roof and doors are ready for the final hit of filler primer, next on the agenda is finish blocking the hatch, front guards, bonnet and valance. Not sure when this will be painted now as it seems to take 4 times longer than i anticipate to get anything done so ill stop chucking timeframes out there - it will farkin happen when it does Cheers
  12. Jacked car and put a metal pole between the wheel and guard. Start off with an easy angle then let the car down onto it and roll back n forth. Keep repeating using a more aggressive angle each time. Thn finish with a panel hammer. Don't recommend trying it if u have fancy paint as it's easy to wreck it with cracks. U can buy fancy guard rollers that bolt to the hub for around $200 I think.
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